Title: Name

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: 27Fong

Summary: AU, Fong never had a love life due to his career so when he meets someone he calls a stranger in a bar during a job, he just goes along with it.

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Chapter 3

Fong peered down at his phone, having saved the stranger's number in his contact list, or was at least trying to. Despite the two meetings, he didn't know the person's name and he couldn't figure out what to put in the 'name' of the contact. The assassin sighed and decided to put something down so that he could identify it among the rest. He had little to no numbers in his phone except for the Arcobaleno's and a few mafia bosses he had gotten to know over the years. But he was certain that by now, they would have changed their numbers.

Saving the contact, he gave a quick text of 'Hello' towards the brunet before exiting his apartment, heading out into the world to get some groceries. The food the stranger had cooked for him had been delicious and considering how little he had in his place, it had been a miracle the other had been able to cook anything in the first place. Everything had been cleared up by the brunet; the kitchen was in perfect shape. It was amazing, but Fong didn't think much of it. He stepped outside to the sun, feeling the burning rays above him and went towards the shopping area. A vibration against his waist alerted him he had received a text. While still walking, he pulled the phone out of his pocket and opened the message immediately upon seeing who it is.

'Hello back, how are you feeling this morning?'

Fong blinked at how plain the message was, but it didn't bother him, he found it warming, and texted back. 'I feel fine, thanks for asking. What are you doing today?'

'Nothing much honestly. My work should be done soon. Busy busy busy. I feel like I'm dealing with idiots at times, or maybe children would be a better term? Whichever works.'

The Chinese man chuckled in amusement, continuing on, texting a reply back.

Days passed as they traded messages repeatedly, Fong never minding since it actually kept his days occupied and interesting. He had been alone and on his own from everyone for far too long and this man was quickly changing that. He enjoyed every moment and longed for the brunet to be by his side than away, to keep him company in person. When he began to feel that, the brunet would suddenly appear in his most unusual ways to surprise him and remaining around him for hours, driving those feelings away. Of course, it always led back to being in bed and that wonderful pleasure, but Fong knew deep within he enjoyed those moments.

It didn't take long before the stranger began popping into his apartment either at night or the early morning and stay over. How the man had gotten his key to the apartment, the Chinese man had never figured out, but let it go. Fong would sometimes wake up to find the brunet sleeping beside him all curled up, somehow bypassing his sharp senses, which is a miracle itself, or cooking for him in the morning. It was really sweet of the man to do so and unlike many other men out there, sex was never added to everything. There were times where they would just sit together on the couch and he would end up falling asleep during a movie or they would just go to bed together with nothing else happening just for the fun of it. Of course, when the brunet found out what Fong had been naming him on the phone, he felt himself growing a little embarrassed. Handsome stranger; that was what he had been calling the brunet on his phone. The stranger had just laughed and kissed Fong soon after, teasing the other out of amusement.

Fong found the days with the brunet passing by quickly, he was getting used to the man being constantly around him. He did question the times when the brunet vanished into thin air, but he always seemed to come back shortly afterwards. It was odd and questionable, but he'd never voiced it. Still, it was funny how much of his life can change just from one single person busting in. They still passed text messages between each other even when Fong had to take missions to pay his bills, eliminating his target quickly so that he could get back. He couldn't help but desire being around the brunet, the man held something strong over him that he didn't understand or mind. Regardless, by the time three months had passed, Fong did get suspicious as to why they had never exchanged names, but also found it funny. It was hilarious how they had managed to get around each other without figuring out each other's names and he was certain it had become a game of sorts, to see who would crack first and reveal it.

And he went along with it.

One day, Fong headed out for a meeting with a boss of an unfamiliar famiglia, needing to get the details of his new mission to complete. The pay for this job was high, but a little suspicious. It was too much for something that should be considered simple; leading him to believe there was something more than it meets the eye on the paper. He couldn't alert the brunet on what was going to happen, so he left a note behind and made his way to the meeting place. Slipping into the building he was supposed to head into, he took notice of his surroundings, making sure it wasn't a trap before jumping down. He could see the boss and his men ahead, out in the open, and they were alone, he was certain of that.

"Ah, you're Fong, the storm Arcobaleno, yes?" The boss spoke, looking unruly compared to the many up-kept bosses he had met in the past. Even the boss of the Chinese Triads made sure to look his absolute best each and every day with a different silk robe or a neat business suit on for show. Even the subordinates did the same so it was apprehensive to see someone doing something different.

The assassin nodded his head; his arms folded into his robe, and took a step forward to place himself more into the light. "Yes, that is correct. How can I help you?"

The boss peered over Fong's form, obviously taking in his curves and facial features, making the assassin narrow his eyes in distaste. He was insulted by the look in the person's eyes, seeing lust within, but didn't reveal his repugnance, knowing better than to let his emotions slip around onto his facial. "I need you to take care of someone for me. He's a pest in a sense. Also, I came with a proposal for you as well."

"A proposal?"

"Yes, join my famiglia."

"I refuse," Fong's response was immediate and quite blunt. The Chinese man shook his head and took a step back just in case things got ugly. He knew this type of men, all brawn and no brain. "I have other loyalties."

The boss didn't seem offended by the blunt reply and just smirked, leading the Arcobaleno to think of the worst. It was unusual after all. Most men who had asked similar things had shown their disappointment and immediately seek for exchanges for his alliance. This one did neither. "Are you sure about that? I've been keeping tabs on you, or tried to. It seems the men I keep sending out to watch you keep getting killed off before they can do their job, but they have managed to send me a few good things with their sacrifice."

The assassin froze deep within, refusing to let his shock show on his face. He couldn't believe he had been so happy, so content with everything, to forget that he was still dealing with the underworld and some of the worst people known to mankind.

"That cute little brunet of yours is your lover, right?"

"Lover?" Fong blinked, were they considered that? He bit his bottom lip, he guessed it was possible to be considered lovers from the way they were acting, never being too far apart and almost practically living together.

"Ah, yes, your lover. He's at your place right now, correct? Join me and nothing will happen to him."

The assassin's fingers twitched within his sleeves, knowing very well he had been trapped with the brunet being used as a hostage. It could honestly be a lie or it could be the truth. However, never once had he felt any eyes on him during the time the brunet, never. That didn't mean that the brunet hadn't been followed instead. He grounded his teeth together in frustration, wanting nothing more than to head back to make sure that his stranger was alright and not in someone else's hands.

Wait…his stranger? Fong shook his head, he couldn't be thinking on such things at this moment when there were more important matters on hand.

The boss of the famiglia before him laughed amusingly, watching Fong's confused yet tormented facial expressions. "Well, Fong? I'm waiting for your answer."

Sighing in defeat, the assassin peered up and opened his mouth. He didn't want anything to happen to the brunet. He would follow along for now and make plans later to get the stranger out of the situation.

"He's not joining."

Fong blinked, closing his mouth immediately, confused at the voice that had echoed throughout the building. He had been fully prepared to give into the demands to have the other kept safe and yet…and yet, here he was. "You…"

The brunet smirked, stepping out of the shadows he had been hiding in. His shoes, the heels, made sharp clicks on the cement ground and his caramel-colored hair seemed to glow in the weak lighting of the building. His eyes were narrowed with his eyebrows scrunched up under the long bangs and he was glaring hatefully. His arms were crossed against his chest and he stopped once he got close to the center, standing between the two groups. "I figured that something was off when I suddenly felt a large number of men around the complex. Guess my intuition is correct like always."

There was a 'tch' from the enemy's side and the men that were beside him slowly reached into their back where their weapons were obviously stored at. Fong didn't move, his mind still in shock.

"I must admit, your men tasted terrible. And I don't appreciate anyone endangering what I've claimed as mine."

Fong blinked again. "Mine?" He tilted his head and pulled his arms out of his sleeves. "Since when did I decide to be yours?"

The brunet turned his attention towards the assassin, chuckling. "Since you started sleeping with me."

The Chinese man had no response to that, knowing it was true. Regardless, there were other questions within his mind that he needed answered, more important than the men that were about to shoot. He had known there was something off about the brunet since the beginning, but now it was obvious more than ever. "Who are you…exactly?"

Stepping closer, the man looked up into the assassin's eyes and gave a soft smile. "I honestly didn't think my identity would be revealed like this, but it's probably better that I do it now before our…relationship goes any further. I'm not exactly human by standards. You people would call me a demon," Fong's eyes widened at that announcement and when he was about to open his mouth to voice something, the brunet raised his hand up. "Before you say anything or come to conclusions, no, I'm not evil. I don't go around killing people…technically. These men don't count, they attacked me first. And I didn't trick you and I have no plans of doing anything evil to you either. I will admit that I do eat human souls as my meal, but I try not to do so unless I have no choice. Does that clear things up on your side?"

Fong took a deep breath, quietly thinking to himself as he thought over the information. It was true…the brunet had done nothing terrible to him and it would explain the unusual disappearances. But still…a demon? Of all things, no, people, the being before him was a person, he had to meet up with. The brunet tilted his head, knowing exactly what the confusion that was occurring was about and leaned forward, pressing their lips together. Fong was startled out of his trance and his eyes snapped towards the demon in confusion, eyebrows scrunched together. It didn't last long, just a momentary brush, but it was enough to awaken Fong.

"Tsuna," The assassin made a small sound in the back of his throat and the other just chuckled. "My name is Tsuna. Yours?"

Automatically, he answered, "Fong."

"Then Fong," The Chinese man shivered at how delightful his name sounded when it passed those lips and swallowed at the way those eyes were looking at him. Tsuna shook his head and turned towards the men that were targeting them both. "Let's talk after all this, somewhere safer than here."

Those words brought Fong back into reality and the gravity of their situation. "Ah, that's true."

"Then, come on," Tsuna reached out with his hand, waiting patiently for the other to grab it and Fong did. The Arcobaleno sighed peacefully at the warmth that filled him, knowing for a fact that he was safe within the other's grasp. He didn't understand why, but he just did and smiled as he leaned towards the brunet. "Let's work together. If we do then there's nothing we can't do, right?"

"Yeah, you're right," Fong wanted nothing more than to lean further towards that grasp, but he knew couldn't. It wasn't the best time and he peered towards the enemy famiglia after taking a deep breath. "Alright, I'm ready. Let's go."

Tsuna peered at him curiously before nodding. "Yeah."

Fong peered out the window from the living room in his apartment and sighed, leaning back against the couch. The fight between the group hadn't been that difficult, quite simple actually due to his skills and Tsuna's unusual strength. He figured it belonged with the demon part so he didn't question it all that much, but it still surprised him. Tsuna was powerful; there was no doubt about it. He had seen a small flickering of flames within those hands, burning with a beautiful orange brilliance, before it vanished, and the eyes…The eyes, which were normally a honey color, had turned into a stunning orange hue and it made Tsuna look more dangerous and cunning than ever before. Fong tried to ignore it all, but it was hard when he saw such a wonder before his eyes, almost forgetting about the enemy.

After the fight, they walked back quietly, barely speaking a word until into the apartment which left the assassin exactly where he currently was. Tsuna wondered about the room before heading over to Fong's side, settling down beside him. He tilted his head, letting his brown locks fall over his face and stared straight into the black eyes. "So…what are you going to do now?"

The Chinese man just sighed again, slumping his shoulders downward, before bringing his head back towards the ceiling. "Honestly? I'm not entirely sure. I wasn't exactly expecting the person I've been-" Fong paused for a moment, not sure on how to continue or say about their relationship.

Tsuna seemed to realize that and shook his head gently. "Dating."


"We've been dating. You can't deny it now after how many months have passed."

Smiling, Fong nodded. "That's true. I can't. Perhaps it might be best to start things from the beginning? I would like to know more about you and your…ways."

The brunet scooted closer and leaned against a shoulder gently, making sure to not scare the other. Closing his eyes, he let out a small breath. "That's no problem with me. I know it's too short of a time to confess feelings or anything like that yet. But I do like you. You're interesting for a human. In the bar, you just…stood out among the rest and it made me curious. And before long, I just wanted to see you. I will not deny that the sex was great or that I enjoyed your facial expressions during it." He watched as a dark red began to spread over Fong's expression and sat up, settling onto the assassin's lap. His arms went around the shoulders, pulling the other closer to him and laid soft kisses along the shoulder, listening intently to the gasps. It was like music to his ears from the way it sounded, taking delight from it.

Fong moved against the demon, knowing immediately that his body was in Tsuna's hand, controlling him. And yet he didn't mind at all. He didn't care when those lips went up towards his neck, towards his ears, or when those hands slipped downwards. There was no doubt that Tsuna was a very sexual being. Though he wasn't sure what type of demon, he didn't care. The touches were delightful and made his heart race within his chest, letting out a low moan when the brunet curved his tongue around the insides of his ears.

He wanted it to continue, but it stopped about halfway and Tsuna pulled back, licking his lips. "Like I said from the very beginning, I won't force you into something you don't want to," His honey-colored eyes peered over the exotic form below him, well aware of the lust that was appearing within Fong's eyes. The man was flustered, lips open for air, and his body moved at each breath. "We can take baby steps if you like."

"Baby steps." Fong repeated quietly to himself, trying to take a few deep breaths for meditation to calm his mind and body down, before laughing. He didn't understand why it was so funny to him all of a sudden, but it was and he continued to grin. Tsuna didn't seem to mind and sat there quietly, waiting for the other to settle. Fong leaned against the couch and smiled while whispering, "Yeah, baby steps." Leaning up, he went for a kiss, wondering how a relationship with a demon of all people will begin and end. Well, it'll definitely keep him on his toes and his interest high. Couldn't hurt, after all.

Fong rolled over in his bed, feeling that familiar throbbing below and cuddled up against Tsuna, enjoying the early morning air mixed with the stale scent of sex. He smirked to himself, well aware that his partner was awake, but didn't mind it and took hold of the other. "Baby steps, huh?" He felt a shift at that and chuckled, 'Yeah, right.'

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