On a site known as FMHQ, me and other writers of the site are part of a contest that deals with many characters. I've decided to post most of my entries on this site. On the site, the contest is the second to be used since the first contest had been used on another site.

Another day of sending out his monkey minions to act as spies and transporters and taking care of snot nosed children who were doing his bidding, Mojo dragged himself into his home, sighing upon entering. Even from the door he could see how destructive his home had become, and he knew the causes of it.

While three teenage girls were something to handle, three teenage boys were something else.

Without a break, Mojo began cleaning up the mess. He used to have his minions do it, but he was short-handed now, and so he was left to clean up the mess his sons would make.

Mojo never dared ask them to; he had, once, but they threatened to live with Him since "he never asks us to clean up our mess." Because Mojo didn't want his sons to be living with that freak, Mojo held in any complaints and would simply clean up the mess, just to keep his sons with him.

For some reasons, his sons had grown lazy, and instead of terrorizing the town or helping to stop Fuse, the boys would simply stay inside, play video games, eat junk food, and destroy his house. It sometimes made Mojo cry at knowing his sons were using him.

The mess that day wasn't as terrible as others, and so he was able to finish faster than the other days. Once finished, he went into the living room, where he heard the T.V. on. He expected to see his boys playing some sort of game, but the three were asleep on the couch, watching a late night T.V. show.

Seeing his boys asleep made Mojo's heart swell. Pulling out three blankets from the nearby cupboard, he threw them over his sons, making sure they had something to keep them warm through the night. Stepping back, he smiled at his sleeping boys, who looked so peaceful and vulnerable.

Yes, they were destructive terrors that seemed to make Mojo's life more of a nightmare, but it was moments like these that reminded Mojo of his love for his sons, the only people in the world that he would do anything for.