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I've floated in this darkness for what seems to be forever, numb. That being said, I wasn't expecting waves of something I couldn't identify to wash over me. I heard a muffled voice.

"…se-kun! Aki…un!"

After a few moments, I forced my eyelids open, coming face-to-face with a boy with crystal clear blue eyes and long black hair.

"Who…are you?" I asked weakly. The boy frowned and looked over his shoulder at something. At the same time, flashes came to me.

A black haired boy. A pink haired girl. A cellphone. No, a diary. A future diary. A few names filled my head. Hino Hinata. Gasai Yuno. Amano Yukiteru.


I remember everything that happened before my death at Gasai's hands! But, what's happened since?

"Akise-kun!" I opened my crimson eyes for a second time, staring into the boy's own. This boy…I have no doubt. He's Amano Yukiteru!

"Hello, Yukiteru-kun," I said, smiling. I tried to stand up, only to feel a sharp pain in my neck.

"Be careful, Akise-kun," Yukiteru warned, "Your neck is still kind of sensitive from having your head reattached."

I nodded and sat up slower. I looked at Yukiteru. "You've changed.

He blushed a light pink. "I guess."

'He's so cute,' I thought, my face never betraying my thoughts. "I'm surprised you haven't attempted to bring Gasai-san back."

Yukiteru frowned. "Even if I tried, I'd only be able to bring her body back, not her soul."

"Deus told me," I said, "But if you brought me back, surely you can bring back Gasai-san."

"You're different," Yukiteru said, "Because according to Murumuru, you were created by Deus."

I looked behind him, seeing the tan midget. She ignored us, instead focusing on reading a worn manga book.

"She suggested I bring you back," he murmured. I could see tears welling in his eyes. "I was so alone…"

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