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I frowned as my beloved Yukiteru started to cry. He attempted to wipe the tears away. Not wanting to see him crying, I pulled him into an embrace, letting him cry into my shoulder despite his weak protests.

"Let m-me go, Akise-kun," he sobbed, despite the fact that his hand was clenching my red stained light blue button up shirt tightly, "I'm f-fine!" I ignored his protests and continued to hold him close, my heard hammering at the close contact. His long black hair tickled my nose.

After who knows how long, Yukiteru finally got his tears under control and pulled away. I let him, but kept my hands firmly on his shoulders. "Feel better?"

Yukiteru didn't answer for a few moments. Then he nodded, facing the ground, hair hiding his face. "Thank you, Akise-kun."

I smiled. "You're welcome, Yukiteru-kun."

He lifted his head and smiled at me, but I noticed something slightly different about it. "Before I could address it, he looked around.

"I suppose complete darkness isn't really the best living place, huh?" he asked, chuckling sheepishly.

Deciding to muse over it later, I nodded. "Not exactly."

Murumuru was suddenly in the middle of us. "Does this mean you'll finally create a world?" at his nod, she gave a cheer. "Finally! It's been 10,000 years!"

I perked up. "10,000 years?"

Yukiteru nodded. "It's been 10,000 years since I became a god."

I smiled. "I'm glad you became a god."

He crossed his legs and glanced at Murumuru. "How di i…?"

"Just meditate," she said, "Whatever you picture will become a reality."

He nodded, closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and went into a sleep-like trance. I examined him further.

His skin was paler then I remembered, and he was a very dark purple robe that was worn and ragged near the edges of the sleeves and hem. There were the slightest signs of exhaustion below his eyes.

I blinked and suddenly we were sitting in a room with steel grey walls. The large window lined the wall behind Yukiteru. We were sitting on a grey carpet, at the first of a two person bed, which was located at my left. Separating up from the foot of the bed was a dresser. There were two doors-one behind me and one next to the bed,

After a few more moments, Yukiteru opened his eyes. I smiled. "Good job, Yukiteru-kun."

Murumuru grinned. "Finally!"

Yukiteru stretched his limbs. "Harder than I thought. I'm exhausted." He stood up. "Come with me."

We followed him out of the room and down a plain grey hall to a white door. "This is your room, Akise-kun."

I opened the door, greeted by a room with plain white walls. A bookshelf was at my left, a desk next to it. Next to that was a bed with a crimson comforter. A dressed was at the foot of the bed, two medium-sized windows were on the other side of the room, and two my right was another door.

"That door leads to a bathroom," Yukiteru said, "Get some rest. It's rather late." Like he said, the sun outside was almost set. He and Murumuru left, closing the door behind themselves.

I walked to the dresser and opened it, pulling out a pair of pale blue pajamas. I walked into the bathroom.

It was white with blue patterns on the floor tiles. There was a white bathtub across the small room from me, a toilet next to it, and a sink across from that.

I turned on the water and let it full the tub. I undressed and got in once it was as full as I preferred. The warm water relaxed my tens neck muscles, and I dunked my head underneath, wetting my silver hair. I didn't stay in for long, though, and got out before long. I found a towel rack behind the door and a few towels already hung up. I dried myself off, changed into the pajamas and crawled into the soft bed. Then, after storing the events of today to my memory, I fell asleep.

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