Closing Act

"Road-chama, why don't you let the actors finish the play before killing them~ 3?" the fat man asked, grinning as he sidestepped the bloody mass of rent flesh thrown at him.

"Their incessant braying was getting on my nerves," Road replied, flicking droplets of blood of her slick red fingers. She grinned as they splashed across the white palace walls. "Besides, this is a much better closing act than the one they had planned out, don't you think, Millennie?" Road laughed, throwing her arms about her at the carnage surrounding them.

"Ah, I'd have to agree with you there, but still, what a mess~ 3" her counselor replied. Road's mouth tightened as he shook his head at her, as if she were a naughty child rather than the ruler of a sovereign country. She was both, but the Millennium Earl did forget every now and then. Road often had to remind him.

Like now, for example.

"Why don't you get some of the maids to come clean it up for me, Millennie?" she sweetly asked, simpering when a small tick mark appeared on the large man's forehead.

"Road-tama, Lero!"

Queen Road frowned as the enchanted purple umbrella with a pumpkin head flew towards her in a flurry of tears. "What is it, Lero?"

"Don't order Earl-tama around like that, Lero!"

"Then why don't you make yourself useful and do it for him?" she replied, rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"Road-tama is mean, Lero!" Lero cried, flitting about her and getting her dress wet with its tears. She swatted away the pesky umbrella and clomped over to her throne, which had managed not to get any stains on it. With a great big sigh, she flopped down and threw her legs over the armrest.

"Why don't you help clean up first while I go get the maids, Lero~ 3?" Road watched with narrowed eyes as the jovial fat man left the throne room, and her hands tightened around the sharpened candlestick in the voluminous pockets of her dreadful dress.

"Be careful, Your Majesty." Road raised an eyebrow at her captain of the guard, who was referred to simply as Bookman. Probably because of his former occupation as the castle historian and librarian.

"Why?" she asked. She slowly unwrapped the lollipop she took from her pocket and gave the short panda man a level stare, daring him with her eyes.

"The Earl is not what he seems," Bookman quietly replied, glancing at the umbrella monster as it flitted above the corpses of the troupe of actors. "Do not underestimate him. He is more than he claims to be, and if you do not remember that, this queendom will fall into ruin at his hands."

"Maybe the sun's gotten to your head, Bookman. Millennie wouldn't betray me. Take your senile raving elsewhere, if you don't want that head of yours rolling around everywhere."

As the doors to the throne room opened, Road's captain bowed and backed away. "As you wish, Your Majesty." He faded into the background as the maids bustled in and set about cleaning up the grisly mess she'd made.

The old man's warning was soon pushed to the back of her mind and forgotten as Queen Road watched the maids clean up the rest of her handiwork. All that work, gone to waste. She sighed. A pity the color red didn't look as good on her as it did her subjects.


Kumori gets way too much face time in my fics. She's the heroine in Walker White and Akuma Amalgam (which… is actually the one she was created for, so… this fic would be one of the ones where she's got too much face time!), too. She even makes appearances in Black Order and Komui's Chocolate Factory (which I'm thinking of changing to a more platonic setting, since a reader for Flickers of Fireflies [should there be no "s" at the end of that first word?] was complaining about how there're sooo many yaoi fics out there now [Flickers of Fireflies is NOT BL, dunno how that guest got under that misconception—Guest, if you're reading this, I am NOT bitching you out!], and I think it'd be a story people would wanna read if it didn't have that BL aspect to it. Besides, although I want there to be BL, I… sorta suck at writing BL). Good thing my other yet-to-be-written fanfics don't feature her.

Whoa, covered so many different topics in that one sentence.

How does Lero refer to the Earl?