Back at Hogwarts...

Harry walked through the great oak doors hesitantly. The rest of the students were at lunch. Harry walked quickly to the Great Hall. Her friends were eating over at the Gryffindor table, of course, They looked rather worried. Ron and Hermione were hunched together whispering. Harry silently cursed himself for not coming up with an excuse earlier for why he would be gone most of the morning. Ron and Hermione saw him and jumped up happily. They started walking over to him...

Hermione's POV:

Hermione was so relieved when she saw finally Harry. She had been worrying her pants off all day, thinking about what horror might of befallen Harry. Knowing Harry, it was probably something obscenely dangerous where he had no chance of prevailing but somehow managed after getting scarred for life (pun intended) and getting blood and grit splattered all over him in a way that kept the girls screaming. However, this time he didn't seem hurt at all and he certainly wasn't carrying any dead bodies, which is always a good sign. In fact, the only things that seemed out of place were his hair, which was way more tousled than usual, his face, which was about three shades paler than normal, and his glasses, which appeared to be missing.

Hermione sprinted over to Harry and gave him a big hug. Ron decided to wait and finish his Sheppard's Pie before he saw his best friend who they had assumed dead until a few seconds.

"Where have you been?! We've been so worried! Where are your glasses? Did You-Know-Who steal them from you? Where were you Harry Potter?"

"I-I... got contacts." he said, more nervous then she had ever heard him, even when he was about to face a certain dragon in the Triwizard Tournament. Hermione almost laughed out loud, but she looked at Harry's genuinely worried face and managed to swallow her laughter.

"Well I think they look very nice. And I think someone else likes them too." Her eyes flicked over to Ginny, who was looking at Harry and blushing. Harry managed a weak smile. Of course, just then, Ron the Idiot decided he had stuffed his face enough and walked over to see if Harry would entertain him.

"Hey Harry. Want to go play some wizard chess? Hey, there's something different about you..." Ron scrutinized Harry suspiciously. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?" bellowed Ron, causing people to stare curiously in their direction. Harry quailed with humiliation. Hermione made a mental note to connect her fist with Ron's face sometime in the near future.

"Get away from him Hermione! He's probably like some kind of Animagus-Inferi hybrid or something, here to eat us!"

"First of all, Ron, that doesn't even make any sense! Second of all, it's Harry! H-a-r-r-y. You know, our friend?" growled Hermione. What Harry ever saw in him as a friend was beyond her.

"But... why is his face all... misshapen? And stuff?"

"He got contacts." said Hermione, talking as slowly and sarcastically as she could, as though Ron was a three year old. "That's a Muggle thing Ronnie. You put them in your eye so you can see."

"But, where are his glasses? I'm 75% sure he had glasses. Make that 68%."

"Yes Ron. He had glasses." Hermione could frustration and exasperation bubbling up within her. "But now, he has those eye things I told you about not five seconds ago, so he doesn't need his glasses anymore."

"Oh." said Ron. He gave Harry one last suspicious poke, then smiled like the complete idiot he was. "So, wizard's chess, Harry?" Harry sighed, rolled his eyes, then gave in. Hermione sighed as she watched the two boys skip away, humming the song "call Me Maybe". Honestly, sometimes she felt like she was the only sane one in their little group.

A/N: Hey all! Sorry this is so short and it took me so long. I'm juggling Bible Study, Basketball and Forensics right now, and sometimes I just don't want to write. Or think for that matter. Sorry again!