Another of the contest entries from the first contest. This one is for Wilt. (I love Wilt!)

Wilt was an imaginary friend. That was a pretty simple statement. He was the kindest creature anyone could meet, as well as the most polite. He had headed down to the Cul-de-Sac to offer better help in the war and to balance out Eddy's selfish motives. He missed his friends immensely, but his needs were put in the backseat of the need to assist in the war.

He counted himself extremely lucky to meet new friends in the war. He enjoyed spending time with the fighters and sent them on missions, often apologizing because he believed they were too dangerous (none of the fighters said that they were dangerous and all made it back in one piece). He was very surprised when word came out that there was a Fusion copy of himself, who was being very unkind and impolite. This did not bode well with Wilt, and with an apology to the occupants of the Cul-de-Sac, he left for the Pokey Oaks Jr. High School, determined to stop Fusion Wilt.

There was only a problem, he had realized when he made it into the Fusion's lair; he forgot to bring a weapon with him. He hadn't thought about it on his trip to the lair and only thought about it when he entered. There was not much he could do, so he continued on. The underground lair was empty of the Fusion alien monsters so Wilt was able to snoop around the lair, looking for his counterpart. Using his height to his ability, he was looking over a stalagmite formation when he felt a cool piece of metal against the back of his neck. He gulped and slowly turned.

Standing behind him was his Fusion counterpart, glaring at him with one mechanical eye and the other natural. Wilt slowly stood up while the Fusion watched his every movement and both came to a standstill. Wilt went over everything he could do to survive the situation and come out the victor. As if sensing what was about to happen, Wilt ducked just as Fusion Wilt shot at his real counterpart. Wilt, acting on instinct to survive, quickly swept Fusion Wilt's feet off the ground. Fusion Wilt hit the ground heavily, causing his cannon arm-piece to fall off. Wilt, surprised because he thought the thing was more connected to the Fusion, grabbed the item and aimed it at Fusion Wilt. The Fusion growled in anger.

"I'm sorry about this, but you're just too mean and dangerous," Wilt said.

The Fusion released a feral snarl that was drowned out, moments later, but his cry of pain as he was shot repeatedly by the Imaginary Friend. Fusion Wilt turned into Fusion Matter, swirled in the air, and formed into Nano Wilt, surprising Wilt.

"Whoa," the Nano said in awe at seeing Wilt. "You're tall. You should play basketball."