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She was completely transparent and her movements were slow. She would make a movement, pause for a whole second, then move again and repeat the cycle.

"Gasai-san?" I asked hesitantly, wondering if I was merely seeing things.

"You!" she shouted, her voice sounding like several copies of her talking simultaneously, "You weren't supposed to follow me! Yukki was!"

I frowned. "I thought you were dead," I said.

"I am," she said, "But I'm coming back to be with my Yukki!"

"What makes you so sure Yukiteru-kun wants you back?" I asked.

"Because Yukki loves me!" she shouted.

I smiled at here. "We'll see about that, Gasai-san." With those words, I left the alleyway and met up with Yukiteru outside the store. He was holding a telescope box under his arm.

"Is something wrong, Akise-kun?" he asked, worry evident in his face.

"Of course not," I said, chuckling, "Shall we head to the park?"

He nodded and we walked side by side to the park. The sun was completely set by the time we reached it, and the sky sparkled with stars.

I helped Yukiteru set up the telescope in a section with a fantastic view of the sky. I'm not sure how long passed before Yukiteru took us home, but I do know that once he did, before I went to my room, Yukiteru was smiling contently, half-asleep.

Once I got to my room, I went over to the desk. I searched through the drawers until I found a box of latex gloves. I slid two on and opened the baggie, taking out the small orb.

I discovered a small slit on one side. I dug out of the drawers a scalpel and, gently, put the tip in the slit and pulled. The orb split in half, revealing a hollow inside. Stuffed inside was a small bag, the size and shape of a computer chip, filled with a clear liquid. A small tube attached it to the hole.

I found some forceps and pulled it out. I snipped the tube and top part off with some scissors. A peculiar smell emanated from the substance.

Seawater, mixed with cinnamon and something I couldn't identity. A type of poison, maybe? Perhaps the smell of cinnamon and seawater had been added to cover the poison's smell?

Knowing I would have no way of analyzing it until Yukiteru finished creating a new world, I set it aside after taping it shut and changed into the blue pajamas before falling asleep.

! #$%! #$%! #$%! #$%! #$%

I was back in the glass cage, but Yukiteru and Yuno were frozen, moving not an inch. The singing started again.

"Shinjitsu wa tsune ni katawara ni daga hito wa tsune ni moumoku narite

Oroka na zatto ni kakikesareru mono nari."

When the voice faded, Yuno and Yukiteru started moving again.

"You're dead, Akise!" Yuno's voice growled. I gave her a fox grin, disregarded the fact that I could hear her voice this time.

"We'll see about that, Gasai-san," I said.

Suddenly, both my and Yuno's cages jerked down a foot. The shock made us both lose our balance.

I lay on the floor, staring at the grey bar above us, and realized something.

Yukiteru's cage didn't jerk.

That must have meant he was one of the individuals whose string was bound.

Then… who was the second Individual? Yuno or me?

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