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I followed them to the town, which was in array. There were many scared people. In the middle of the main road was a man with a snarl on his face, revealing razor sharp teeth, holding a woman by her wrist. He looked up as we approached, the men surrounding him copying his actions.

"Are you Heiwajima Shizuo?" he asked with a gravelly voice, releasing the woman. She took the chance to escape, running to a pair of identical young boys, no older than 6, and embraced them both.

"I am," Shizu-chan said, "Why?"

The man smirked. "I want to be your Familiar."

"No." I was surprised at my own tone. It was filled with more venom than I'd ever heard it filled with. Suddenly I wasn't in control of my actions. I wasn't worried, though. I knew what was happening. From the outside, the sclera of my eyes would be a pitch black, and by red irises would be pulsing. I walked closer, tense. "You will not be his Familiar."

The man sneered at me. "And who's stopping me? A pathetic fox demon?"

I felt a rush of power wash over me. "No one can be his Familiar but me," I said, "I will kill anyone who even thinks of trying." My vision darkened for a moment. When it cleared, I was in my animal form-a large black fox. I bared my teeth at him and dashed for him.

He nodded in my direction and sent his men after me. I was in a rage, attacking demon after demon. Blood stained the light tan dirt a dark reddish color. At one point, I felt a bullet whizz past my ear. I turned and saw Shizu-chan holding his gun out, eyes narrowed. I turned and saw the demon fall to his knees, a bullet hole in the very center of his chest, his white shirt stained crimson as he bled. I turned back to Shizu-chan to find him shooting more demons. He didn't notice the one sneaking up behind him, claws out and ready to slice through his skin like butter.

Immediately I ran towards and attacked him, tearing his throat out. He was the last demon. I backed away from the corpse. Blood matted the fur of my muzzle down, and I was panting. My vision darkened again and when it cleared, I was back to normal. I looked around.

None of the demons had been spared. Corpses littered the ground, and blood was all over the street.

I brought my eyes up, connecting with Shizu-chan's with a question. Why had he protected me?

"Shizuo," said Shinra as he walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I think Izaya should be your Familiar."

"Hell no," Shizu-chan said. I lowered my ears. Of course he would say tha-

"Wait, listen to me." Shinra took a deep breath. "You two work well together as a team. That battle proved it. You supported each other well. If anything, this battle should be proof." I felt my ears perk up. Shinra was agreeing with me.

I could see Shizu-chan fuming. Suddenly, Tom came up and placed a hand on his other shoulder. "Shinra's right. You two fought very well out there."

Shizu-chan and Tom connected eyes, and I felt my heart racing. Would he actua-


I looked up at Shizu-chan. "Yes?"

He took a deep breath. "I can't believe I'm saying this. But…" he held out a hand. "Would you be my Familiar?"

I felt my face heart up, my ears perked, my tail curled and my heart raced. I placed my hand on top of his. "Certainly. I knew you'd come around eventually."

"We'll hold the binding tonight," Tom said, "At sunset."

"I'll be there," I said before dashing into the woods.

Sunset didn't come fast enough for my liking, but when it finally did, I rushed through the trees to the town. Many citizens were gathered around the town center. Standing there was an angry looking Shizu-chan. Next to him stood Tom.

I walked up slowly, the crowd parting for me, and stood before the blonde. "You'll get used to being with me, Shizu-chan," I chirped.

"Shut it," he snapped.

"Now begins the Binding," Tom's voice boomed, silencing the chatter. Bindings were rare, but they were always the talk of the towns. "Are you ready to be bound as Hunter and Familiar?"

"Sure," Shizu-chan muttered, clearly not at all ready.

"Most definitely," I said, smirking.

"First up, the Oaths. Shizuo, hold out your hand." Shizu-chan held his hand out before me, palm facing the sky. "Repeat after me. I, Heiwajima Shizuo…"

"I, Heiwajima Shizuo," Shizu-chan mutter unhappily.

"Agree to take on Orihara Izaya…"

"Agree to take on Orihara Izaya." He said the phrase with such venom and such a heated glare at me that I couldn't help the smirk that creased my lips.

"As my Familiar."

"As my Familiar."

"I will trust him to help me…"

"I will trust him to help me…" Clearly, Shizu-chan couldn't wait until this was over. I could tell that if he could, he would leave now, but if he did leave in the middle of a Binding, it would kill both of us.

"To find and capture demons…"

"To find and capture demons…"

"And to aid me and keep my alive."

"And to aid me and keep me alive." I saw his eyes dart towards the door. Was he seriously considering running out the door and killing us both?

"I vow this on my honor as a Demon Hunter."

Shizu-chan said nothing for at least a full minute. "I vow this on my honor as a Demon Hunter."

Tom placed a small grey orb in Shizu-chan's palm, and then nodded at me. I cupped my hand over the orb, so both Shizu-chan and I cupped it.

"I, Orihara Izaya…"

"I, Orihara Izaya…"

"Agree to be the Familiar of Heiwajima Shizuo."

"Agree to be the Familiar of Heiwajima Shizuo." I felt a burst of warmth envelope me, and disregarded it as an effect of the Binding.

"I will protect and serve as his companion…"

"I will protect and serve as his companion…"

"And I will help him hunt and take down demons."

"And I will help him hunt and take down demons." The feeling of warmth grew as I imagined working with Shizu-chan to take down demons. So much fun!

"I swear this on my life."

"I swear this on my life."

The orb started to glow and my hand started to burn, like it was on fire, but I did nothing. The glow intensified more and more until I was blinded and lost consciousness.

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