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Somehow, we got out alive. Ib and i. we all promised to meet and went our separate ways.

It's been 6 years since we've been in the Fabricated World. What compelled me to go back to the gallery-well, I don't know myself.

I'm 24 years old now. I've become an exceptional artist. I've changed a lot.

But so have THEY.

The first person I saw as I entered was a teen. She had stick straight, elbow length black hair and wore a white blouse with a red ribbon, a knee-length dark red skirt and knee length brown boots.

"Ib!" I called, feeling excited.

She turned and looked at me with crimson eyes. "Garry!"

I stopped in front of her. "Wow, you've really grown!"

Ib grinned. "It's nice to see you too, Garry."

I nodded. "How have you been?"

"Good," Ib said, "I've been taking art classes. I'm actually glad we escaped Guertina's gallery."

"As am i." by this point, we'd reached the 'Abyss of the Deep' and stared at the blue depths and eel-like creature.

Then the lights above us flickered and dimmed. We looked around. Everyone but us was gone.

Before we could say a word, a strong invisible force pushed us into the art. Darkness consumed my vision as we splashed into the painting.

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