This idea came from me watching too many Kpop MVs with hot, cute guys from my fav boy bands dancing erotically with total skanks. If you've seen "Ukiss – Stop Girl" you know the part I'm talkin bout. God, don't yall just looove looking at pretty people—especially boys!—dance?

No actual plot, just some random OOC crack, but enjoy!


Author: Um… what are you guys doing?

Lenalee: We're advertising!

Author: …

Lavi: Lenalee thought that we'd get more people to read our manga and watch our anime if we reenacted popular Kpop videos…

Lenalee: It's a brilliant idea! Lots of people like Kpop!

Author: Can you guys even speak Korean?

Lavi: …

Lenalee: We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Author: That… doesn't really explain why you're in my house, though.

Lavi: Well…

Lenalee: We were sorta low on funding for this project, so… deal with it!

Author: Is it just you two doing the videos then?

Lenalee: Nope! We're getting Kanda and Allen to do it, too, and Tim.

Author: I don't see anyone...

Kanda: OI!

Lenalee: Nii-san, I see you brought them!

Komui: Anything for my dear, adorable Lenalee~!

Allen: W-why are…?

Kanda: Che, beats me, damn Moyashi.

Allen: Didn't anyone ever teach you your letters, Bakanda?! It's Allen! A-L-L-E-N!

Kanda: Say that again, and I'm gonna…

Kanda unsheathes Mugen.

Author: Please, no blood on the—!

Lenalee goes over and whacks Allen and Kanda over the head.

Lenalee: No fighting! We need you both flawless for the photo shoots!

Lavi: I thought we were doing videos?

Lenalee: We're doing photo shoots after the videos, duh.

Author: Can you guys just… hurry up and do whatever and get out of my house?

Lenalee: Lavi, did you bring the equipment?

Lavi: What equipment?

Lenalee: I thought I told you to bring—!

Author: No worries, yall can use my camcorder. It's sorta crappy, though, so…

Lenalee: That'll do just fine! Okay, so, now we can start—

Allen: Wait, what?

Kanda: I'm sure as hell not doing a video, especially not with that Moyashi.

Allen: Like I'd wanna do one with you?!

Lenalee: Too bad. You both have to do the videos. If not…

Lenalee casts a significant look at Komui and a few crocodile tears leak out of the corner of her eyes.

Allen: O-Okay, Lenalee, you don't have to—!

Kanda: Alright, alright, what do you want?

Lenalee: Now that that's settled…

Lavi: What song are we going to do?

Lenalee: How about "Dalmation – That Man Opposed"?

Author: You don't have enough girls. How about "Lover Cop"?

Lenalee: Ooh, switching the bluehead for a redhead…? I don't think so.

Author: Ooh, how about "Stop Girl" by Ukiss?! They have a hot redhead in there, and there's even a guy with white hair in that one!

Lavi: You think I'm hot?

Author: Er, as in, you know, you both have "fiery" red hair…?

Lenalee whacks Author and Lavi over the head, thus ruining intimate moment.

Lenalee: Pay attention! The deadlines coming up fast, so we needa hurry!

Lavi: So "DoraDora" it is?

Author: You guys are short a few… guys.

Lenalee: Nii-san!

Komui: Already got them, Lenalee!

Roughly hands over a confused Jasdebi and Tyki.

Author: O-Oh my GOD! Wh-where'd you find them?

Komui: They were snooping around outside.

Kanda: Che, damn creepers.

Debi: We weren't creeping, idiots!

Jas: We were looking for Road, hii!

Lenalee: Author, why are you drooling…?

Author: M-My bad! It's just… s-so many P-PRETTY PEOPLE!

Author falls to the floor in a heap.

Tyki: So be it—let a kiss from this knight awaken this fair maiden.

Tyki resuscitates fainted Author.

Jasdebi: Ew….

Author: W-what the—?!


Lenalee: Let's just get started…

Author: W-Wait, we still need three girl backup dancers…

Lenalee: Actually, just two, since you're doing it with us.

Author: B-But I can't dance for SHIT!

Lenalee: Too bad! Hey, Nii-san—Miranda, Road, how'd you get there? And where's Nii-san?

Miranda: K-Komui dropped the both of us here and then he left, saying he had some experiments to finish up at the lab.

Road: Why didn't you guys come find me?

Debi: That damn glasses guy abducted us!

Lavi: Hey, Road, wanna dance erotically with Allen?

Allen: E-Erotically—?!

Road: Kyah, why wouldn't I?

Road jumps and glomps Allen.

Lenalee: Y-You're not supposed to do that until we're filming! And plus—!

Author: Shouldn't you guys practice first…?

Lenalee: We'll do fine!

Author: Who's filming, again?

Lenalee: We'll just leave it there to run on its own.

Author: S-Sure…


Everyone runs to their places.

Lenalee: Okay, here goes…

The house shakes in tune to the pounding of the lively music.

Lenalee: STOP!

Lavi: What's wrong?

Lenalee: None of you have your lines memorized, and you're all moving out of synch!

Debi: What else did you expect? You didn't even give us the damn lyrics—! Ow!

Lenalee: That's no way to talk to a girl.

Author: Told you you shoulda practiced…

Lenalee: We'll all watch theoriginal music video to get the hang of it, so Lavi, get a laptop.

Lavi: Hai, hai. Is this it?

Lenalee: No, that's "DoraDora"—

Author: O-Oh my God…

Author commences to have a major nosebleed all over self.

Kanda: Get a hold of yourself, woman!

Author: M-My bad…

Lenalee: Okay, watch the video, guys! You better have it all down when we start, because if you guys fuck this up…

The image of an angry Komui rose up and engulfed them, and they all quickly commenced studying their parts.

Lenalee: Okay, now… POSITONS! Let's go…

Dancing and singing commences, and nearly two minutes into the video…

Lavi: H-Holy crap!

Lenalee: W-What was that for?

Author: O-Oh my god, Lenalee, you're bleeding—!

Tyki: Oh, a cat fight. How entertaining.

Debi: Yeah, Road, show that skank who's boss!

Jas: Right in the eye, hii!

Kanda: I'm leaving before Komui comes.

Allen: Damn it, BaKanda, don't just wuss out—!

Kanda: Take care of your problems on your own, Moyashi. Don't drag other people into it.

Kanda exits the room so as not to face the wrath of an angry Komui.

Tyki: You should apologize, Road.

Road: Sorry~

Lenalee: Not yet you aren't, you little—!

Lavi: Stop, Lenalee!

Road: Well, it's your fault for hanging all over MY Allen like that.

Lenalee: YOUR—?

Road grabs onto Allen's arm and sticks her tongue out at Lenalee, who's gushing blood all over her face and the carpet.

Road: Yeah, you heard that right.

Lenalee: You—!

Author: Okay, this is getting awkward and weird…

Jas: I'm bored, hii…

Debi: Come on, Jas, let's go do something else, this aint no fun.

Jasdebi, exit stage left. Center stage, commence fight.

Author: Okay, guys, this was fun and all, but—

Allen: Road, don't—!




Author shoves crowd of Noahs and Exorcists out front door and slumps to the floor.

Author: Shit, look at all that blood…


Author: HOLY—!

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