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I dashed through the woods quickly. The mark on the back of my hand was pulsing intensely. It was of a pair of crossed sword behind a Demon skull-the emblem for the Demon hunters. The only reason it would pulse is either Shizu-chan was in trouble or we had a job to do. And I'm pretty sure the former isn't very possible, knowing my Shizu-chan.

I entered the town of Ikebukuro and immediately made my way towards the Demon hunter's school. I found Tom's Familiar, Vorona, waiting for me.

"You came," she said, "Follow me. I will show you to Tom and Shizuo."

I allowed her to lead me through the labyrinth of the school to Tom's office. Shizu-chan was sitting before the desk, glaring at me with those captivating mocha eyes of his.

"Hello, Shizu-chan," I said, "Miss me?"

"Fuck you," he said.

I smiled. "When, where, and how hard?"

Shizu-chan blushed bright red. "NOT LIKE THAT, DAMN YOU!"

"It was a joke, Shizu-chan," I chuckled, sitting in the seat next to him as Vorona went to stand at Tom's side, "No need to take it seriously."

"Now, your mission," Tom said, stopping any future madness that would've taken place, "There is a demon that has been terrorizing the local village to the east. They've asked for help and, as Demon hunters, we must make it our duty to exterminate this demon." He looked between the two of us. "I trust you two can handle tracking down and eliminating this demon?"

"What does the demon look like?" Shizu-chan asked. Hmmm~? Shizu-chan is smarter than he looks~!

"The details are vague, for very few have actually seen it," Tom said, "Some say it is male. Some say female. And there are a wide range of other details. All, however, suggest that it may be an elemental demon."

I perked up. "Oh? That will be fun!" Elemental demons are the "Elite" demons; just under them are animal demons. The elemental demons ranged from light to shadow, fire to water, thunder to ice and everything in between. They're the rarest kind of demon, and the most dangerous, as well.

"I thought this would be a good test for your guys' bond," he said, "Think you can do it?"

"Of course," I said immediately, standing up, "Just leave it to us. Shizu-chan and I will be back soon."

"Don't call me that," Shizu-chan mumbled to me, bowing towards Tom and following me out.

We walked silently to the village, which smelled strongly of smoke, and were greeted by the mayor. He explained the crisis and dismissed us to the woods to track down the demon. We stood in the center of a clearing, completely empty.

"Think you can find the demon, flea?" he asked.

"Elemental demons have unique scents depending on what the type is. I scented a fire demon in the village, obvious by the smell of smoke, so it shouldn't be too hard."

I closed my eyes and focused, allowing my demonic powers to take over. The energy from my power went through my veins and through the trees, mapping out the entire forest within a hundred mile radius. And in that field, I found our person.

"Found it!" I began dashing through the woods, hearing Shizu-chan following quickly. I dashed through trees, over roots and under branches with ease. I've lived in a forest for my entire life. This was as easy as breathing for me at this point.

We ran until we stopped in a clearing. In the clearing was a female with bloody red skin, wait length hair made of flames and orange eyes. She wore a simple strapless dress of flames that barely reached mid-thigh length.

"So, the big bad Demon hunter found me," she said, puckering her lips in a fake pout.

"Wasn't too hard," I said, "Fire demons like you have an exotic stench."

"And a Familiar, as well!" she said, "I'm amazed you let yourself be trapped in a bond with a human of all things!"

I flicked my ears. "It was of my own choice," I said with a tone of boredom. Behind me, I heard Shizu-chan readying his gun.

She smirked. "I believe talk is done." With a flick of her wrist, she summoned large flame hounds to distract Shizu-chan and I while she fled.

"Chase after her, flea!" Shizu-chan said, "I'll handle the hellhounds!"

With a nod, I dashed passed the hounds and into the woods, easily gaining sight of her. I followed her through the labyrinth like woods until we reached a rocky area, where I had her trapped. She turned to face me and sent a whirlwind of flames in my direction. I easily dodged them and she sent column after column of heat after me. Flames consumed my vision and I lost sight of her, and didn't get sight of her back until she was mere inches from my face.

"Why is a tough demon like you bound to a Demon hunter?" she asked with a tone of fake sadness, "It truly breaks my heart to think that such power is being restrained."

I smirked. "I wasn't going to let anyone be his Familiar. I would kill anyone who dared try." I slashed towards her and she spun out of the way.

"Oh, really now?" she asked, "And why would you care? Demon hunters restrain our true abilities." She sent snakes of flame towards me and I dodged them all. In a surprise attack, I pounced her while she was preparing her next attack and pinned her to the floor, arm outstretched and ready to slice downwards.

"I did it because he's…interesting," I said, "Unique. Unlike other humans. I want to know more about him." Then I sliced downwards, my claws digging into her boiling hot flesh.

She let out a shriek that pierced my ears, sending pain spiking through my skull. She dissolved into a large plume of smoke, her screams slowly receding into nothingness until the clearing was completely silent.

I panted heavily and stood up, turning to find Shizu-chan approaching. He looked around the clearing. "Is she…?"

"Gone," I panted, straightening, "I finished her off."

He slung his gun back onto his back, "Let's go tell Tom."

I silently followed him until we reached the front of the school. Then I ran into the woods, towards the small little clearing I called home.

I rested in there, staring as the sun changed colors with the setting sun, thinking on her words.

"And why would you care? Demon hunters restrain our true abilities."

"I did it because he's…interesting. Unique. Unlike other humans. I want to know more about him."

Was that truly my reasoning? Usually I wouldn't question myself in such a way, but something tell me that that isn't the only reason I wanted to become his Familiar. Furthermore, why am I so protective of him? The mere thought of him with anyone other than me makes me want to murder everyone out there until we are the last people in the world. Why?

I closed my eyes as moonlight washed over me, deciding I'd figure it out eventually, impatient as I was. After all, who doesn't like a good mystery?

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