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Only for You

Part 2

Kuroko felt like he was floating.

Yes, it was kind of funny when he was perfectly aware that he had collapsed instead of floating, but he couldn't help feeling such thing as his equilibrium was obviously disturbed and the world seemed to spin around him again.

Kuroko thought he blacked out for a moment until his face hit the cold tile floor and the plastic cup he had been holding before rolled beside him. And there was water splashing, hitting part of his head, face and clothes. Ugh.

Kuroko sighed. He didn't think it would cause him to really faint before, but it was actually a bad idea to take that few meters walk to the bathroom after all, even though it was for taking a medicine. He overestimated his strength a little too much, apparently. Although he had the same training regimen with the other Seirin's basketball team's regular, why did his stamina improve less than the others? It wasn't fair at all.

Kuroko was in the verge of whining in his helplessness. Now he had to find something to hold onto so he could stand up and go back to bed. However, before Kuroko could move, he vaguely heard Nigou barking loudly… alright, louder than his usual worried yapping and there was another sound… steps?


Huh?—Kuroko thought he heard a recognizable voice.



"Kuroko! Hey! Kuroko! Hang on!"

Ah… it must have been some kind of hallucination. After all, there was no way he could have heard Kagami's voice in his home. Kagami didn't know where Kuroko lived, and Kuroko never told his red haired partner where his house was.

"Hang on! Crap! What's with all this water!?"

Huh?—Kuroko felt a touch of a hand on the back of his neck, and there was a sound of a surprised yelp as the hand was pulled back momentarily.

"Shit! You're burning up! What the hell are you doing laying on cold tiles you moron! Come on! Get up! You need a warm bed, not a freezing floor!"

Then Kuroko felt that he was being pulled at his wrist. The tug was gentle but strong, precise, and he felt that his body was lifted up when he couldn't manage to stand on his own feet albeit already supported. He was still disoriented and unable to see clearly, but he was familiar with that powerful, reliable hold.

Warm arms enveloped Kuroko and he felt ten times better already, even though he still thought that it was kind of surreal, after all, he hazily realized that it was really Kagami's voice he had heard, Kagami's touch and embrace he had felt.

"Ka…gami…kun…" Kuroko called croakily which seemed to come out more like a dry whisper and that was a very bad idea because he immediately fell into another terrible coughing fit that startled the red head.

"Oi! Kuroko! Calm down! I meant, there, there…!" Apparently, Kagami panicked as well because he speeded his legs to carry Kuroko somewhere. "Damn it! Where's your room?!" and he was impatiently jogging in circle because he had no idea where he was going.

Kuroko tried to help by lifting his tremulous hand and finger to point at a specific direction. Though, Kagami only noticed that awhile later after Kuroko clenched at his slightly damp coat on his chest.

Kagami immediately ran back to the direction where he had brought out Kuroko from and Kuroko weakly pointed at the door a few meters away from the bathroom. The red head leaped there in record time before he kicked the door open none too gently and rushed inside to lay Kuroko down on his bed.

"Jeez, you really scared me there, Kuroko! Damn you!" Kagami shed his coat and let it drop on the floor beside the bed before he knelt down to put his larger palm on Kuroko's forehead. Kagami's hand was slightly cold, so it felt nice on Kuroko's hot skin.

Kuroko was panting shallowly now, his chest and head hurting slightly as he tried to focus on Kagami's blurred face. "Why didn't you contact anyone if you're in such bad shape…? Do you have any idea how worried we all are?"

"Nn…-ry…" Kuroko spoke again scratchily, difficultly, closing his eyes as the throb he felt in his head was getting unbearable.

"Okay, stay put. I'll call an ambulance. Your fever is no kidding," Kagami let go of Kuroko's forehead and Kuroko immediately felt the sense of loss and didn't know where he got the strength, but he caught Kagami's hand before the red head could let go of him completely.

Kagami looked back at Kuroko with puzzlement on his still unclear expression. Kuroko closed his eyes once hard before slowly opening it again. He opened his mouth and coughed several times before whispering "D-don't-" and he wheezed unhelpfully.

Kagami was back to kneel beside his bed immediately, trying to relieve the painful coughing by stroking Kuroko's chest lightly. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to fetch my phone. I'll be back ASAP," he said reassuringly.

Well, that's not what Kuroko wanted to say before, though. He only wanted to tell Kagami that there was no need to call an ambulance because it was just a cold and he didn't want to worry his parents unnecessarily for calling an emergency line only for a mere cold.

Still, Kuroko wasn't in shape to speak out all of that without choking or coughing to death, so he just shook his head harshly, and if it seemed like he was desperate, then it was Kagami's exaggerating mind.

Kagami sighed deeply before he settled down to sit on the edge of the bed, not even pulling back his hand as he did so, maintaining skin contact as much as possible by adding another touch to Kuroko's feverish cheek with his other hand. "Alright, I'll stay for awhile, but I will call that ambulance if the fever is worsening," he warned, stroking Kuroko's messy hair gently as well.

Kuroko cracked a smallest smile he could muster before squeezing Kagami's hand some more on top of his chest, feeling grateful that Kagami listened to his selfishness even though the red head misunderstood something. Kuroko closed his eyes and leaned to the soft, comforting caress of Kagami's hand, enjoying the sensation.

Kuroko distantly heard Kagami inhale sharply at his bold action, but Kuroko could care less at that moment. It felt enjoyable like this and he was incredibly appreciative for Kagami's attention. Although his mind kept nagging about how Kagami could be there, in Kuroko's house, in the first place; Kuroko was just too tired and weak to think about it, so he let that go and stored it in the back of his delirious mind to ponder later.

"Shit, Kuroko…! Don't scare me like that ever again…!"

Kuroko heard Kagami's soft, very worried whisper as his consciousness was slowly being pulled back to the darkness of blissful oblivion under Kagami's tender touch.


I thought my heart stopped when I saw him lying motionless on the floor…

Kagami shivered unpleasantly as he could feel the chill of dread squeeze in his chest excruciatingly. He thought he was too late or something… and the thought that he might lose Kuroko drained his blood completely off his face.

Kagami wasn't a guy that was afraid of many things, except maybe dogs or supernatural beings, but this… this unbelievable fear he felt for a second when he thought he might have lost Kuroko…

Kagami gritted his teeth, clenching his eyes shut hard. That fear was something that could destroy his world and reality. He just knew it. He wouldn't be able to take it if that really happened.

A quiet whine from the floor brought Kagami's back from the mental torture. He glanced down and saw Nigou, looking at him with big blue puppy eyes that resembled Kuroko so much. The dog looked miserably worried and Kagami couldn't help feeling like they were kindred spirits.

"Must be worried to death, huh, Nigou?" Kagami asked and Nigou yapped once quietly, as if the mutt knew that Kuroko needed rest and he shouldn't make so much noise. Kagami smiled at that. "Don't worry; I'll take care of him. You go outside first, I'll make something for your lunch later," he gestured with a titled head to the door direction and Nigou seemed to understand that because he lightly barked once as if saying 'okay' before strutting outside quietly.

That dog is scarily perceptive… Did Kuroko teach him that or he has always had such advanced education from the beginning?—Kagami couldn't help quaking. Well, partly he just wanted Nigou outside because he was still uncomfortable near the dog, and another part, a sensible one, just knew that it wouldn't be good for Kuroko to be around the dog while the bluenet was still loaded with contagious virus. Not that it would be transmitted to Nigou or anything, but it was just a precaution to not get Kuroko even sicker than he already had.

Now though, Kuroko's breath was even out and he seemed to sleep peacefully although his body was still felt like furnace. Had Kuroko taken any medicine? Hell, had he eaten or drunk something at all? Lack of fluids while in fever was the worst combination a human body could take.

Kuroko must have felt like crap in this condition—Kagami heaved out a long sigh. He holds my hand in a death grip. How can I call help like this?

Kagami prayed on every deity around to let Kuroko keep on sleeping while he slowly, oh so gently, untangled his hand by prying Kuroko's fingers one by one off his wrist. Successful, Kagami tentatively rose up from his seat and intended to go grab his bag and his phone before suddenly, the light from the lamp in the room flickered once and twice before it died completely.

"Crap." Kagami hurdled over to the windowsill and shoved aside the curtain to look out at the yard when he was met with heavy snow pour and strong wind hitting the glass. "Double crap."

A blizzard? Right now? Seriously? And there were only small flakes just a few minutes ago! What kind of joke is this?!

Kagami hurriedly went out to the living room which was already darkened since the power was really out. This wasn't good at all. The house was too cold for Kuroko's condition. If there was no heater on…

Kagami shuddered at the horrifying thought of Kuroko getting hypothermia. It was worse than fever. "Shit!"

Kagami opened his bag and fished his phone out, calling emergency number to get some help. However, the worsened situation came to the worst when the lady of the emergency line told him that ambulance was unable to operate due to the snowstorm. Kagami frantically explained the dire situation and before he could get assisted, the signal was disturbed and the connection was severed.

"Oh, this is just GREAT!" Kagami wanted to scream (or he already did) at the stupid state of affairs. He got an urge to throw his phone on the floor and stepped on it when he found out that the signal had just lost completely, just to vent off his stress somehow. But frankly, it wouldn't change the fact that there would be no help coming for Kuroko that made Kagami felt officially frightened.

What should I do…?—Kagami's brain was raking a way out of this while he was trying not to panic and hyperventilate. Bringing Kuroko to the nearest clinic? But with this kind of storm, it will only worsen Kuroko's illness, and I don't know if we can make it there in one piece. Power is out. Phone is useless… Fuck! I'll have to do something on my own then. But, what should I do? What's the survival training we get from Coach Aida (papa) when he taught us again? In case… in case of disaster occurring…!

Alright! I should gather as many blankets as possible to keep ourselves warm! Now, if only I know where the blankets are stored…!

Kagami eyed the doors to several rooms, considering checking them one by one. He honestly felt bad and intruding for wandering around the house as he pleased, but it was an emergency anyway. He could always apologize later.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Done with gathering blankets, Kagami ransacked the kitchen for supplies. There were plenty ingredients inside the fridge and enough water to last a day or two, at least until the blizzard was over. When he pulled some ingredients out to make something because he and Kuroko needed warm food, he remembered that Kuroko's pajama was slightly wet because of the water in the bathroom earlier.

Kagami cursed himself for being so idiotic. He immediately ran back to Kuroko's bedroom, leaving the ingredients on the counter, to persuade Kuroko to get up so he could change his clothes.

"Come on, Kuroko, help me here," Kagami grumbled slightly as he reached for Kuroko's clothes to unbutton it. He couldn't help noticing Kuroko's flushed skin, still burning from the fever that colored his alabaster complexion with pale pink that looked very… alluring.

Kagami snapped out his screwy reverie and almost banged his head on the bed frame for suddenly feeling a powerful surge of lust to touch Kuroko's skin. He must have been insane. Kuroko was sick, damn it!

Kagami blushed furiously in total shame as he shakily continued undressing Kuroko. He tried very hard not to look, but he couldn't help remembering how it felt to touch the boy before, how amazingly good it was to have that skin and slender body glided against his own and he felt very awful for his treacherous teenage body that responded so eagerly to the erotic images his mind conjured up of what he could do to Kuroko when he was so vulnerable like this.

Kagami held Kuroko's hot body close for leverage and to will down his crazy libido, because he just couldn't do that to a sick person. It would be very wrong and-… and atrocious and he wouldn't betray Kuroko's trust for anything at all despite how his body reacted.

"Hey, I have to change your clothes," Kagami whispered softly in Kuroko's ear and Kuroko answered with a few intangible mumbles, completely pliant and defenseless as Kagami shed all the clothes and then quickly redressed him with a long sleeved turtleneck shirt that he pulled out from the wardrobe at the other side of the room and a pair of long sweat pants.

Kagami even put a thick sweater on top of the shirt afterwards to make sure that Kuroko was warm enough before he tucked Kuroko back in bed with two extra blankets covering him.

"Yosh," Kagami sighed as he felt satisfied with his work. "Now I have to cook something for you to eat, and you have to drink medicine," he said more to himself since Kuroko wouldn't be able to respond to him even if he wanted to anyway.

Kagami was about to go out of the room again when he noticed Kuroko's bag near his studying desk. It was open and he could see a blipping light coming from the inside. Curiously, Kagami made a bee-line to the bag and peeked inside.

It was Kuroko's phone. Kagami took it out and looked at the screens, Dozens of missed calls and messages greeted his crimson eyes. He noticed that there was no signal in Kuroko's cell phone as well, but he figured if he texted the messages back, somehow, they would get them eventually.

Kagami opened the call logs and messages. It was mostly from the GoM saying Happy Birthday to Kuroko, a bunch from Kise who whined and cried with emoticons because Kuroko didn't reply, one from Akashi who showed his concern (and threat) because Kuroko didn't pick up his phone, one from Murasakibara mentioning that he sent a box of chocolate for Kuroko from Akita, three from Momoi who seemed hysterically worried after Aomine informed her that Kuroko might be sick, and one from Midorima with some clear instructions of how to treat Kuroko's cold.

Kagami wondered how Midorima knew Kuroko had caught a cold before he read the last line.

"Oha-asa mentioned it's a sick day for Aquarius, and all most likely caught a cold today, so…"

Yeah, that Oha-asa freak. It was kind of scary how accurate it was if it had something to do with Midorima. He knew that the GoM members were very protective of Kuroko, but this was just pushing it a little too much.

But—Kagami smiled warmly at the utmost care those guys showed for Kuroko. Well, Kagami wouldn't lose to them, though. Kuroko was with him now. He would take care of his most important partner with everything he got.

Midorima's instruction was very thorough and helpful. He followed some that he hadn't done, like giving a cold compress on Kuroko's forehead, and was back to cooking something for Kuroko to eat, feeding Nigou dry food he found at the cupboard in the kitchen along with his bowl, and then bringing the lunch tray to Kuroko's room as well as fetching the cold medicine on his way, so he could feed Kuroko and gave him remedy for his symptoms.

Kagami set the tray on Kuroko's bedside table and promptly sat down on the bed rim again to wake Kuroko after removing the cold (now lukewarm) compress.

"Hey, time to eat first, Kuroko. And drink the medicine, or your fever won't go down," Kagami tapped Kuroko's shoulder and shook him gently.

"Nnh…" Kuroko moaned slightly before his eyes fluttered open, half-lidded and unfocused. "Ka…gami…kun…?" he whispered hoarsely and Kagami shook his head.

"Don't talk. Your throat is sore, right? Just drink this warm milk tea and eat this soup first. Come on, up, up!" Kagami slipped his hand under Kuroko's back and pushed him into sitting position. He quickly added a lot of pillows that he got from the other rooms to support Kuroko's back.

If Kuroko noticed that some of the pillow weren't his, he said nothing. Instead, he looked around slightly in almost puzzled expression. "Why is it so…?"

"Dark?" Kagami caught on immediately to spare Kuroko from talking unnecessarily. Kuroko nodded. "Power out. Blizzard," he pointed at the window which curtain was still open. "I can't get help to come, so I'll do my best to take care of you. By the way, all the GoMs are very worried because you didn't answer your phone at all today…"

Kagami noticed how drowsy and blank Kuroko was and he started to nod off again, so Kagami set his palms on Kuroko's cheeks in a firm hold. "Don't sleep yet. You feel faint because you haven't eaten or drunk anything, no energy," he said determinedly.

"Umm…" Kuroko yawned and shook his head slightly as Kagami chuckled at the bed head.

"Seriously, you…" Kagami flattened the sticking up hair for a moment before pulling back and took a bowl of warm chicken soup, especially made for sick person. "Now open your mouth and say aaah."

Kuroko flushed slightly in reaction. That was kind of interesting because he seemed embarrassed, but also annoyed. "Kagami-kun…" well, his voice was much steadier than before, though. "I can eat by myself," he said half-heartedly.

"Yeah, right," Kagami rolled his eyes, tone dripping with sarcasm.

"I can," Kuroko seemed about to get stubborn and Kagami shook his head.

"You can barely lift a finger without shaking, Kuroko," now Kagami was the one getting exasperated. "Please just let me treat you. It's the least I can do to make you feel better," he said, looking down on Kuroko's blanketed lap bashfully.

Kuroko was silent for a moment before giving him a small smile. "Kagami-kun being here with me already helps a lot," he said, looking pleased and Kagami blushed seeing the genuine appreciation.

After that, Kuroko didn't argue when he ate as Kagami fed him slowly, spoon by spoon. Surprisingly, Kuroko finished his soup without any glitch. He drank the warm tea and some glasses of warm water afterwards because he claimed to be very thirsty. As Kagami thought, Kuroko was dehydrated.

After consuming the food and the drink and the cold medicine, Kuroko seemed to look better already. The fever was still present but not so high, he no longer coughed, didn't wheeze and his throat was apparently relieved because he talked in his normally toneless voice now.

It appeared that Kufoko was ready to take another nap after Kagami set aside the dishes to the kitchen sink and was back to the room to accompany the boy. But, not before Kagami spoke to him.

"Ah… almost forgot to say this, but… Happy Birthday, Kuroko," Kagami congratulated him, clearing his throat self-consciously. Kuroko seemed surprised, but didn't say anything when he continued. "Sorry, I forgot earlier, so I didn't bring your prepared present, but I'll give you anything you want instead. Just say the word, and I'll get it for you as long as I'm capable of getting it."

Kuroko was silent for awhile after that, seeming to be thinking, or just plainly flabbergasted at Kagami's sudden offer. It was hard to read from Kuroko's emotionless face as usual. Only a hint of pink on his cheeks could be read as discomfiture or maybe it was because of his fever.

The silence was stretching, and it was getting awkward for Kagami because it just dawned on him that he had said something incredulously thwarting.


Kagami snapped at the quiet call from the bluenet on the bed. "Huh, what is it?" he asked.

"I want… Kagami-kun…" Kuroko slowly hid his lower face behind the blanket until it only visible to his eye level. Blue-blue clear sky that was trapped in twin orbs, were staring at Kagami with such illegible expectation.

Kagami was fascinated with those beautiful aquamarines, and needed so much time to process and comprehend the word before his mind digested the meaning and he spontaneously combusted in reflex. "W-what…?!" His face must have been very red while he was shocked at that moment.

And oh dear God, did Kagami stutter, just now?

How lame!—Kagami was still reddening and getting redder if it was possible, unable to control his heartbeat that suddenly spiked up, his body heat that suddenly went through the roof, and his feeling that soared high to the sky at the unexplainable happiness and embarrassment that mixed together and messed with his head.

"Having Kagami-kun here… staying beside me… is more than enough," Kuroko said, revealing his full face once more and showing that gentle, heartfelt smile that made Kagami weak in the knees and melt on the inside.

Oh man… so much for holding back!—Kagami just couldn't help it. At that moment he felt such extraordinary dear-dear feeling for Kuroko, how his world wouldn't be the same and complete without the other boy beside him as well.

It was clear to Kagami now what he had felt for Kuroko. His possessiveness, his determination to never let him down, his unreasonable desire to make Kuroko happy, to protect him, to touch and to be touched by him…

I'm seriously in love with Kuroko, aren't I?

Upon realizing that fully now, Kagami couldn't hold down his yearning to show how deep his feeling was for his partner. He couldn't stop his hand that reached out to cup Kuroko's cheek, caressing and tilting his smaller face upward. Thus he gazed warmly at Kuroko's eyes before he leaned down slowly to capture the boy's kissable pink lips with his own affectionately.

"Nn…" Kuroko seemed pleasantly dazed, but he tried to pull back immediately. "N-no, Kagami-kun… you will catch my cold…" he protested feebly and Kagami chuckled slightly at that.

"Then you'll recover faster. I don't mind," Kagami whispered lightly, putting his forehead on Kuroko's and smiling in amusement before he reconnected their mouths in a deeper, longer kiss.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

"Nnh… Ka-gasp-Kagami-kuhn…!"

Kuroko felt totally light headed when he felt Kagami's full mouth mashing up with his own, languidly kissing his lips, licking, lightly biting, and successfully making him breathless. Kagami wasn't rough. He was never rough with Kuroko when they did this, but his kiss was dominating and leaving no room for Kuroko to object either.

It wasn't like Kuroko wanted to say no, though. He was just worried because Kagami could easily catch his cold this way, and yet the red head didn't seem to care about that.

Kagami's kiss turned passionate and insistent. His tongue moved around actively, sweeping Kuroko's lips and coaxing them to part. Kuroko complied immediately, feeling rather eager himself to taste Kagami as the slick talented organ slipped inside his mouth, licking and caressing the roof, the teeth and the gums, tasting him thoroughly.

A wonderful sensation bloomed on Kuroko's taste bud as well as Kagami's tongue touched his own, curling and swaying, as if it were asking Kuroko's own to dance sensually. He could make out the dinner Kagami had earlier, a hint of tea flavor and something unique that Kuroko could only describe as Kagami's. He loved that musky scent that drove Kuroko up the wall. It was intoxicating and it wasn't just because he still had the fever.

Kuroko couldn't help moaning helplessly, his idle hands reaching up to curve around Kagami's neck, pulling the larger teen closer to his heating body.

This time, aside the fever, Kuroko could feel another heat ignited from his core as Kagami's hands got adventurous, slipping under his body, stroking his back, before those hands got impatient and stared to slide under the sweater and staying there for a few seconds prior to passing another material of his under shirt, touching his skin directly.

Kagami's hands roamed on his bare back now, caressing the skin gently, his fingers pressing at pressure points on his spine, making Kuroko's shudder pleasantly. His kisses turned open mouth, assaulting not only Kuroko's lips, but also his jaw, his neck and at some point Kagami stop to suck on top of his jugular vein, eliciting another satisfying groan from the back of Kuroko's throat.

"Hh… Ka-…ah, -gami…kun…!" Kuroko clutched Kagami's shirt on his back pulling him even closer and before they knew it, Kagami already climbed on top of the bed, hovering above Kuroko, one of his knee was between Kuroko's slightly spread ones and he had lifted the sweater and the undershirt up to Kuroko's shoulder blade, exposing his navel and two darkened sensitive dots on Kuroko's chest.

Kuroko could clearly felt Kagami's hands move around on his responsive spots, worshiping his body like no others, teasing and stimulating it in such way that turned Kuroko into moaning mess.

Kuroko couldn't think of anything except to feel more and more and he wanted more of those incredible sensations that Kagami gave him.

At some point, though, Kagami stopped his ministration to look at Kuroko, giving him an option to say no if he didn't want it since Kuroko was sick and all, but Kuroko shook his head and kissed him instead. "I said I want you, Kagami-kun…"

Kagami grinned like a child, giving him another kiss before he devoured one of Kuroko's nipples, suckling and biting before licking it in circle apologetically while teasing the other one by pinching and rolling it with his thumb and index finger, making them erect and causing Kuroko to moan constantly.

"Do…not just… lick t-there… ah, Ka-…nnh!" Kuroko made a surprised keening whimper when Kagami's naughty hand trailed south, accidentally (or purposely) bumped on Kuroko's still clothed hard on.

Kagami looked upward again and seemed to saw something very tempting because he licked his lips hungrily, his crimson eyes darkened as his pupil dilated, and his hand toyed around Kuroko's waistband for awhile before slowly slipping the fingers inside to pull it down inch by inch, revealing delicious looking creamy skin.

"Ka…gami…kun…" Kuroko was rather nervous with Kagami's look. That first time they had some months before, Kagami didn't look like this, ravenous, as if he wanted to eat him alive. Of course he was still gentle, but that look was slowly stripping Kuroko to the core.

Kuroko didn't know what changed in the past months, but it was more intense, the way Kagami looked at him was more…

Kuroko couldn't finish his thought as he felt a tongue swiped at the head of his length before a warm wet channel suddenly enveloped him. He tried not to cry out by covering his mouth with his hand, while his other went straight to Kagami's head, tangling his fingers in the strands of Kagami's hair.

He could feel Kagami sucked, licked the underside, bombarding it with sensation Kuroko had never felt before. Spreading his legs more became a reflex thing to do as Kagami sank his fingertips on Kuroko's hips. Kuroko's brain melted completely, his body shuddering delightfully when Kagami played not only with his length, but also with his congenial buttons.

Kuroko could only gasped, moaned and shivered at this point, and when he couldn't take it anymore, he screamed as a white light exploded behind his eyelids, his whole being trembling in aftershock and he couldn't seem to get down from the high as he momentarily blacked out from the intensity of his orgasm.

Kuroko started to get a hold of his surrounding once more when he fuzzily hear the comforting murmur near his ear, a light nip and apologetic lick on his ear shell. Kagami's softly touched his navel skin, circling his belly button soothingly.

"You okay?" Kagami whispered lightly, sneaking his other arm to embrace his waist from behind. He didn't know since when, but they were tucked in under the cover contently now, and Kuroko loved being cuddled inside Kagami's arms like that.

"Umm… feels amazingly wonderful, Kagami-kun…" Kuroko replied sleepily, turning around slightly to kiss Kagami's mouth softly. "How about you…?" Then he noticed that Kagami was still hard. He suddenly felt bad for losing consciousness after coming once.

"It's okay," Kagami closed his eyes and kissed the back of Kuroko's neck.

"Eh, but..-ah!" Kuroko nearly protested, but was cut off when he felt Kagami smooched his neck. Kuroko almost pouted at him as Kagami grinned.

"I'm fine like this," Kagami said again, pecking Kuroko's lips before pulling back and tightening his embrace. "I want to give it to you… since it's your birthday. Oh, and I've already gotten something in return."

Kuroko was puzzled. "But I did not do anything…"

"It's not that. It's something more… precious," Kagami seemed to try to use an appropriate word; Kuroko could almost hear the gear running from Kagami's head. "You see… the first time we did this, I still wasn't sure. I thought it might just be a hormone thing… this attraction I feel towards you, but now…"

Kagami pulled back slightly to turn Kuroko's body around so he could face the red head eye to eye now. "Kagami-kun?"

"Now… I'm certain that I'm in love with you, Kuroko," Kagami said, his cheeks flushing slightly and he looked exceedingly cute right then.

Kuroko couldn't help his face heating as he realized that Kagami just confessed his love. He had never imagined that Kagami would say the word first. He knew he had a huge crush on Kagami, but he was careful with it so it wouldn't ruin their friendship. That's why he thought that time they slept together was just for a tryout, because he was grateful that Kagami was his light, but he also wasn't sure of Kagami's feeling.

They never spoke about it after that. Kuroko thought Kagami didn't want to talk about it, so he never brought it up either. Besides, with all the preparation and training for the Winter Cup… and the studying for the exam, it was almost impossible to bring that up. Moreover, they were content as best friends and partners after all.

But now… now Kagami had said it.

"Do you feel the same, or is it just me?" Kagami asked and Kuroko felt like he almost cried in happiness. He couldn't control his expression as he reddened and felt like stuttering even though he was usually very composed.

"I-I…" Kuroko closed his eyes and reached out to hug Kagami rather giddily. "I love you too…" he whispered shyly and Kagami laughed, his chest rumbling pleasantly as he kissed Kuroko's head.

"I'm glad…" Kagami sighed, grinning happily. "Now, sleep. I can wait for another time since we will have all the time to ourselves after this."

Kuroko chuckled lightly. "Yes," he said, snuggling Kagami some more for extra body heat.

And so, that night Kagami stayed like that beside Kuroko, holding Kuroko's body so warmly, so closely and never letting him go.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

"Happy birthday, Kurokoooo!"

All the Seirin team members plus Kise, Aomine, Momoi, Midorima and Takao came to Kuroko's house the next morning.

Kagami gaped while twitching, pointing at them with shaky hands. "How did you guys…?"

"Eh? Of course we know where Kuroko-chi lives, ne, Aomine-chi," Kise grinned teasingly.

"Huh?" Kagami was still dumbfounded.

"Kagamin is so innocent! So cute!" Momoi giggled and Kagami looked flabbergasted.

"It's part of the party, you idiot," Omine scoffed. "Oi, Tetsu! This is incredibly ingenious for a present, right?" the dark skinned ace smirked at Kuroko.

"Absolutely," Kuroko said, a glint of sparkle of gratification dancing in his eyes that caused Aomine, Momoi and Kise to laugh and Kagami to sputter in bewilderment.

"Sheesh, you are indeed very slow and surprisingly unguarded, Kagami," Midorima shook his head, throwing a rather sympathetic glare at Kagami's direction.

"Ahaha, but Shin-chan was totally grumpy when he sent that cold-treatment instruction since he couldn't come by himself," Takao snickered.

"Shut up, Takao. Spouting lies is unacceptable," now the green haired boy shifted his irritated glare on Takao.

"So, Kagami…" Coach Aida smiled knowingly at Kagami who was still stunned and trying to catch up of what was actually going on. "Are you guys an item now?" she smirked devilishly then and Kagami flushed.

"T-t-t-that's…!" and yes, he was still stuttering lamely. Fantastic.

"Alright then! Now it's party! Party!" Koganei cheered and Nigou barked and jumped at him enthusiastically as the others laughed at that.

"We already brought the party goods!" Kiyoshi laughed happily and Tsuchida grinned widely at that.

"Party! Party! Party!" the trio Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda also applaud in full spirit, adding the already disturbing noise in the house.

"What the—?!" Kagami was still very much baffled; confused at the sudden uproar exploding around him before he jumped at the feel of warm fingers entwined with his own. Kagami turned aside to meet a pair of pale blue eyes that never failed to capture his heart completely.

"They are such amazing friends," Kuroko commented, a happy smile bloomed faintly on his expression causing Kagami to blush in astonishment. Also, although Kagami didn't understand what just happened, he couldn't deny Kuroko's statement, since he got a lot of help from them finding Kuroko's house yesterday as well….

"Ah," then it dawned on Kagami's head. "AAAAH! You bastards! You knew where Kuroko's house all along!" of course he cursed and protested and whined at Kise and Aomine about that. "Daaaamn! Do you know how hard it was to get Kuroko's house direction?! I had to call that red haired psycho to get it, you know?!"

"Of course you had to at least go through that much," Kise thrust his tongue out at Kagami in a childish mocking.

"As if we would give you any easy method to have Tetsu," Aomine scoffed patronizingly.

"You…!" Kagami was trembling in total annoyance now.

"He's unbelievably defenseless, isn't he?" Takao's sweat dropped.

"That makes him adorable," Momoi giggled again.

"Now, now, Mitobe had already baked the cake. Kagami! Now cook something for the feast!" Hyuuga then pulled the still fuming Kagami to the kitchen direction.

"How come senpai as well knows?!" Kagami complained some more.

"Of course we know. The school has the data base, you moron," Hyuuga shook his head at Kagami's antics.

"And you couldn't have told me that yesterday?!"

"You're so impatient. It would have taken too long to ask for the permit to see Kuroko's address, you know. Not all can have access to it. You would have exploded with worry if you had to stay idle for hours until the permit went through." Aida knocked at Kagami's chest. "Besides, it gave you privilege to be alone with Kuroko, right?" she added with a wicked grin and Kagami blushed even more, totally embarrassed.

"Senpai!?" Kagami squeaked and his face must have been very hilarious because everyone laughed hard after that.

"Kagami! Cook now, please!" Izuki chirped and Kagami threw his hands up in defeat as he stomped to the kitchen to make something, still seething.

Kuroko silently followed Kagami to the kitchen and proceeded to welcomingly bother Kagami with 'another method' as he was cooking.

Today would be another unforgettable one day late birthday for Kuroko Tetsuya.

End of Only for You Part 2

A/N: Ahaha, I couldn't resist the funny scene for the ending. Turns out everyone was planning a surprise party after all, but keeping Kagami in the dark for it (scheming, scheming *lol*). Kuroko getting sick and the blizzard were unexpected, but at least they delivered the biggest present (Kagami) safely to Kuroko in his birthday. Plus, then they had time to be alone to resolve some issues on their own and now BAM! Kagami and Kuroko were together *grins*.

I actually hoped to bring out this conversation up, but it will ruin the surprise for the reader, so… *grins* I hope you like it. Oh, and I got carried away when I made KagaKuro, as usual. I wanted this to stay T-rated, but… *sighs* Sorry for the upgrade of the rating in this chapter. Also, I got rusty in making porn, seriously. Forgive me for the lack of heat. After all, Kuroko was supposed to be sick in this story. I'm glad he got better now after Kagami gave him some love XDDD

Ahem, anyway, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KUROKO TETSUYA (31/1)! I hope we can quickly see your action in Kurobasu anime season 2! I can't help feeling impatient because then Mukkun and Aka-chin will come out! XDS