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Disclaimer: May it be noted that I, Searching. For. Enadi, has never, does not, and never will have the anime, manga, games, etc, etc, Naruto. If that was so, well, I wouldn't be writing this, would I?

... Would I?

-Looking Straight to the Sky

World: Naruto

Rating: K+ - T

Summary: So, I died. Big whoop. Everyone dies in the end. But dying, being reborn, and then becoming Death's apprentice - which includes much paperwork by the way - all because of the number four? ...I think I deserve some pity. OC Semi Self-Insert.

Chapter I: A Fine Day Indeed

So, I died.

Sadly, it wasn't with a big fanfare. To my slightest disappointment my death wasn't on a dreary, glum day like in those tragic movies where the heroine takes the final blow. There was no love-of-my-life screaming in protest, nor was it even raining.


I died on the 4th of April – a lovely spring day, I had thought, as I lay on cold cement with a pool of sticky liquid seeping out. It was a warm day; sunny, with dots of clouds filling the brilliant sky. And cursing the irony that was my life, my last breath gave out, with a gentle breeze, at exactly four seconds before the clock hit 4:01.

Just four seconds – just four! Four and I could have been free. Free and eating my deceased grandma's drool-worthy brownies but-

No. Death doesn't work that way.

… I hate the number four.


So, after I died – and wasn't that a novelty in itself – I was at a loss of what to do. What did the dead do?

There was no sign that said "Lost Souls Turn Right," and there was no train station with stops, and there certainly were no tunnels-of-light to run through either. I just… died. Floated right out of my body – which was a mess, by the way – and –

SLAM. The whole world went dark.

And it stayed dark, for a very, very, long time.


Death didn't approach me 'till I was dying – if that even was possible – of boredom. It, or he, seemed to take immense pleasure in making souls, particularly me, squirm. In the dark. It was painful, it was frustrating, and it was boring. He came when I was counting sheep (at one billion, three hundred and fifty-one sheep) and I felt, not saw him. And that was strange by itself, because I'm pretty sure one couldn't feel Death approaching, and he felt like something unexplainable. It was all-knowing, all-moving, mixed with regret, acceptance, sorrow, and a twinge of happiness.

It made my head hurt.

But, more on that later. Because what I was really focusing on the now then, and while I didn't really expect Death to look like anything, really, it certainly wasn't… this.

Apparently, Death did not look like the Grim Reaper, or a drop-dead gorgeous model, or even a deadly, terrifying animal. Death was nondescript. He barely reached a height of six feet, had brown eyes, brown hair, was a bit on the lean side, and had a few freckles dotting his face.

In more common terms, he looked like those guys from school, or work, that you know, but never actually know. That you could put a face to a name, but when people ask, all you can say about the guy is, "Oh, him? He's, uh, nice."

To put it simply, Death looked normal.

Biggest disappointment of the century.


Death was also, apparently, a big meanie.

Really, a big one.

After getting over my shock of Death looking so, normal, the entity decided to drop an even larger bag of bricks on me with his next few words.

"You. You are to become my apprentice." I guessed Death wasn't too big on using flowery descriptions and introductions. He seemed like the kind that hated social interaction and everything else that made life pleasant. I ignored the tidbit in my head that told me Death wasn't life – he was 'Death' for a reason – and he certainly was not human.

Oh, ok. Alright, no biggie. I've handled worse.

… Wait –

"- What?!" I pinched myself. And felt nothing. No pain. Because I was dead. With a startled shock, the reality sank into my head. I was dead. Gone, lifeless, dead. Ouch. I winced as the realization settled in and left a heavy weight on my chest. What about my parents? How could I have just left my family, my friends, my life, my whole world? What - what was I to do now? It was a never-ending cycle of fast paced thoughts that never seemed to stop. Deadohmygoddead- I'm dead, I'm freaking' dead, whatnow, ohmygodohmygod-

But I shook it off. I whipped together all the whirling thoughts that weighed like a ton and hurled it to the back of my mind. I could deal with this later. I would deal with it later. I had to. There were more pressing matters. Like the one that was just thrown at me now. Apprentice-frentice, this was a whole new level of the 'shit, this is so weird' category.

"Uh, sir," Really, how does one address Death? "I don't suppose you could clarify? Do you mean a secretary?"

Which would be terrible, I shuddered violently, imagine all that paperwork? Never let it be said that I was not polite when talking to Death. At least I liked flowery words and descriptions.

But Death meant something else. Something, I would realize later, that was much, much more complex.

"No," He answered, with a voice that sent a shiver down my spine – because it was a voice of someone powerful beyond compare. "You are to become my apprentice. You will train, train and become a new Death. And to do this, you must go to a world filled with that as such. You must go to a world that was born in death, filled to the brim with death, and will die – in death. I will send you there immediately."

And in that dark world, where stood only Death and I, the wind blew. Startled, I looked around. Where was it coming from? My mind buzzed from what Death had just told me, and it didn't make any sense. The wind began to blow harder.

Realizing that my time was getting short, I desperately protested and asked,

"Why me!? I'm not special, I have no amazing talents! There should have been no reason to pick me!"

For once, I saw something, just something, conflict through the normal face that was Death.

But time was getting shorter. The winds that blew whipped past me, as if I had a physical form. My hair flew everywhere, and I could hear a whistling that grew stronger by the minute. And Death knew this as well. So he gave me the quickest answer possible.

"Your death was, then, with the most symbols, the most fours. It is not the only reason, but it is a sign. And I have accepted you as thus."

I gaped for a moment. But before I could scream in protest, before I could demand something more, something that answered my questions better, the wind blew even stronger, and it shrieked through the air. I could barely keep my footing, and more than once did my feet briefly leave the ground. The winds grew to impossible speeds. Sending Death a frosty glare, I finally gave in to the thundering howls and flew up into the air.

My last thoughts rang with finality.

I should have looked both ways before crossing the road.

… Death sucks. Metaphorically and literally.


And there ends the first chapter, prologue, etc. It's now a relief to have gotten that off my chest.

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Updates shall be written semi-sporadically. I will definitely try to keep a regular, steady tempo with updating, but I make no promises.

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