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Prologue Chapter Part 1


Percy PoV

It was a warm, sunny day and I had just returned from Olympus having met my father, Poseidon and Athena, the mother of the girl I wanted to marry, after completing a two-month-long Labours of Heracles. Upon returning, I noticed that everyone I told about getting Athena's blessing and approval was looking at me sorrowfully. I wondered why for a moment, and then pushed it out of my mind, for now, I had more pressing 'matters' to attend to.

I went to Cabin 6, to look for Annabeth, but she wasn't there. She wasn't at the arena, archery range, armory or the mess hall either. And, so I went back to the Athena Cabin to ask Malcolm, whom I also told of my plan, where she was. Malcolm told me she was probably at the beach and not to get mad.

"Odd," I thought, as I headed to the beach. There, I saw a small tent quite far down the beach. I wandered around a bit, but found no trace of Annabeth. Out of curiosity, I tried the tent. There, I found Annabeth, sound asleep under a comforter, even though it was past mid-morning. I wondered if she'd stayed at the beach because she missed me and my love for her grew ten-fold, but I still wondered why Malcolm told me to not get angry. I would've asked Piper, but she was at Camp Jupiter, engaged to Jason. She was probably planning her wedding as I was thinking this.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps nearing the tent. I hurriedly grabbed Annabeth's Yankees cap and stuffed it on my head. I stood silently beside the entrance and watched, just as Timothy Lanes walked in. Timothy is my brother who'd shown up a couple months ago, claiming he'd been raised by Poseidon under the sea in Atlantis.

I didn't mind the attention he kept getting from other campers, but he nearly got me killed and I didn't appreciate that. But that story is for another time. His swordsmanship was excellent, not as good as mine, but closer than anyone had come since Luke.

His first quest was to save some sort of artefact in Manhattan, not that hard, but he was treated like a hero, as if he saved the world from impending doom. He had Poseidon personally come congratulate him too, like a spoiled child.

I wondered what he was doing here, in Annabeth's tent when he took off his shirt and lay down beside her, under the comforter.

I felt utterly confused and decided to see what they were really doing. I crept out of the tent and walked a few metres down before taking off Annabeth's cap and making my way back to the tent. As I neared the tent, I heard curious noises and practically flew back.

The sight that greeted me immediately killed me inside. (A/N: As they say, curiosity killed the cat. For those of you below 12 and don't understand, just pretend you do. I really don't want to taint young minds.) Timothy had taken off his pants and was straddling Annabeth as she moaned in, it sounded like, pleasure.

My mind went blank and I stood there, shocked beyond compare. My hearing briefly registered a roar of a wave, like it did with Nancy Bobofit all those years ago. When I came to, the sight before me crushed me even more. Annabeth was only half-dressed, from the waist up, completely soaked. Timothy wasn't wearing anything, but he was completely dry, just as all children of Poseidon would be if they wanted.

I turned and left in a huff. I didn't want to hear anything Annabeth had to say. "Percy!" A shout rang through the air and reached my ears. I turned around, snarling. I have been told that my temper will get the better of me one day.

"What?!" I shouted back. It was Timothy. The brat still had the guts to talk to me? Wow, I'm impressed.

"Are you chicken? Oh right, I am the best demigod on Earth and maybe in the whole world, 'cause I've saved important people. Not scared, are you, faux brother?" came the taunt. I stopped dead. By now, I was in camp. Everyone who heard Timothy stared at him in horror, like he was mad.

Annabeth caught up with him. At least now she was wearing something. "Percy," she started. I interrupted her, "What do you want now, daughter of Athena?" I'd never called her that before and it felt strangely satisfying. Many gasped, worried that I might destroy something, or someone, for they'd only seen me this mad in battle, where millions of monsters were killed, a few thousands probably at my hand. S

Annabeth flinched. "P-percy, it's not what it seems …"

"THEN WHAT IS IT? It seemed to me that you'd gladly sleep with any child of Poseidon, love any child of Poseidon, besides ME!" I yelled. Some of the younger campers were frightened and ran for cover. Most of the older campers merely watched us, entertained.

"W-w-well, it's YOUR fault! Y-you slept with Rachel! I hate you! I wish you were dead!" As soon as those words left Annabeth's mouth, she ran off, probably to her tent or cabin. Several Aphrodite girls started muttering excitedly at the thought of new gossip to spread.

"I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HER; I WAS DISCUSSING SOMETHING I WAS GOING TO DO. OBVIOSLY NOW I NEEDN'T DO IT!" I yelled back at her. I was fuming mad as I headed to the Big House, sensing many stares following me.

"Wait! P-please, Percy, listen to me." Greeaaat, now Timothy's gonna try being the goody victim, even after his outburst earlier. "What do you want?" I snapped at him. He flinched, but I'm sure that's fake. "I love her, just as much as you do, maybe even more. And I sense she loves me too. Please give us your blessing." he said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

There you have it, prologue part 1. Second part'll be up in a jiffy, so don't worry. Till then, ta taa, LJ signing off.