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Like any typical fairy tale, there was a kingdom ruled by your typical medieval king who thought more with his balls than his brains. There wasn't some jealous wife to rein him in, either, since his wife had been dead and buried for quite some time now. Despite his immoral behavior and lack of consideration for the general well-being his kingdom, it was apparent that Sheril Kamelot cared deeply for his two daughters. They were the brightest, most vibrant parts of his court life—literally. With their shockingly colorful purple and pink hair—not to mention their outrageously indecent sense of fashion—the two princesses brought great amusement and joy to their doting father.

All wasn't well, of course.

King Sheril cared a tad more for one daughter than the other; the pink-haired one was just so much more lively than the purple, so much more susceptible and prone to displays of public affection. It's safe to assume that this caused an accumulation of jealousy and hatred to build up in Road Kamelot, the elder of the two, although she didn't look it. Despite being considerably older, Road looked to be only in her early teens, although her younger sister, having also retained the youthful, child-like appearance of a ten-year old, was undoubtedly the more adorable and lovable of the two prepubescent princesses.

The difference wasn't much, but it was enough.

One day King Sheril died mysteriously, under strange circumstances, and shortly thereafter the purple-haired girl quickly established herself as queen, confining her younger sister to a small tower within the castle, reachable only through a steep, winding staircase long-forgotten by most.

It was in this dusty old tower that the second princess spent her days wondering when she'd be able to get her hands on some tasty pastries. She also wondered when she'd be able to leave the confines of that dusty old room, too, but she wondered mainly about the food.

That was until the day she escaped. With the help of a little pink bird, of course.


"Where is she?" The guard flinched as the owner of that childish, lilting voice directed her cold blue eyes to him. His eyes avoided hers, flicking instead to her cheery, ever-smiling advisor and shrewd leader of the Queen's Guard, both of whom flanked both sides of her enormous gilded throne. They didn't look all that threatening, but he'd heard countless tales from the other servants. The old man with the single gray ponytail and panda-like visage, though he may not look it, was quite agile and had a very good throwing arm—if you weren't careful, you might find yourself looking like a human pincushion. The jolly fat man was another deal entirely. Anyone who crossed him always faced a gruesome death sooner or later. Oh, they could never pin the blame on him, of course—to have survived this long in the employ of a ruthless queen like Road, he must've been quite a formidably intelligent, devious person himself—but they all knew who the murderer was. It was especially creepy since he was always smiling.

The guard shivered and bit back a moan when he saw the grim set of the guard's face and the especially cheerful grin on the portly advisor's face.

"Hey, I asked you a question, you know." The guard jumped as the childish voice cut through the silence in the throne room once again. He cringed, folding in on himself and trying to make himself less noticeable, which was pointless, seeing as he was the sole focus of the queen's simmering displeasure.

"S-She isn't in the tower any more, Your Majesty."

"Really?" the queen replied, voice dripping sugary-sweet sarcasm. "I wouldn't have noticed, you dunce. Now, I'll give you one last chance to answer my question correctly, okay?"

"Y-Yes, Your Majesty!" he stammered, ducking his head. "The prin—girl seems to have escaped from the window in the tower, Your Majesty. There's no other explanation for how she could've managed to escape from the tower without any of the sentries noticing her departure." Of all the days for the younger princess to book it, she just had to go and choose the one day he'd finally managed to get one of the kitchen maids to meet him out in the woods later…

"Are you telling me that she flew out of there?" The queen giggled, startling him out of his reverie.

"W-We're not sure, Your Majesty," the guard replied, his face burning with embarrassment as the queen raised one hand to cover the grin spreading across her pale face. "As impossible as it seems, that may be a possibility, especially since the younger princess—"

"Don't call her that!" the queen snapped, waving her hand at him. He instantly snapped his jaw shut, watching in fearful wariness as the queen quickly smoothed the anger out of her features, allowing a mask of joyful disinterest to settle.

"M-My apologies, You Majesty," he murmured, bending his head so low it almost touched the tiles of the throne room.

"That's alright." She gave him a bright smile full of sparkling white teeth, and, against his better judgement, the guard released the tension from his shoulders. The queen let out a girlish titter and shared a conspiring look with him. "We all know the rumors anyways, right?" she whispered, winking at him. He sighed in relief and empathetically nodded along with her, watching as the few others present—all those who knew that the second princess hadn't withdrawn from the rest of the castle due to some strange ailment—politely laughed along with the queen.

They all knew the popular rumor surrounding the younger princess, of course.

As the story goes, the former king, rest his soul, was known to be quite sordid and active, which was why it wasn't that much of a surprise that he'd somehow managed to father several bastards over the years. Princess Kumori was one of many of those bastards, but, unlike the others, Sheril knew of her existence and properly, readily accepted her into the royal family.

Nothing much was known about Princess Kumori's mother except that she'd been exceptionally beautiful, like some otherworldly fey that had secretly dwelled within the wood surrounding the castle until the flirtatious, suggestive prompting of the king had forced her into the public eye of the kingdom. The notion of the younger princess' mother being a fairy wasn't that surprising, really—Princess Kumori really did look like some pixie or sprite, with her outrageously bright pink hair, short stature, and unnatural amber eyes. There were also whispers that "Kumori" wasn't the princess' real name, either, that, like a real fairy creature, she had a True Name that would allow any who knew it to control her…

The guard didn't quite believe any of this, of course. Especially since the one who'd told him all of this had been some insanely drunk, redheaded foreigner with half a mask and some odd golden, carnivorous creature with wings. Obviously some form of sorcery, that; the drunkard's nonsense nothing more than lies and deceit spread by dissenters and insurgents.

Still, it wasn't good to mention much of anything concerning the second princess in front of the queen—it was almost a guarantee of death, it was—unless the queen herself guided the conversation to that taboo topic, of course.

"Now then…" the queen murmured, lifting one of the candied sweets in her hand to her mouth. "What to do about all this…?" She rolled the candy around in her mouth for a bit before grinning widely and clapping her hands together. "I know! You," she lifted one imperious finger at a stoic guard at the entrance of the throne room, "take him into the dungeon and put him into one of the cells. I'll go play with him later."

"Y-Your Majesty—"

"Ah, ah!" the queen replied, giving another bright, cheery smile. "You know what happens to anyone who fails me, right?" He did, of course. The walls In the castle may be thick, but they weren't hick enough to drown out the anguished screams of the young queen's "playmate".

"It's just too bad for you that you were stupid and loyal enough to come back to the castle when all the others ran off. At least you won't suffer as badly as them, right?" she added, giving the unfortunate guard a sardonic smile as he was roughly dragged to his feet by another. She wasn't surprised when the doomed fellow made a mad run for the door. A slight frown made itself at home on her face when something small and shiny flew from her left and impaled the runaway guard's legs, causing him to cry out and fall to his feet.

"Don't hurt him too much," Queen Road called out, taking a pink lollipop from out of her voluminous skirts and unwrapping it before plopping it into her mouth with great relish. She sighed in contentment as the guard was dragged away. How she loved candy and toys. Her brow puckered in slight annoyance. Too bad her favorite toy had somehow gotten lost somewhere outside.

Pouting in irritation at the thought, Road turned to the happy fat man at her right. "Millenie, what should I do?"

"Don't worry, Road-chan~ 3" the Earl replied, the grin plastered on his face widening slightly. "I have two people who might be able to help~ 3"

"Really?" Road asked, straightening quickly. "Who—?"

The queen's unfinished question was answered when the large oak double doors slammed open. Road turned and looked in mild amusement and irritation as two young men—or maybe two young women? They did have lots of kohl lining their eyes—clad in fur-lined jackets walked pompously to her throne, with no regard for proper decorum. They were the same height, the same skin tone—grey, sort of similar the Millenium Earl's, actually—and even the same eye color, a gold similar to the amber eyes of a certain sister of hers, but while one was dark, the other was fair, with extremely long hair. With his—her?— wide eyes, sewn lips, and strange headband—it had some odd bulb at the end of it—the blond looked like a rag doll.

Maybe I'll keep it as my new toy, Road thought, smiling to herself.

"Leave us!" she demanded, voice brooking no arguments, and as the courtiers filed dutifully, gratefully out of the room, she leaned forward in her throne. "Millenie, who are they?"

"They're the answer to your pixie problem, Road-chan~ 3" the Earl replied, taking impossibly light steps towards the two. "May I present to you~ 3—"

"I'm Jasdero, hii!" the blond interjected, disrupting the Earl's introduction.

"And I'm Debitto," the dark-haired one continued, resting one hand on a hip and giving the queen and her two closest allies a contemptuous sneer. "Together we're—"

"Jasdebi!" The blond finished, the idiotic duo completing their introduction by pulling out a pair of matching golden guns and aiming them at Road. The young queen smiled angelically at them, her single rapidly twitching left eyebrow the only indication that she was running out of patience with the pair of them. Taking note of this, the Earl quickly got to the point.

"Road-chan, these two are renowned bounty hunters~ 3" the Earl grinned—what else could he do, really?—and motioned the two forward. "They're brothers in arms and blood—twins of destruction and deconstruction, they are~ 3"

So they were boys. Pity, that, Road thought to herself. She'd really wanted a new female doll to dress up and destroy.

"What do you want with us, lady?" the dark-haired one—Debitto, or something along the lines of that—airily demanded, waving his gun at her. Road had only met him for little over a minute or two, but already she wanted to stick him fit to burst with her candles.

Road frowned, licking her lollipop absentmindedly. "You two kill people for money, right?"

"Yeah, for fun, too, hii!" the blond Jasdero replied, giggling childishly. Debitto frowned and jabbed him in the side with a sharp elbow.

"So, who is it you want dead?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Road asked, smiling deviously at them while brandishing a pink and purple candle with a wickedly sharp point that had suddenly appeared in her hand, as if by magic. "I want my half-sister dead."

Road nearly fell off her throne when Jasdero raised an eyebrow in confusion and asked "Who's your half-sister?"

"A-Are you serious?" The head of the Queen's Guard thumped his liege on the back as she sputtered, choking on the lollipop in her mouth.

"Stop talking, Jas, and let me handle this!" Debitto furiously whispered, watching as the queen regained her composure and sat up straight in her ornate throne of gold.

"He's just kidding. Of course we know who the second princess is. It's not like we've been living under a rock for the past decade of so."

"Of course," the queen replied, eyeing the two of them doubtfully.

"How much you gonna pay us?"

"Five hundred thousand."

"Only five hundred thousand?" Debitto scoffed, ruffling his black hair. He turned as if to go and stopped abruptly when the queen replied with a "Five hundred thousand for the both of you."

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Debitto laughed, giving Queen Road a cheeky grin. "So, got any clues to where she went?"

Road inelegantly face palmed, waving off his question. "That's for me to know and you to find out. Know this, though." She stood up to her full height of four-foot-ten and stared imperiously at the two bounty hunters. "Should you fail to bring me her heart, I will gladly take both of yours as payment."

"Now then…" The queen sat back down, giving the twins a bright, cheery smile. "You two are dismissed. Good luck!"

Debitto and Jasdero snapped and cursed as they were forcefully ushered out of the throne room by a midgety old man panda.

"Oi, watch it!" Debitto snapped, whirling around to get a face full of wood. Swearing, he rubbed his smarting nose.

"Come on!" he ordered, stalking off down the hall. Jasdero unhurriedly followed after him, looking around at the tapestries hanging on the walls. His eyes lingered on a tapestry of a man with two girls, both of whom were sort of cute, before flitting back towards his irritated twin.

"Debitto, who are we killing this time, hii?"

"Hell if I know."


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