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Yoyo loved Beat. His hair, eyes, face, everything about him. He didn't love the drugs, though. The beer. The drunken rejection. But he stayed, he had to stay. Take care of him, look out for him, be with him when he most needed it.

He sat with Beat the rest of the night into the early hours of the morning, watching the sun rise, the two never moving an inch away from each other. The read-head finished off the remaining smokes, the two not saying much - not that any talking was necessary. Yoyo's eyes were tired and sore, his eyelids heavy. He wanted to sleep but couldn't - he had to watch and make sure Beat didn't do anything to hurt himself. He could burn himself with his lighter, or something else dangerous. He had to keep watch.

After a few more minutes of staring at the calming sky, he turned to look at Beat once more. He moved a tiny bit closer,
"B-Beat..?" He squeaked out.
"Yeah?" The other male replied, not taking his eyes away from what was clearly interesting him.
"How's your head? Feeling a little better?"
"Heh, yeah. Thanks," Beat turned a bit to look at Yoyo, making the younger boy blush a bit.
"Well, that's good, then..."
"Yeah... Hey, it's getting early. I'll go back to bed and pretend like I'm asleep, so the other s won't criticize you for being around me. I know you get enough of that already, heh..." He lazily stood up, stumbling over a bit. Yoyo sprung up right after, lightly grabbing the others shoulder, worried that he might fall over.
"I-I'll go with you..." Yoyo said, his blush growing brighter. Beat smiled.
"I'd like that."

Once they were both back to their pathetic little sleeping area and got under the covers, Yoyo snuggled into the crook of Beat's neck, something that was not odd for him to do. Beat told him it was alright, and the extra warmth would be nice. The younger boy wished that Beat would ask him to do this, to want this, not to just let him. He wanted the man to be his, but he knew it would never happen; it wasn't possible. After a few minutes, the boys were comfortable. They were warm and the light from the bright sun didn't bother them - they were used to it by now. As soon as the other members were gone - all except for Roboy, of course - they would get up, eat, and Yoyo would make sure Beat didn't try to light his hair on fire again, or make himself puke up the little he did manage to hold down. Beat fell fast asleep, like usual, however Yoyo couldn't. He was so scared of his nightmare, it would be better if he would just stay up and sleep later on. All he could do was lay there, arms around the person he cares about the most, the person he'd do anything for. He lied there and thought, thought about how wonderful it would be to kiss those chapped lips, how warm it would feel to be embraced in his arms, how amazing it would be just to be with him. It killed him on the inside. He thanked the Heavens everyday that he could get this close to him. He shouldn't push anything, he should be happy where he is right now, right? Right.

Soon enough the other skaters were up and about, rubbing at their still tired eyes, ready for a new day of spray paint and running from the cops. They did their morning routine, some leaving right away and others lingering around for a little while longer. Ryth skated towards Beat and Yoyo. She wanted to talk to the green-haired boy, but didn't want to disturb him. Jazz skated up to her.
"Hey, Ryth. Everything ok? We were just about to leave when we noticed you weren't with us..."
"Huh- oh, y-yeah... I just wanted to talk to Yoyo, maybe make him understand why staying around Beat is a bad idea."
Jazz sighed. "Now now, Ryth... You're not his mother."
"Yeah, but-"
"To tell the truth, I think I might be on his side. He loves him, it's quite obvious. Look at how they're sleeping, for goodness sakes! I don't think Beat is capable of being a killer... We should go easier on him."
Tears started brimming at the other girl's eyes, her fists balled up.
"But... But I loved Gum. It's not fair! Why should he have love when he took away mine?!" She couldn't hold the tears back anymore, and hid her face in her hands.
"Ryth..." Jazz put her hand on the girl's shoulder, trying her best to comfort her. "Look, I know you loved her. I'm sorry she's gone, but do you really think he'd do something like that? I did, for a while. But... Look at him. He's trying to kill himself. We can't change the past, but I'm sure he would if he could. Give him a break. Maybe... Maybe you'll find someone else. Gum would want that for you, right?"
The girl hugged her sobbing friend
"But, Jazz... I can't... She was... No one else... He did it... I know he did."
"Well... come on, Ryth. We'll just skate around for a bit, ok? It's gonna be alright," and with that, the two skated off, Ryth still trying to wipe away the many tears that came. Yoyo felt horrible and angry at the same time. She knew he'd never leave Beat, but on the other hand, she thinks he killed her love... At least Jazz started to realize that he never did anything, but... Oh, what was he to do? Should he talk to Ryth when she gets back, or should he just think up a way to make it clear that Beat was innocent? Or maybe, he should just let everything stay the way it is already. After all, it would be much easier.