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CHAPTER 10: What?

Percy PoV

Gamma seemed to be crying, or at least she had been. I walked up to her and gently tapped her shoulder, pulling back immediately. I narrowly avoided the inevitable, meaning Gamma striking out with her fist. I grabbed her wrist as it passed, millimetres from my face. She was surprised, to say the least and looked right at me, as if unsure who I was.

When Gamma caught sight of my face, she gasped and almost fell back on her bum. She immediately got up and asked "Percy? I mean, Agent Sigma?"

I nodded and motioned for her to follow me. I opened my chambers and was greeted by the usual mess, now with an extra inch of dust.

"So, what brought you to this part of the area, General Gamma?" Her expression showed that she's probably forgotten about her responsibilities in the light of what's happened.

Her expression cleared almost instantly after. "I just came to see how my favourite agent was doing." She nodded, then pushed on "So how are you doing?"

I sensed real worry in her tone, so I smiled, saying "I'm fine, General Gamma. And really, ought you be calling me your favourite agent? Heck who knows what'll happen if that got out. Anyway, you ought to be somewhere now, if I'm not mistaken." And I wasn't. Moments later, I heard Lord Chaos' voice resonating in my head, almost triggering a full-on migraine. It was an order, calling all committee members to the council room.

I followed Gamma all the way there, occasionally stopping for a second to clear my head. In the end, I arrived exactly 30 seconds later than Gamma. As I was last to arrive, the door suddenly slammed behind me and I went to take my place beside Lord Chaos.

A moment later, Lord Chaos dramatically appeared in a flash of light. Everyone stood as a sign of respect, including myself. Lord Chaos nodded and motioned for us to seat. Some of the agents were having a mental conversation, mostly about my sudden appearance.

"Good day, Agents. Today's meeting is very short, and is not meant to burden anyone." At this, most of the agents had the word 'confused' hovering several inches above their heads. I assumed this was a result of their wearing masks, thus not showing the words on their face. Questions? Ask the all-powerful guy next to me.

"As you can see, Agent Sigma is up and about. And I am sure that I haven't officially announced this yet, but I have chosen Agent Sigma as my apprentice, and he has been since the last council." At this, there was a minor them, was Agent Nu, who claimed to have been under Lord Chaos for nearly a millennium, that he deserves apprenticeship more than I did. Lord Chaos allowed them to continue for about thirty-seven seconds before raising his hand as a sign of silence. The din immediately ceased.

"I understand that some of you seriously disagree-later Agent Nu-but this decision was mine and mine alone. And I'm sure that when I took you in, we made a deal about questioning my actions. The Fates supported this decision and I will not dispute them." Lord Chaos spoke with a finality.

The murmurs ended at the mention of the Fates. Even in the Void, they held a certain reverence over us. A few other matters involving another agent visiting their home planet. It ended in a joke, just like my little excursion did, quite a while ago.

When the meeting ended and most of the agents parted ways, they did it in a jovial mood, or so I thought.

Chaos PoV

When Perseus appeared on my doorstep, I felt like throwing caution to the winds and giving him the biggest hug ever. But I didn't, because however powerful he may be now, that would still kill him as he is still mortal, or rather has mortal properties, aside from immortality.

I called the meeting so that Perseus may be officially recognised as my heir, as the one who will be taking over my position when I retire in a few millennia. I understood the feelings some agents would have but dismissed it without a second thought. After all, once I'm done with Percy, he ought to be as strong as Zeus, or at least be able to control powers up to that standard, if he has more.

I called the agents to order, wanting to get this over and done with. I heard several stray thoughts which do not belong in my chosen agents' minds, so I concentrated and pulled them out to be destroyed.

After the meeting ended, I sat in my chair, wondering how I'm going to rearrange the seating when I received a call on my private cell. No one knew the number, except Pi, and maybe a couple other assistants. I frowned, and answered.

Out of the blue, my mind clouded with chaos and I felt all the negative emotions from my early days take over. The still sane part of my mind immediately ordered the security measures of the meeting room be activated before they faded, leaving me as I was before I entered the Void, as evil as Nyx.

Standing up, I recalled how I was forced into retiring, or whatever you call it and my temper shortened. I commanded to security measures to lift, but nothing happened. In a fit of rage, I let loose a scream of rage, disintegrating nearly everything in the meeting room. A moment later, I decided I wanted to leave, now that I'm powerful enough to. Nothing happened when I told the room to let me leave, so I sat down and tried to figure out a method of escape.

I suddenly remembered that I'd given control over security measures to Agent Sigma, so I took out my cell to call him and order him to have me released. Looking at the cell, I realised that the call I'd received is still connected. I put the phone to my ear and was about to speak when the cold, snakey voice resonated from the cell into my head.

"Listen, dear counterpart, we have to power to rule the universe without anyone getting in the way. Let us team up, and become supreme beings!" The voice seemed overconfident, just the way I like it, I thought.

I hissed a yes in agreement, then ended the call and dialled Agent Sigma's frequency. He answered immediately, his tone professional, unlike the way he usually is.

"Listen, Agent Sigma, I am trapped in the meeting room, and you, strictly speaking, have the key. Could you let me out?" I spoke, using as much charmspeak as I could muster.

"Certainly not, sir. You yourself activated the security measures for a reason. Unless I hear the real Lord Chaos, the one I know, speak to me, I am not releasing the locks." He replied without emotions.

"I am the real Lord Chaos, you fool. The Lord Chaos you know is merely a shadow of my real self. Now LET me OUT!" I screeched. There was silence, then suddenly the door opened and Agent Sigma stepped in, dressed in full body armour, his face more serious than I've ever seen before.

"You, are no longer Lord of this realm, Chaos. As your apprentice, I take your place and you shall be cast back into the Void where you emerged at the beginning of time!" Sigma boomed. I howled indignantly, refusing to let my place be taken by a mere agent, even if he were my apprentice.

Suddenly, Agent Gamma appeared as well, she yelled "Wake up, Agent Sigma! This is our lord, you are not to dethrone him! You are not strong enough!" Other voices seemed to echo with hers when she shouted "Wake up!"

My eyes jerked open and I released an arrow I didn't know I had strung.

Perseus jumped out of the way and the arrow missed him by millimetres. "Pin him down, Gamma! I need to finish the spell!"

Agent Gamma grabbed me by my arms and wrestled me to the ground using a move I taught her, although modified, wrenching the bow out of my hands

"Gnarakes Ini Uknaut Nadab Naklaggnit, Tahaj Gnay Nauacakek Asauk Alages!" Perseus cried defiantly, as if something were disturbing his thoughts. That thought only lingered in my mind for a moment as pain enveloped me, as if evil were being burned out of my being, or at least disappears for the time being. When the pain subsided, I felt the cold obsidian floor absorb my overflowing body heat, granting me some relief. A moment later, I felt myself being lifted before passing out.

Annabeth PoV

I shook my head as soon as the thought struck me. Since when was I the camp's director? (A/N: Sorry, mixed up a bit there) At any rate, I quickly figured a way to bring the monster out of camp. I called out for a few campers while the Apollo campers insisted I stay in the infirmary.

When the campers I called for had gathered around, I told them my plan. After some persuasion, they agreed.

About an hour later, I heard cheers and no more explosions, signalling the success of my plan. One of the campers I selected ran in and showed me proof of their triumph, just to confirm my suspicions.

I smiled and the next day, I was out and about, so I returned to Olympus, having had an idea about the prophecy I wanted to discuss with my mother. The terrors are clearly the monsters which just attacked camp. Whether we won or lost, no one knows. But the first line has clearly either been fulfilled or is in progress.

Maybe the man who'd killed most of the monsters was one of the trio mentioned. I kept thinking until I reached my home. I walked in, not noticing anything strange. Suddenly, I am overwhelmed by a mountain of blue fur hugging me.

"Annie! You're back!" A deep, scratchy voice entered my ear. "Athena said I was to wait here. So, I did."

The mountain of blue fur hugged me tighter, I hugged him back, then convinced him to release me. Disoriented, I stepped back far enough to see who I just hugged. "Tyson? Whatever are you doing here?" I asked, stunned.

"Aren't you supposed to be under the sea with your wife? And you daughter?" I eyed Tyson suspiciously. He was not the type to wander about for no reason, and has never done so since Percy's death. He even wore the huge blue coat Percy had asked for him, as a birthday present when he was alive.

"I had a vision last night, Annie. I saw my brother, wearing black, fighting someone." As he spoke, tears welled up in his eyes. I frowned, Timothy ought to bein Atlantis, training the young mer-children, not that Tyson was as fond of him as he was of Per-that boy. And so, I looked at Tyson questioningly and he answered without having me ask.

"I meant my first big brother, not that half-blood," Tyson half-heartedly snapped at me. He walked out, saying "Just thought you ought to know that it was not a dream, I really did see him. It's something blood brothers have, and the dream was induced by the blessing dad gave me." He turned to leave, so I grabbed his coat, causing him to stop where he'd stepped.

"Tell me." Those two words were enough to get Tyson back inside, onto the huge chair meant for visitors larger than average human size.

"He was battling some guy, I can't say who though, I've never seen him before." His eyes unfocused for a bit. "Could he possibly, you know, be ali-"

"Don't say it, Tyson," I almost yelled defiantly. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself a bit, before continuing. "I heard it from Hades myself. Percy's soul is in the Underworld."

Tyson sighed, and left, muttering about disloyalty. Nothing I could make out though, unfortunately.

I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep, dreaming of monsters.

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