Chapter: 1

Little Richard Grayson sat atop of an office desk, swinging his short legs back and forth, while happily sucking on his lollipop. His adopted older brother, Jason Todd, sat a few feet away on an actual chair. In his hands was the latest of portable game consoles from the one and only Wayne Tech, his thumbs flew over the buttons at a remarkably fast rate while simultaneously keeping a discreet, protective eye on the younger one. Their foster father, Bruce Wayne, had allowed the two of them to come along as he dealt with an over seas business affair. Having to take part in a conference the billionaire left his sons in the care of a trusted secretary, who was currently teaching the eight year-old how to make origami, twisting and folding the single sheet of paper into complicated maneuvers, coming out with new shapes and objects each time. It only took the time span of an hour for Dick to master the paper folding art. Each time he successfully created a new art he ran it over to his elder brother and shoved it into his face, his baby blue eyes glittering with hopes of approval. Still busy with his game system, Jason only gave him grunts and nods as a response, the acrobat only seeing a small smile break out every now and then.

"Can you teach me how to make a blow up heart for daddy next?" Dick asked with his overly adorable and innocent voice.

"I don't see why not sweetie. Why don't you wait here with your brother while I get us some more paper?" the brunette said putting her hands on her knees and crouching down to be able to face the boy properly. With an enthusiastic nod Dick slipped off the desk and latched onto his brother's arm, who in turn gave him an exasperated sigh. The secretary wandered off in search for materials for the son of her boss' latest source of entertainment.


"WHY THE HELL NOT!?" a rather harsh voice boomed out through the wooden door that the two boys were sitting next to, startling poor Richard half to death. After a pause the eight year-old could hear Bruce's softer yet equally as firm voice reverberate through the air, but being muffled beyond comprehension due to the door.

"Jason? I heard daddy talking, is he ok?" Dick asked, looking up at Jason with his shimmering blues. Jason nibbled on his lower lip in concentration, the delinquent wanted to tell his brother that Bruce would be fine (after all the man had battled far worse than a measly senator before) but there was no way to know for sure.

"Bruce is just fine Dick." Jason was saved by the secretary who had just returned with a pile of black white paper in her hands. "You three will be eating ice cream with Mr. Wayne any minute. Now how about we start on some new pieces huh?" she said, tapping him on the nose gently, earning a small giggle and a nod in return.


"Any minute" ended up being three hours later, during which Dick had fallen asleep on Jason's lap, his freshly completed heart settled in his lap while all of his other origami pieces laid on the floor around him.

It was another hour before the wooden door finally creaked open. Two sets of shiny black shoes popped out along with unnecessarily loud voices which woke the slumbering boys nearby, "I refuse to agree to that business risk! Think about all of the innocent people who would be suffering!" Bruce yelled in outrage.

"Science requires sacrifice Mr. Wayne! Think about the possibilities!" the Senator said, a tiny hint of pleading coloring his tone, but Bruce was hearing none of this and had already begun gathering his belongings.

A soft yawn made the Senator freeze in his tracks, "Who let a child in here!? You know the rules and regulations!" the man stomped over to a newly awakened Dick and, before Bruce could get any words in, pulled the eight year-old high off of the floor by the collar of his dress shirt, his origami heart fluttering to the ground to be stomped on by the ruthless man. Dick, now wide awake, whimpered in fear, his baby blue eyes sending a pleading glance towards Bruce whose fist were tightly clenched together.

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. Of. Him. Now!" surprisingly Jason was the one who said this, beating Bruce to the punch. The violent almost-teen allowed one of his many hidden blades slip into his palm, "Let go of him or else I will gut you!" the Senator's eyes widened in shock and surprise, but his grip on Dick's shirt only tightened.

"Jason! What did I say about knives!?" Bruce exclaimed, ignoring his associate's surprised gaze.

"Hey! You said nothing about knives, you only said no guns!" Jason defended himself, causing Bruce to pause, it was true that he had said no guns…but was it right to let this slide? Getting fed up with the fat Senator's brutality Jay made a move to immobile the grown man only to be stopped by Bruce himself.

"Senator, I do recommend that you let go of my son this instant, if not, then I wont be so keen on holding my other son here back any longer." Bruce said, donning the batglare for the time being. His resolve dwindling the Senator dropped Dick to the ground, the eight-year old allowed tears to flow from his eyes as he felt his impact completely crush the blow up heart he had spent so much time on to give to his father.

"Dick, are you ok? Speak to me little bro." Jason quickly kneeled down in front of his brother and assessed him for any and all injuries.

"J-Jason!" Dick sniffled out. "H-He b-broke my h-h-heart!" the eight-year old broke down in wails, cradling the remains of his art work to his chest. The elder, always hating to see the younger sad, pulled the boy into his chest, wrapping his arms around him in a protective and comforting gesture. Bruce would make this guy pay, Bruce bettermake this guy pay.

"M-Mr. W-W-W-Wayne! J-Just hold on a s-second here. W-We can t-talk about this." The Senator backed away from the furious billionaire with his palms raised, tripping over chairs and tables as he attempted to speed up his retreat.

"Jason. Take Dick out of here. I need to have a little talk here with our friend, telling him as to why I dislike people messing with my sons. Just give me a moment." Bruce said, smiling pleasantly the whole time as he ushered the two out of the room.

Jason took his brother to the chairs they had once occupied, still cradling him to his chest.

"D-Do you t-think I can f-fix it?" Dick asked, eyes moving from the pieces to his brother and back again.

"Don't worry, you can fix anything. They don't call you boy wonder for nothing after all." Jason joked, playfully nudging his brother. A small, timid smile danced across the boy's lips.

"Maybe we can get Alfred to make us some ice cream when we get back." the acrobat mumbled as an after thought and snuggled into Jason's neck, after a few moments the boy was asleep.

A sadistic smile spread across Jason's expression as screams of pure terror filled the air, scaring off any worker that was left around. He couldn't wait until he got his turn.

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