Jolted awake by pain and the taste of mud in his mouth, Amissus, an alicorn (pegasus/unicorn mix), regrew his consciousness and his senses sunk back to him. Aflame with pain, he tried to stand, but he couldn't motivate the strength to lift himself up. He simply wouldn't be outdone by his injury and by willpower, he set himself upright.

Observing his surroundings, Amissus's body ached and screamed for him to stop moving. He allowed the comfort and stood in a clearing; a flowered meadow lay before him, with a forest to his right. He looked behind him, no matter how much his neck strained. He turned around and looked up at a cliff. His assumption was that he fell from the cliff, but that didn't make sense, he would've just glided down. He couldn't remember what happened. Save for his name, his memory was missing. He wanted to remember, but he always drew a blank. At this point he decided that food and shelter was a bigger priority than memory. He peered at the sky; it was a clear and sunny day, making it easy for him to see that it was still morning. He braced himself to clear the boundary that separates standing from walking. He took his first step and fell. He didn't fall completely; instead, he broke his fall with his fore legs. Standing back up, one leg at a time, he felt weak, but again he stood. He lifted his leg and moved it forward, but as slow as it was, it was progress. He felt no joy in having his hoof back on the grass. Amissus thought, if doing this is a battle, then the journey ahead is going to be a war.


Amissus stopped to rest under an oak tree in a grove. He could conclude that it was an hour past noon. He was content to have a rest after walking for what seemed to him the length of the Earth, or so his body told him. His ears perked up when he heard singing. He turned to the direction from which the words came. The voice was far, but it was distinct enough to tell that it was a feminine voice. He tried to tell if the singer was getting closer to him, or going away from him. It's getting fainter. There's no chance that she will come here. He was glad that the pony was getting farther away, so that she didn't have to see him injured, but upset that he was, inevitably, alone again.

He left the grove hours ago and came to a small bridge spanning a brook flowing below it. There was a post giving directions a few lengths before the bridge's incline. It was about midnight, and Amissus had never seen so many stars in one night. Pinpricks of light pierced the veil of night and entire rips in space where characterized by nebulas of various colors. Amissus approached the land marker and read off the names that the directions had given easily with the help of the bright night sky. Away from the bridge is Phillydelphia and across the bridge is Ponyville. He never liked big cities, if only he could remember the rest of his preferences. He decided that across the bridge he would go. To Ponyville!

An entire day, and not another sign of civilization but this road! An entire day of walking and that's the progress I've made? Amissus let a sigh escape his mouth, even though it made his lungs hurt, he felt relieved to let it out. Earlier that day, after he had awakened from a bed of dead grass, he had eaten some berries from a bush in a different grove and a tree fruit that fell on him as he ate the berries, he devoured the fruit and tore it apart as he ate it. He felt satisfied that he showed that fruit who was king. It was late in the evening, but not late enough for the sun to sink below the hills. Amissus's body had felt better after eating, but he was uneasy about it, but deceived himself into thinking he had walked it off. The sun was halfway on its journey to warm the other side of the world.

He started to notice that the land was becoming less dense with forestry, and felt satisfied when he spotted a rather strange looking cottage house. It had a bridge that went over a pond that doubled as an entryway to the front yard. The roof was covered in grass and there were holes that served as shelters for animals. There're too many animals around that house. It looks abandoned, but at least it will service as shelter for the night. These were the thoughts that Amissus's mind grasped to. He walked across the bridge and up the pathway to the door. He decided to knock and yield the tenant, whoever it may be. Before he reached the door, he felt what was coming and braced, but it was too late. Agony and soreness rocked his body. Tears flowed from his eyes and he attempted to bite back a shout, but he failed and most of it was let free. The yelp was loud enough to wake the occupant of the cottage and perhaps their neighbors.

Amissus fell slowly as he tried to fight back the pressure, but his mind faded and his eyesight was failing him, but not before he saw the door open and a pale yellow pony with a long pink mane step out and gasp at the pony before her. Amissus fell to the ground as a sack of boulders would. He was unconscious as he met the flagstone walkway.