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Chapter VIII: A Hectic Day Indeed

When Obito woke up, it was to the sounds of shuffling papers and the smell of oil polish.

I had the strangest dream…

It was about a terrifying blank-faced man with anger issues and a woman who looked even more evil than Kushina-nee (which he originally thought was impossible, but, hey, at least he won the bet against Kakashi-).

"Ah, you're awake." With a start, Obito turned (well, tried to; who the hell wrapped these ropes around him anyway?) to face the distinctly female voice.

And he immediately regretted it.

Because standing there silently, with one hand wrapped around what was probably the scariest and biggest scythe he had ever seen, was the incarnate of Death itself.

For the second time, Obito felt his eyes rolling back in dead faint.

"Whoa, whoa," The woman murmured, and in a snap, the scythe disappeared. "Calm down, Obito. We mean you no harm."

"W-We?" Obito croaked, but his voice came out distinctly muffled.

"Ah, sorry," The woman snapped her fingers again, and, in an instant, the gag around his mouth disintegrated into nothing. "Forgot about that again."

"W-We?" Obito repeated after he coughed enough times to feel satisfied.

The woman gracefully gestured towards the man with red tattoos behind her (he didn't even notice; were these two ninja?) and the man in return glanced disinterestedly back before turning his attention again to the pile in front of him.

Obito paused to stop his hands from shaking (while inadvertently failing) and tried hard not to stare too blatantly at how there were absolutely no walls surrounding the strangers and him. Just complete darkness.

He licked his cracked lips in panic (he will not cry, he will not cry) and shifted uncomfortably under his bindings.

"So, uh, who are you guys?" Secretly, Obito felt proud for not stuttering.

The woman blinked, as if surprised, and frowned ever so slightly.

Obito resisted the urge to move back ten feet.

Briefly, in the back of his mind, Obito noticed that the woman – while scary as hell – was actually very pretty, in an exotic sort of way. She looked like Kushina-nee, except with more angular features and there was a strangely familiar feeling of sharpness exuding from her entire being.

Lush red hair tied into a high ponytail, with a few bangs loose and hanging around her aristocratic face, the woman's eyes were – and Kami, Kakashi would kill him for sounding so girly – a deep emerald-green.

It was as if she could see right into his soul and read all of his darkest secrets.

(Not that he had any secrets, really).

"You…" The woman trailed off before pausing to glance back at the man. When there was no response, she released a small huff and looked back to Obito with a carefully blank face and raised eyebrows.

"You don't know who I am?"

Obito furrowed his eyebrows and, momentarily forgetting that he was at the mercy of a terrifying demon, blurted out.

"Of course not; who would forget such a scary lady like you?"

There was silence.

Obito winced as the man released a muffled choking sound that sounded suspiciously like a laugh.

But the woman didn't even twitch.

"How about you try to guess?" The man suggested in a bored tone, with an equally bored face, but Obito could see the mirth in his dark brown eyes.

There was a brief silence before Obito tentatively guessed,

"Are you… Shinigami-sama?"

Another muffled, choking sound escaped from the man's lips.

This time, the woman's left eye twitched slightly before she sighed and leaned forward.

"This is really against the rules…" He heard the woman mutter under her breath. "But for now, you can just call me Miu."




Did she just say Miu?

After freezing for a few moments, Obito broke out into shaky laughter.

"Hahaha, oh, that's such a coincidence!" He desperately tried to keep the hysteria from creeping up in his voice because – no. There's no way. It's just his crazy imagination working against him. Again. "Actually, that's pretty funny, because I have a little sister with the same name, and you both coincidently have the same hair color and the same blank, dull face! It's a small world, eh?"

The woman (because his brain cannot handle another Miu who looked eerily alike to the one he already knew) gave him an unimpressed look. And for some strange reason, he couldn't stop the words from coming out of his mouth.

"And she has the same bored, I'm-looking-down-on-you-because-you-are-nothing-but-an-insect-in-my-eyes face as you!"

Miu – The woman – Miu, gah, he didn't know anymore, gave Obito an even flatter look than before.

"Death, I think I'll take my leave for now." Obito blanched at the implications of that sentence because if that non-descript, red-marked man was Death, then who the hell was this woman, who obviously was infinitely more intimidating and scary?

"Oh, is it nearing dawn already?" The man, Death, scratched his tattooed jaw in bemusement, though his blank face made it impossible to tell if he truly felt surprised.

"Yes. I shall leave him to you, Death. Obito," Here, the young shinobi squeaked in alarm before reminding himself that he was a shinobi, not a wimp with a penchant for fainting. "I shall see you again soon."

I really hope not. Obito desperately thought, though he nodded shakily at Miu. The woman sent him a blank look, but there was warmth and amusement in her eyes and it felt so familiar to Obito that he belatedly realized that he forgot to breathe for a moment. He watched blankly as she left with a soft crack, disappearing into the shadows.

Kami, she really is Miu.

For a few moments, Obito's brain worked into overdrive at trying to piece together the image of this scary, demon-like woman with the image of the stoic – if not adorable – little red-head that his whole team was fond of visiting.

If he ignored the scythe and the battle armor, and the whole room encompassed in darkness…

Obito felt light-headed.

What was the kid doing here, with Death of all beings?

God, how many times did he pick her up – while ignoring her polite protests – and spin her around as if she was his own pet monkey that he had a privilege to twirl?

"I – what – you – can't – "

Oh shit, what if she wanted revenge for that time he spun her around and accidently dropped her into the fountain?

And for the second time in that hour, Obito felt his eyes roll back, and not even the slap of an immensely amused Death could stop him from slumping in dead faint.


The moment I entered the land of the living, I realized groggily that something (or rather, someone) was standing just outside of my room.

It's funny really, how spending so much time with death – literally and figuratively – can sharpen your senses to its complete opposite: life.

(Of course, I'm nothing compared to Death, who can point to a building and count the exact number of people living – and dead – there, along with their varying states of health.

I, however, can barely grasp living forms that are in a ten feet radius around me. They're more like blobs of energy, rather than actual living beings).

It's an earthly kind of feeling, Life. It's what grounds souls to the very earth, and it's, for lack of a better word, very deep.

Death, however, is light, whispery, like a floating feather that drifts in the breeze.

And there was, now, a vaguely familiar moss-like blob hanging outside my sliding door.

I slowly peeled off my blankets and lifted my head. Drawing myself upright, I was only able to sit still for a few seconds before the door slid open with a slam, and the gleam of a blade flew towards me.

"Ack!" I cried out, in a rather informal way. (Father would be ashamed; even in times of desperation and danger, a Suzuki must always be calm and composed).

Slamming myself immediately back down, I sighed in slight relief when the blade of a tantō rushed past and above me.


My eyes widened for a nano-second before I flung myself to the side, my instincts and not my brain moving my body when it recognized the all too familiar sound of a sword being drawn. I glanced blindly around, catching the sight of a katana embedded into what once was my futon.

(Briefly, I mourned the loss of a really nice and fluffy mattress).

Squinting at the man in front of me, I realized briefly that there was something familiar in his broad shoulders and dark brown hair.

Actually, if I tilted my head sideways and focused on what the little amounts of sunlight could offer…

"Uncle!" I squeaked in a completely dignified way. But my cries were in vain as Uncle Masaru continued slashing at me with his other tantō – Kami, where did he keep these weapons?

What is he doing here? My mind dove back to the previous day, when Uncle had mentioned something about random spars.

What, so soon? And while I was sleeping?

I blocked an incoming axe kick to my head and immediately flew to the side as another slice went through the area I had just been in.

Coming to the fast conclusion that pleading mercy was not an option, I took a moment to duck underneath Uncle's oncoming roundhouse kick.

Katana, katana, katana – where did I put my katana?

Actually, it probably would be better if I used more than one.

Rolling underneath another swipe at my head, I flung myself at my cabinet (really, why did I put my weapons inside here, instead of right next to me where I could protect myself immediately?) and used the opened door to block another thrown weapon.


Without a moment's hesitation, I threw up both of my practice weapons up to block the incoming blow. We stayed at a stalemate for only a moment before Uncle's superior strength quickly overpowered me and a low kick to my feet brought me to the ground.

I fell down unceremoniously and winced as the cool blade of Uncle's tantō laid against my neck a moment after.

"Really, Mi-chan," Only a single minute of silence passed before an exasperated sigh escaped from Uncle's covered lips. "What would have happened if I was a real enemy?"

I stayed silent as he fluidly stood up and walked away, muttering softly about how he didn't have the same problem when he was a child.

Biting back a retort, I stood up only after Uncle left my room and ran my fingers over my sore muscles.

Barely five minutes and you're already this tired, I frowned considerably.

Perhaps Uncle wasn't too insane, in having these random, but dangers spars.


"I'll be leaving in a few hours," I said to her almost mournfully, if it wasn't for my completely blank face. "Daimyo-sama wants to meet me in person."

Sachiko giggled softly as she plucked a few blades of grass from the ground.

"Oh, Miu-hime, you must be so excited! Meeting the daimyo is a privilege!" I felt myself relax slightly at the sound of Sachiko's laughter and breathed in the warm spring air. Summer was approaching soon; with the war dragging past its first year anniversary, the warmth would probably be a blessing from the chilly winter.

"I suppose so," I hesitated, feeling my guard lower even further as Sachiko turned around to gaze at me with childish dark green eyes that seemed almost black in the dawning sunlight. "But, what if I do something ridiculous? W-what if I mess up in front of him and Father?"

I tensed in wariness as the words spilled from my mouth. Stupid, letting down your guard like that. Sachiko always did have that ability to dig into my mind without even trying.

But what didn't change was that if I did do something foolish in front of the ruler of the Land of Fire, heads would roll. Suzuki heads, to be exact.

"What can you mess up, Miu-hime?" I turned to look at her, with a raised eyebrow and a carefully blank face. Sachiko reddened as she looked ahead to the creek in front of her, staring with childish interest as a frog jumped from rock to rock. "You have the chance to meet our ruler; isn't that a great opportunity?"

Pausing, I let out a breathy laugh at the innocent question. Shaking my head at Sachiko's startled face, I gave a small smile and looked up at the brightening sky.

"Indeed, you are right, Sachiko-san." I let my face slowly fade back into its regular monotony. Appraising her with a look, I gestured smoothly towards the shack hidden behind a few trees. "Do let me know if Tetsuo-san has reached a decision. Time is of the essence. If I am not present, then do not be afraid to approach my uncle; I have already informed him of the details."

Sachiko's eyes dimmed in response before giving a hopeful smile in response.

"Of course, Miu-hime."


I stared at the looming mansion with apprehension. The fire daimyo lived essentially, alone. Along with his wife and the multiple servants residing in scattered houses next to the daimyo's own mansion, the daimyo lived in seclusion, away from prying eyes.

Feeling the carriage finally come to a stop, I steeled myself and pushed all of my nervousness down into a locked chest and it put away for another time. I carefully pulled back the curtains over the carriage window and stared solemnly at Father's face.

"Are you ready, Miu?" Father calmly asked, his posture perfectly straight and neat; there was not a hint of uncertainty or hesitation in his eyes.

"Yes, Father." I answered, and felt relieved when my voice did not waver.

Father nodded and smoothly stood up before pausing.

"Have no fear, Miu," He hesitated for the briefest of moments before adding on, "I have my utmost faith in you. You have done well as my heir."

My cheeks flamed as Father cleared his throat and stepped out of the opened door. I took a minute to compose myself (gosh, it was just a small compliment, why are you so happy about it) and walked carefully down the steps of the carriage. Nodding in thanks to the carriage driver and the curious guards surrounding it, I walked smoothly behind Father's tall figure.

"Ah, Shou-san, what a pleasure it is to see you again!" Father paused in the middle of an enormous carpeted room, with windows slightly opened to let a warm breeze filter in and curtains fluttering softly in return.

Father bowed slightly and greeted the warm voice in return.

"Likewise, Daimyo-sama. I assume that you are still in good health?" I heard a ruffle of papers and a squeak as the daimyo stood up from his chair to greet Father properly.

"Of course, of course. You know how Shijimi is, what with this dreadful war and all." Father could only give a short nod in return before the daimyo noticed I was subtly attempting to escape his view. "Oh! And this must be your daughter!"

Father nodded again, a bit more relaxed as he side-stepped away from me for the daimyo to see.

"Yes, Daimyo-sama. This is my daughter, Suzuki Miu." Taking this as a prompt, I took a measured step back and gave a graceful bow.

"It is an honor to meet you, Daimyo-sama." The man laughed heartily and beamed down at me after a moment of surprise.

"My, what a polite child! Shou-san, she is absolutely adorable to look at; Hitomi-san must be pleased."

I looked sideways at Father to see that he too, felt pleased that the daimyo had a favorable impression on me.

"That she is, Daimyo-sama."

In a moment's notice, all three of us were sitting at a pristine dinner table, as Father and the daimyo discussed an upcoming problem, along with new trade opportunities.

"I'm not quite positive, Daimyo-sama; the war has stretched my Clan thin. Three-quarters of my family have left the town permanently to find a way to strengthen our ties with other villages in far out countries."

"Yes, I feared that it would come to this, Shou-san. How are you holding up in your own compound?"

"To be honest, the situation is a bit grim. As most of our able-bodied men have left with their families, many of our remaining Clan members are too old to support the compound."

"But it is worth the resources your family has brought."

"Yes, it is worth it. But it is a risk for my remaining family, and my town."

I listened carefully, but alas, the daimyo's wife soon discovered a new-found fascination with me.

"Oh, you're such a sweet little girl; how old are you, child?"

"Six as of now, ma'am." I replied, before catching sight of the orange cat next to our chairs. "Is this – "

"Ah, this is Tora, my little baby! Tora-chan, say hello to our adorable little guest!"

From the look on the cat's face, Tora looked more inclined to run away from me than say hello, which was understandable, because I probably reeked of death anyway.

Nevertheless, I at least attempted to act friendly, as I clamped down all of my spiritual energy to ease the hackled pet.

"Hello, Tora-san," I greeted hesitantly, with a blank face. "It's nice to meet you."

Madam Shijimi – as she insisted on being called – squealed in delight as Tora warily sniffed my offered hand of sashimi.

"Oh, he must like you! Tora is such a good judge of character, and you are far too cute to spend the next few days all cooped up in a stuffy room. Child, you must come with me to my next shopping adventure!"

Sighing internally in exhaustion, I nodded blankly my acquiescence.

The next couple of days will be rough.

I winced as Tora nipped – playfully! Madam Shijimi insisted – at my fingers in demand for more sashimi.

Yes. Very rough.


I rolled my shoulder subtly to ease the tension in them. Sighing in relief as the carriage turned left and approached Shikimura, I thought despondently about the past week's events.

After finding that Tora was tolerant with me (to the immense relief of the haggard servants), Madam Shijimi had dragged me all over Otafuku Gai for new clothes, new accessories, and most importantly, new treats for dear Tora.

In between these exhausting shopping endeavors, Father also began to teach me more about Clan politics and what exactly the Head Family meant to the rest of the Clan. Meanwhile, the daimyo thought it fascinating that I was already learning all of these at my age, and taught me political lessons on the side during meals.

It tore at my brain, as there was never time to rest during my visit. But nevertheless, Father left satisfied with the outcome, especially when the daimyo and his wife insisted that I should visit again soon.

I held back a sigh with ease, and stared at Father's tired but composed face. There were stress lines forming as the war continued on, and his shoulders were always set in a rigid stance, as if there was never a moment to rest.

I ignored the concern that dug into my chest before freezing minutely as a familiar feeling overwhelmed me.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Father furrow his brow as the scent of smoke penetrated the air. Without hesitation I flung open the window and called sternly to the carriage driver to pick up the pace.

I clenched my fists underneath my kimono and forced all the emotion to leave my face.

All the while, the question, who died? – did not leave my thoughts for a second.

Death was always present in the air. But there was far too much of the free-spirited energy to consider it normal. And that led to only one thing.

As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire.

Father and I returned to the sight of a perfectly normal and intact Shikimura, void of most of its occupants. I frowned visibly as the source of death lay outside of the town, north-east towards the creek that had the shack holding –


I bolted east, ignoring easily Father's stern, "Miu!"

Please, please, please, I don't care who it is, as long as it's not Sachiko, pleasepleaseplease!

I arrived to a burning shack, its surroundings blazing heat as well. The townspeople huddled around at a safe distance, whispering in hushed voices. Rushing past them, I stopped momentarily to see many of the orphans, covered in soot and ash, but relatively safe. Most of them were crying in each other's arms, as the townspeople stood a separate distance, but my eyes glanced at all of their faces for just one person.

"Sachiko," I felt my whole body waver in relief as the sight of the dark-haired child entered my vision.

"Miu-hime!" The girl rushed up towards me, in near hysterics. "Tetsuo-nii, Tetsuo-nii is still inside! He got stuck helping the little ones escape!"

"Calm down," I commanded, and the girl froze in her tears. "Explain; what is going on?"

"Shinobi, Miu-hime," An older girl of thirteen spoke up, walking hesitantly up to Sachiko and me. "There was a battle a few miles away, but the forest and the shack got hit from the crossfire of a jutsu."

A battle? I blinked in alarm. So close to here?

"And the villagers," I asked impatiently, but not a sign of it showed on my face. "What are the villagers doing? Why is nobody helping?"

"That is…" The girl paused unsurely, as if uncertain if it was proper to say it to the ruling family's heiress.

You have got to be kidding me.

Marching up to the whispering townspeople a few meters away, I raised my eyebrow and channeled some of Father's glacier anger.

"People of Shikimura," My voice carried out to the people with a cold, childish tone that burned like the fire behind me. "There are children burning in this house and the forest is on fire; pray, tell me, what are you all doing here, gossiping as if you are all watching something entertaining?"

The townspeople shifted as they all looked at each other in unease. There were mutters of how dangerous the fire could be, and how orphans were just orphans, and where was the Suzuki Clan leader, because the princess shouldn't be so close to danger, right?

I held back a scream as my words passed by them in vain.

What use is royalty if you cannot use it to rule? What is the point of having all the praise in the world if they do not listen when danger is near?

A scream jarred through the crackling silence as a piece of the rotting shack fell to the ground.

Without a moment's hesitation (because Kami, I could feel the Eki approaching the area), I ripped off a layer of my kimono and tore off a piece to cover my mouth securely.

Staring coldly at the silent townspeople, I felt only a second vindication when none of them were able to look at me in the face.

And then I ran, tearing through the burning door and looking desperately for any survivors. The smoke stung at my eyes and I coughed as it seeped into my nose.

"Is there – Is there anybody here?" I repeated the call desperately, looking in vain through the rooms for any living being.

I paused at the sight of a body burned black and violently held back the urge to retch. Swiftly walking away (the Eki had already collected the soul from this one), I strained my ears for any sound, and rushed in relief towards a faint call for help.

In a matter of moments, I burst through the largest room in the shack, and did not even glance at the burned face of Tetsuo.

"Who else is there?" I demanded, trying to count the amount of children hiding behind the seventeen-year old's legs.

"M-Miu-hime," The boy breathed, as if he could not believe that I, of all people, came to look for him.

"There's no time," I snapped, and he straightened at the sound of my voice. "Is this everybody?"

Tetsuo swallowed as if he was about to cry, and briefly, I wondered if he was thinking about the blackened body just a few doors away.

"Yes, hime," He answered, shakily, but confidently. And suddenly, I felt lost, because here was a nearly grown man, struggling to escape, and the only help available was a spoiled six-year old girl.

But I shook away those thoughts immediately, because getting out alive was the major point.

Counting five more children besides me and Tetsuo, I ordered him to take the ones that couldn't walk, and told the rest who could to follow me. They all looked at each other, with tears in their eyes, but silently followed in agreement.

We had no time. Already, the building was close to collapsing, and mere minutes before we left the room, the roof above fell caved in, leaving us with no way back.

"Run!" I shouted, breaking my blank face to look desperately ahead. Thankfully, the shack was small and cramped, letting the first four children escape after I pushed away a piece of wood.

"H-hime," Scowling at the fearful look in the Tetsuo's eyes, I pushed him out of the door as the rest of the shack caved in and collapsed, landing on top of my legs with a crunch.

There was pain. Pain beyond compare of what I could ever imagine; fire shot up into the air as smoke weaved into the distance. There was someone screaming in the distance as the world blew up in flames.

And then I knew no more.


"I have to go," I insisted, ignoring the fact that I could not even stand up, even in Death's little world. "Without me, who knows what will happen?"

"Your body is currently recovering from third-degree burns and smoke damage in your lungs." Death turned and frowned solemnly. "You are lucky to still be alive."

Turning away from Death's disappointed blank face, I looked down at the shadowy wisps that were my legs.

"I know," I replied softly, as I stared unblinkingly at the spot where my legs should have laid. "I probably won't be able to walk anymore, right?"

"…There's a fifty percent chance you won't," Death answered after hesitating for far too long. "Especially with the medical treatment you are receiving now."

I breathed in through my nose and exhaled slowly to ignore the crushing disparity in my chest.

Six years old and already crippled. Way to go, Miu. Way to go.

I froze as a cool hand rested on top of my forehead.

"Rest, Miu," I relaxed slightly as Death's feathery energy calmed my head and relieved my stress. "Despite your foolish actions today, you have done well."

I smiled briefly at the sound of his words, before all-encompassing dark over took me to peaceful silence.


Suzuki Shou (Shou, not Shoutarou, because heaven knows how many times people have messed those two names up) was not a foolish man.

No, after a decade of living as the Clan Head, Suzuki Shou knew the ins and outs of politics, a trade's complexity and how fragile life was, living in a world filled with shinobi and other dangerous creatures.

Suzuki Shou was not a foolish man. He took pride in his town, in his Clan, in his family and all of that pride, all of that knowledge and wisdom did not help the barely breathing body in front of him.

"Yuka," The woman in question scowled from her station of medicine and herbs but did not say anything. "How – Why – "

For the first time in his life, Suzuki Shou faltered in his words.

How could this happen? Why, of all children, is own heir, his daughter?

He knew from the moment he laid his eyes on her that Suzuki Miu was special. It wasn't the pace she absorbed every little thing he taught her, even though it alarmed the elders and everybody else. It wasn't her maturity that made her seem twenty-six, not six.

It was probably, Shou assumed, her greengreen eyes that looked into everybody's soul and drew them in, one by one.

Suzuki Miu was not like her father, or any of the other merchants in the Suzuki Clan. She moved, she flew, she floated from breeze to breeze and touched whatever, whoever, she could.

She could not, for the life of her, stay still when others were in harm.

And it was that self-sacrificing character that led him to this white sterile room, where he could barely hear the whispers of Miu's shallow breaths, where her legs lay, wrapped up in so many bandages that Shou could not see the black underneath.

"She'll be fine, Shou," Yuka stood up abruptly and briskly walked up to his daughter's legs. "She'll be stuck in a wheelchair for months, but luckily enough for both me and you; I have a medicine from Senju Tsunade herself back a decade ago."

The woman paused before adding grimly,

"But she'll have these scars for the rest of her life."

Shou gave a stiff nod in thanks, and turned to walk away. Refusing to look back a last time, he strode off out of the room and to compound's entrance, where a crowd of ash-covered orphans and shame-filled villagers stood outside.

"Shou-kun, before you left, Mi-chan told me about her plans with the compound…"

Indeed, Suzuki Shou was not a foolish man.

But, perhaps he could afford to act foolish for once; for his daughter.


Omake A: Revenge. (AKA: If Miu had actually wanted revenge against Obito).

When Obito woke up, it was to the sounds of shuffling papers and the smell of oil polish.

I had the strangest dream…

It was about a terrifying blank-faced man with anger issues and a woman who looked even more evil than Kushina-nee (which he originally thought was impossible, but, hey, at least he won the bet against Kakashi-).

"Ah, you're awake." With a start, Obito turned (well, tried to; who the hell wrapped these ropes around him anyway?) to face the distinctly female voice.

And he immediately regretted it.

Because the moment he turned, a hail of daggers from every single direction bombarded him.

"***!" Obito shrieked, but it came distinctly muffled as there was a gag placed around his mouth.

There was a snap and before he could even blink, Obito found himself hanging upside down from the ground, and tied up against a wooden rotating circle.

"Ah, Obito, how nice of you to join us." A distinctly female voice purred in pure evil as Obito tried in vain to escape the ropes tied around him.

Looking up, he blanched as a woman around twenty approached him, holding what was probably the biggest and scariest looking scythe known to humanity.

"I've planned this since the moment you dropped me into the fountain, Obito," The blank-faced woman forced a smile onto her face that made Obito want to die a little inside. "I'm sure you remember that event clearly, yes?"

Obito frantically searched through his memories for a time where he dropped such a scary woman into water and his mind came up with a blank. The woman cupped her ear to Obito's muffled sobs.

"What was that, Obito? You mean you do remember? That's great."

"****!" Obito answered, but once again, his voice came out muffled.

"Death, if you would do the honors." The tattooed man nodded pleasantly and strode over to Obito's wheel. Obito stared wide-eyed as the man gave him a brief blank smile.

"Sorry, no hard feelings. It's just that I haven't had such fun in so long... You understand, don't you?"

"..." Obito did not even try to scream no, he didn't understand, because at that moment, the woman appeared again with a bucket of -

Water balloons.

"I hope you brought a pair of extra clothing, Obito," She commented evilly, with a completely blank face. "Because you'll need five more after I'm done with you."

And as the pair ignored Obito's stunned silence, Miu added in.

"This is for my Suzuki pride, Obito. Death, spin the wheel!"


And for the second time that evening, Obito felt his eyes roll back in dizziness and fear, and fainted quite dramatically.

Omake B: Surprise II (AKA: If Miu had joined Team 7).

Kakashi watches impassively as Tazuna brags about his amazing bridge and instead keeps an eye out for more threats.

The Demon Brothers, a pair of chunin ninja, were not the biggest threat around, though his team did handle the two splendidly.

Surprisingly enough, it seems that Suzuki Miu is familiar with ordering others around, as she had ordered both Naruto and Sasuke to stay in formation the moment the missing-nin showed up. Her two teammates did not even question her orders as they both leaped immediately into their third formation for protecting a client.

Kakashi had watched, impressed slightly, as Naruto's shadow clones and melee skills, along with Sasuke's taijutsu and fire jutsu, and Miu's poisoned senbon and twin katanas were enough to bring the two chunin down in mere minutes.

And while Naruto's insistence to move forward, and Sasuke's indifference is not a surprise, Kakashi finds himself blinking in surprise again as Miu strides up to Tazuna and interrogates him on his village's economic and political status.

Really, the child is from the Suzuki Clan; why is he even surprised?

And so, they trudge on, fighting against Zabuza Momichi of all people, and though Miu's intense interest in Zabuza's sword is slightly alarming, Kakashi finds relief that all of his teammates are safe and unharmed, before he gives in to the darkness clouding around his eyes.


When Kakashi wakes up, it is to a world of chaos.

"What is going on?" He demands after getting up, ignoring his sore muscles and depleted chakra. Naruto and Sasuke hesitate before they grudgingly leave whatever the hell they were doing to greet their sensei.

"Kakashi-sensei," Naruto begins with wide-eyes and bewildered looks, "I-I don't know what's going on exactly, but Mi-chan, she just got up after seeing the people here and left and now there's a bunch of people in this town following her around and listening to her every word and it's getting creepy because she suddenly got angry and broke every single one of the old man's beer bottles!"

Sasuke looks at Naruto in disgust at that blurb of word vomit, but Kakashi is intelligent enough to catch all of what Minato's son said and then he blinks. Once, twice.

"Are you saying that Miu-chan is currently leading this village right now?" Sasuke frowns thoughtfully when he hears in that way before shrugging in indifference.

"It appears so, Kakashi-sensei." The Uchiha pauses and surprisingly adds on, "Apparently, some of her family members live here, but I don't know why they're following her directions."

Sasuke scowls as the words leave his mouth and walks off, apparently intent on finishing whatever task Miu has given him.

Kakashi takes note of Sasuke's grumble about high-strung red-heads (and suddenly thinks about how that sounds exactly like the late Uzumaki Kushina) before looking around the house.

"And where is Miu-chan now?"

He gets his answer in the form of an explosion and a blaze of chakra.


"That's it! Steady now!"

"Misaki-san, please, control your children!"

"All mothers and children, head to the southern area of the town - "

"Tazuna-san, I thought I told you to not touch a single drop of alcohol until this god-damned bridge is finished!"

"No, all goods should be brought up front next to the storage rooms,"

"I want all merchants able and willing to start preparing their stock now!"

Kakashi stares in mind-numbing shock as a little slip of a girl orders around dozens of adults and children without a single peep of resistance.

"Excuse me, sir," Kakashi grabs a nearby blacksmith and ignores easily the glare with practice. "Why are you all trusting the words of a twelve-year old girl?"

The man gives him a look, asking him silently if Kakashi had just left his mother's womb, and suddenly, the ninja is hit with a feeling of déjà vu.

"Eh, that 'girl' up there is Miu-hime, shinobi-san," The man heartily slaps an insignia on his pants that looks vaguely like twisting clouds and trees. "She knows what she's been doing; has done it since she was born."

"Oh, is that so?" Kakashi asks mildly as a familiar feeling of surprise enters his mind.

And it is here that Kakashi learns all about the infamous Suzuki 'princess,' a child who took over all the trade routes in the Five Elemental Nations at the age of eight, and proceeded to make them prosper and flourish.

Kakashi stares in mild amazement as the quiet girl changes into an image of a competent merchant in his eyes.


"No, no, no! I don't care if you are close to fatigue and about to die! I will not have four carts of goods leaving this village. Either make another one out of thin air, or destroy the one least needed!"

Kakashi blinks as Miu stomps her foot once more and immediately, the image breaks into a million pieces.

Chuckling softly, Kakashi limps towards the little girl and ruffles her light red hair fondly.

"Maa, Miu-chan; what can I do to help?"

Indeed, Suzuki Miu will always be full of surprises.

But once again, Kakashi is glad he took up a genin team; this is the most fun he has had in a long while.

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