yeah…okay, so my latest obsession is a Yandere!Izaya. Insipred by A Fool's Mistake by Aki Mu Tsuki. I own nothing. Enjoy!

Branches snapped and leaves rustled in the forest. I frowned up at the full moon, my fox like black ears twitching upon my head. I hugged myself closer to the branch, splinters burying themselves deeper into my black shirt and black shorts. My crimson eyes stared out in the clearing. Some Demon Hunters should be coming through. I was ready to face them.

I was surprised when only one Demon hunter came through, looking extremely cautious. He had messy blonde hair and caramel colored eyes. He wore white shirt underneath a black jacket, black pants with a tool belt around the waist and black boots. A gun was slung across his back.

I heard him mumbling to himself, but about what, I couldn't tell. I stood up on the branch and back flipped, landing in front of the hunter skillfully, knees bent and arms straight on either side. I lifted my head, my red eyes meeting mocha ones. My ears were flat upon my head and my tail was curled against my back, hidden from view. I stood straight up and smirked.

"Not often we get visitors to these woods," I drawled, "More so Demon hunters."

He frowned. "Who the hell are you?"

My smirk never wavered. "I believe you should introduce yourself first, considering these are my woods you're in."

"A forest spirit, then?" he whispered softly. I only heard it because of my increased hearing. Then, aloud, he said "My name's Heiwajima Shizuo."

"Nice to meet you, Shizu-chan~!" I cooed.

He glared at me. "Don't call me that!"

I ignored him. "I am Orihara Izaya." I looked at him sharply. "Mind telling my why you are in these woods?"

"Tch. Searching for a Familiar."

I frowned. I knew something about Familiars. Demon Hunters were required to find a demon to serve as their Familiar. Familiars were companions to Demon hunters, aiding with searching for and eliminating Demons. The thing was, it was the Demon who chose to aid the hunter. Not the other way around.

"How interesting."

"Do you know of a strong demon in these woods?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

I approached with slow steps, a smirk spreading on my face. "Well, there is one well known demon in these woods that's quick, sly, and dangerous."

Shizuo raised an eyebrow. "And who would that be?"

Before he could blink, I slashed across his arms with my claws. "His name is Izaya."

"You damn flea!" he aimed a punch for me, one I easily evaded. I watched as he grabbed a tree and pulled it fully out of the ground, then turned to throw it at me. I dodged with some difficulty.

"Wow~! Shizu-chan sure is strong~!" I said tauntingly.

"Shut up!" he snapped.

I was by this time standing on a high tree branch. My ears were perked up and my tail was streaming behind me. I smirked at him. "Try to get me now~!"

He went to a large rock nearby and picked it up easily. He tossed it at me, but again I avoided, causing the rock to hit the tree, nearly knocking the top off. I laughed. "This is the most fun I've had in a while~!"

Seeming fed up, he pulled the gun from behind his back and started aiming for me. I had a bit more difficulty dodging the bullets, but managed to get barely a scrape. I yawned. "Your gunmanship needs work, Shizu-chan."

I saw his hands clench and unclench as he realized he was out of bullets. "Damn…" he turned on his heel.

"Where're you going, Shizu-chan~?" I asked.

"Away from here." As he disappeared into the trees, I made a decision and started to follow silently, several feet behind so he wouldn't notice me.

"Shizu-chan will be mine~! I will not allow him to have any other Demon as a Familiar but me~!"

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