Chapter: 48

Jason's eyes lit up in panic as he quickly turned around and harshly whispered to his partners in crime, "The British is coming the British is coming!"


Dick stood above a bowl of freshly made dough. He wore a dark cape and the room's lights were dimmed. Moving his hands in an up and down motion he bellowed "rise, RISE!" little did he know Tim had entered at that precise moment, but just as quickly left. That apple could wait.


"This'll be forever to find!" Damian complained. Only a little while ago he was caught sneaking spiders in Red Robin's uniform. Bruce thought finding a literal needle in a hay stack would be a fitting punishment.

"Don't worry bro. I got this." Dick said coming up behind his youngest brother. He dove into the hay stack and a glint hit Damian's eyes. Dick had a metal detector.


It was a rare night when all of the Wayne boys sat down together to have a movie night. Each boy picked a movie that they all watched. Nearing the end Dick hit the end of his popcorn bucket. Playing boredly with the remains he spoke his thoughts,

"Hasn't anyone ever noticed that popcorn is the fat version of a kernel."


It was supposed to start out as a normal day. But the moment Bruce Wayne walked into the dining room smiling they knew it was anything but. They played along with his attitude wearily and the moment he exited the room three sets of eyes glared accusingly at as certain trouble maker.

"What, I told you I was going to give him a happy pill."


"Daddy! You're a cowboy!" little Dickie Grayson squealed happily as his adoptive father stepped into his room. The billionaire had agreed to play make-believe with him today.

"No, I'm a cowman." He said playfully, placing his fist on his hips.

Dick giggled, "That sounds like Batman!" and an odd mental image of Batman with hooves and udders floated to the front of Bruce's mind.

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