The Power of Shazam. People that want it don't have it. People who have it abuse it. People who abuse it are stopped by the true and righteous warrior of Shazam, Captain Marvel. With the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury Captain Marvel is unarguably amazing. He shouts SHAZAM! and a magical streak of lightning comes running down from the sky. It's a shame that the former warrior of Shazam, Black Adam, is not as noble.

Black Adam possesses the same abilities as Captain Marvel but he was corrupted by the power. He was banished by the wizard Shazam to be in a different galaxy. He returned to see his replacement Captain Marvel. From that day swore to destroy Captain Marvel.

February 5th 12:53 pm Fawcett City

Billy Batson, better known as Captain Marvel was having lunch with a fellow leaguer, Zatanna, mistress of magic. As they were about to leave Black Adam appeared in a flash. He challenged Captain Marvel to a fight, and of course Billy accepted. They both charged at each other with a punch! The collision of the two spread a shockwave throughout the city. Black Adam relentlessly pounded Captain Marvel! Zatanna couldn't stand by so casted an empowerment spell on Captain Marvel. With powerful properties of magic circulating him he shouted, "SHAZAM" and lightning crushed Black Adam. Getting a jab to the stomach every second Black Adam was weakened. He knew he couldn't beat Captain Marvel with Zatanna there, so he fled.

February 16th 4:27 pm Hall of Doom

Black Adam finally got hold of some of the best magical villains there is. Circe, Felix Faust, and Giganta were willing to participate on taking down Captain Marvel. Circe provided beastimorphs, men she turned into beast, Faust was a powerful sorcerer, and Giganta, well the name says it all. Black Adam sent a message to Captain Marvel saying, "Let's finish this, Cairo, Egypt, February 20th 1:00 pm."

February 17th 10:07 am Watchtower

Billy received the message and contacted Wonderwoman for assistance. She said, "He is a coward. He won't show up alone, I will gather up my army of amazons and Zatanna."

February 20th 12:58 pm Cairo, Egypt

The heroes arrived to see what was expected, a trap, a 60ft tall woman, bestimorphs, Felix Faust, and Black Adam. The amazons charged into battle with the beastimorphs while Wonderwoman searched for Circe. Giganta crushed and leveled everything in her way to get to Zatanna. The sorceress attacked the destructive woman with fire balls and electric blast. While Captain Marvel and Black Adam were pummeling each other, Felix Faust was creating a spell that allowed him to take the power of Shazam. All he needed was either of the warriors to shout SHAZAM and all the energy would be his. Black Adam was about to defeat Captain Marvel. As he was about to die, Captain Marvel grabbed Black Adam by the throat, through him in the air, and struck him with a bolt of lightning. To end this disaster he shouted SHA-. Doctor Fate appeared and screamed "Enough! Felix Faust will absorb both of your power if you say SHAZAM. Black Adam yelled, "TRAITOR!" Circe saw Doctor Fate, turned Wonderwoman into a wolf, and vanished. Giganta tried to strike Doctor Fate but Zatanna said, "Etanretla ezis" which is size alternate backwards. Giganta returned to her normal size and was powerless. All beastimorphs were defeated and but Felix Faust had went to a different dimension. Black Adam and Captain Marvel went on a truce until Faust was punished. Doctor Fate reversed the effect of Circe spell on Wonderwoman and took Giganta with them to the Watchtower for interrogation.

The Power of Shazam. People who want it don't have it. People who have it abuse it. People who abuse it are stopped by the true and righteous warrior of Shazam, Captain Marvel.