Author's note:  Not really an update.  This is the 'Ballad of the White Lady of Rohan', and is my first (and last) attempt at poetry, balladry or lyricry (is that a word?).  After you read this you'll see why.  Anyway, I realized it isn't up to JRRT standards, but here is the ballad that Pippin sings in the 'Hoom' the night that Diamond sneaks out.  Anyway, keep in mind that this story is written to be in canon with the books, not the movies.  My son says that this ballad is horribly, paralyzingly long, but here it is for better or worse.

Down away in southern lands,

Live a people proud and stern,

Gold their hair and clear their eyes,

And courage in them brightly burns.

Golden halls rise high on mount,

And fields green surround their land,

On horses tall and proud they go,

Brave are the Riders of Rohan.

When darkness fell on halls of men,

And Theoden King sent out the call,

For duty and honor would they ride,

For love of king would give their all

A shield maid then forth did come,

For sister-daughter of the king,

Eowyn fair to war would go,

And let her blade in battle ring.

But Theoden would have it not,

And laid upon brave maid the task,

'See safe our people to the hills,

Be queen and leader, this I ask.'

Proud head bowed, and shoulders dropped,

Fair Eowyn her charge would keep,

Though heart and mind with king did dwell,

And worried love did make her weep.

Amid the Men of Rohirrim,

A grave and slender lad did ride,

Dernhelm, son of unknown sire,

He kept to his beloved king's side.

To Minas Tirith did they go,

Hard the ride through night and day,

But Dernhelm kept his careful watch,

And hardship could his zeal not stay.

Dark the day when Rohan came,

To Minas Tirith riding strong,

Theoden saw the chief of Haradrim,

To hew their standard did he long.

Through throng and crowd, past spear and sword,

No blow could stop the swift Snowmane,

And taking up his battle spear,

By Theoden was the chieftain slain.

But King of Mark could not foresee,

When sun gave way to darkened sky,

And horror from foul, deep pit,

Descended on him from on high.

Alone stood king on battle field,

And faithful Snowmane stood there too,

But evil Nazgul still came on,

And mad fell horse as darkness grew.

In terror Snowmane sky attacked,

In panic did the brave steed fall,

The king too soon was then brought low,

His end no healer's skill could stall.

Nazgul-lord and beast of doom,

Did fallen king seek to despoil,

But one stood there to guard the King,

Dernhelm brave would Nazgul foil.

'Away thou fool,' said Nazgul-lord,

'Lest Death be not thy destiny,

Come not between me and my prey,

Or thou the Lidless Eye shall see!'

'Hinder you I shall and must,'

Cried slim Dernhelm, grim and brave,

For kin of mine do you see there,

And from your filth will him I save!'

'Hinder me?' came evil laugh,

'That task no living man may do,'

Then stern and strong came Dernhelm's voice,

'No living Man stands before you!'

And lo, upon the battle field,

Tall and fair, with shining sword,

Eowyn, Lady of Rohan,

Stood proudly to defend her lord.

Now Nazgul-lord at this did pause,

But his beast did still pursue,

And with one stroke, both skilled and strong,

Eowyn the fell beast slew.

From wreck of steed did Nazgul-lord,

Rise up with sword in evil rage,

And there upon the Pelennor,

With Eowyn did then engage.

While darkness grew round watchers nigh,

Did Nazgul Eowyn's shield smite,

Her shield-arm broke and deathly cold,

Still flashed the sword of Eowyn bright.

'Tween helm and shoulder did she strike,

As darkness claimed her from the light,

And Nazgul-lord at last was slain,

And maiden slipped from day to night.

For hard the journey they must take,

Who dare to strike so dark a foe,

So Eowyn slept as one nigh death,

And from her face no light did glow.

All who saw her did despair,

Who in all the land might call

To maiden in her death-black sleep,

And wake her from the evil thrall?

'Hands of healer, hands of King,'

The wise among the healers spake,

'Only him, the rightful Lord

Can from this darkness Eowyn wake.'

Then weary stranger, travel stained,

Was brought into the healing hall,

With skill and pity did he toil,

And to him did he Eowyn call.

And, lo!  Awake came Eowyn,

But not to joy did lady come,

Years of care and dark despair,

Sealed her heart in bitter tomb.

'Tarry here,' bid Aragorn,

King of Gondor, yet uncrowned,

'Thou hast earned thy rest and ease.'

Yet hearing him, did Eowyn frown.

'Are no saddles empty now?

That I may ride and follow thee?

Tis not death that I do fear,

But a cage surrounding me!'

East and north the army rode

Grim and stern, tall and proud

From healer's walls did Eowyn watch

Her spirit wrap'd in dismal shroud

Peaceful is the healer's hall

In body inmates there do mend

But in mind did Eowyn ail

Contentment she could not pretend

Steward of the city heard

Of this fairest maiden's plight

He, too, inmate of the hall

Recovering from Nazgul blight

To Eowyn's side the Steward went

Though full of grief and deepest pain

Faramir, son of Denathor

From battle he too, did remain

Pity filled him when he saw

Pale maiden, stiff and proud

Watching east where all their hopes

Lay hidden by dark war clouds

'Tell me, lady, how I may

relieve this burden that you bear?

Sad it makes me to see you

Sorrow filled in cold wind's glare'

Eowyn looked on handsome face

But was unmoved by pity there

'You may not my darkness take,

while our fate hangs by a hair

'From the leeches do I seek

to be freed to follow thence.

In the battle might I find

Honor in my land's defense'

'Honor have you found in life.

Seek it not in useless death.

We have both our parts now played.

You have earned a hero's rest'

Cold had been the maiden's heart

But at the words of Faramir

Did she feel a sudden change

And warmth began to grow in her

So they stood on tower high

Watching always east and north

Until on darkest sunless morn

Changing wind did news bring forth

From the east came on high

Voice of noble eagle crying,

'Sing now, all ye of Anor

Sing for Sauron's evil dying'

Golden were the days that passed

While the city readied all

To welcome King and valiant host

To celebrate dark Sauron's fall

But amid the joyous throng

Eowyn began to ail

Healer to the Steward went

Telling him of maiden's tale

To her side did Steward go

And there they walked along the wall

Long they talked when Faramir

Turned to Eowyn, proud and tall

'Do you stay because the king

Requested not that you be near?

Or may I hope that you remain

Because my duties keep me here?

Suddenly did Eowyn

Her heart's desire realize

But the words would not come forth

And Faramir did agonize

'Do you not love me?  Or will you not?'

Faramir asked Eowyn

Then Rohan's maiden knew her heart

And gladly gave her love to him

And now they live in peace and love

In the fair Ithilien

Faramir, prince of garden land

And his White Lady of Rohan