I held your heart, a giant wand; all tell of sorrow

And history begins to be blue and brown eyes

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life

Addison pulled her coat in tighter to her chest. The harsh Seattle wind blew against her skin, a harsh reminder of what she left behind. She could feel the thorns from the roses in her hand dig into her palm, despite the barrier her leather gloves provided. She ducked her head down into her neck so the wind blew over her head and she looked down at the ground, watching her feet make way across the pavement. The sound of her heels clicking against the pavement provided her some sort of comfort. If she didn't watch her feet as she stepped, it made her feel as if she wasn't alone. That she wasn't here. That she wasn't doing this.

She turned her head and saw a tall oak tree, stripped of all its leaves.

"How the hell am I going to find it, Derek? A lot of people die, its like finding a needle in a hay stack!"

"He's by a tree. It's the only tree in that section of the graveyard. You cant miss it"

This was definitely it. Addison sighed, gripping the roses in her palm even tighter. Her heels sunk into the moist grass beneath her feet, still softened from the melted snow. Struggling to make her way to the grave, Addison tripped again, her toes slipping slightly into the cold ground. Cursing under her breath she bent down, stripping herself of her heels. Bending back up, she looked at the tomb stone in front of her.

"Mark Sloan, beloved father and friend. 1968-2012" it read. A harsh reminder of the reality Addison was forced to confront.

"What is it with you" she said to the tombstone "You always know how to get me out of my damn clothes" She added with a laugh, brushing her hair back behind her ear. She sat there in her own silence for a moment, unsure of what to say. Putting the roses down on Marks grave, she looked up at the overcast sky. It was going to rain soon. It was always raining in Seattle.

"I have a son" Addison blurted out, as if someone was listening. "His name is Henry. I adopted him. I'm his mom". Tears welled in her eyes "He's back in LA right now, with Jake, my boyfriend. He's good to me, Mark. I think you'd like him…. I know you would" She rubbed the back of her finger against the bridge of her eye so that the tears wouldn't fall over.

"I wish it was different, Mark. I wish you were here, and I wasn't talking to a giant block polished concrete." She sniffled quietly as she entangled her fingers in one another. "Look at me, talking like you can even hear me" small tears chased one another down her cheek. "But if you can hear me, I hope your happy where ever you are. And, and with whoever your with." A small smiled formed across her lips. "Tell the preschooler I said 'hi'" she added as tears now blurred her vision. She wiped her face with the back of her hand again and stood up, slipping back into her heels.

"Bye, Mark." she said, turning her back on the gravestone, pulling her jacket close to her body again.

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life

Bring 'em all back to life