As the second quarter of the basketball game between the Looney Tunes and the Tiny Toons began, both team continued to score points for each other in such a way that the score stayed tied, Lola's huge, nasty farts along with Babs' smaller, cuter farts making the court stink more and more. This made Porky and Hamston pass out, both their bodies being dragged out of the game and into the locker rooms, thereby being replaced by Wile E. Coyote and Calamity Coyote within their respective teams.

Pepe Le Pew was sitting next to Fifi La Fume on a nearby bench, watching Lola and Babs continually farting while playing the game. "Zis stinky catastrophe...eez why I refuse to play."

"Qui." Fifi agreed. "I know! I'll be a cheerleader for zee tiny toons!"

"I'm already doing that!" Shirley McLoon mentioned, who was on the sidelines, holding a set of Pom Poms. "But you can join me and we can do it together!"

Fifi squealed with glee as she got her own set of Pom Poms, positioning herself next to Shirley.

Meanwhile, as Wile E. Coyote was playing, the Road Runner popped up by the sidelines, distracting him as Montana trampled over him, making him hold up a sign that reads "Ouch!".

"Watch where you're going, stupid freak who's related to Calamity!" Montana complained, having nearly tripped himself.

The Coyote got up, pissed by Montana's comment as he pulled out a stick of Acme dynamite, lighting it and running to Montana, slipping it into his uniform. Suddenly, the dynamite exploded, causing Montana to be burned and completely covered in soot.

Yosemite witnessed this, getting the urge to bend the rules too. "Y'know what, Ah'm tired of the author makin' us play like this! It's time we show them what we Looney Tunes can really do!" he declared, taking out his guns and firing them all over the place, causing the audience to gasp, then cheer as everyone suddenly felt like seeing some looniness.

"He's right! Let's not stay stuck to the basic rules. This is Looney Tune Land for crying out loud!" Buster decided.

The other Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons agreed, nodding their heads as Lola released another loud one while Babs released another cute one, the other players stepping away except Bugs and Buster.

As the game continued, Calamity pulled out several Acme fireworks, ready to use them on anyone who tried to mess with him as he ran around trying to get the ball. Meanwhile, Daffy had the ball as he headed for the hoop, but then "Bugs Bunny" got in front of him.

"Pass it over here!" yelled Babs in Bugs Bunny's voice, being disguised as him.

"Ok pal!" Daffy tossed the ball over to Babs, who headed for the other side as she took off her Bugs mask.

"Surprise! It's little ol' me!" Babs teased as she dribbled the ball towards the other hoop, with Daffy growling in annoyance.

"Why do her disguises fool people every single time!?" Daffy complained.

"Because that's who she is, Mister Senior Pluck!" Buster teased, following Babs, who headed for the hoop, before Tasmanian Devil whirled over to her in twister form, stealing the ball back and heading for the other hoop as he reverted to his twister form, zooming past the other players, even sexy, gassy Lola as he proceeded to knock Buster over, but then Buster put his hands out in front of him, creating a shield which blocked Taz, which in turned caused everyone else to gasp.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the audience, Wario and Waluigi were watching, not believing what they saw.

"Oh My God!" Wario yelled. "It''s..."

"It's the shield block move back from when we played 3 on 3." Waluigi finished for him.

Back with the game, Buster continued blocking Taz, but then Yosemite Sam started shooting the shield with his guns out of nowhere, eventually shattering it as Taz ran over Buster, scoring for the Looney Tunes.

"That's how it's done!" Yosemite bragged.

Bugs looked at Buster, intrigued by his actions. "I didn't know they could do that."

Lola walked next to him, releasing another loud, raunchy fart that made her butt cheeks vibrate. "What do you expect? This is Looney Tune Land! Anything is possible!"

"Unfortunately." Daffy remarked, standing by. "And I am talking about you, dol- I mean, miss pootsy."

Lola turned to Daffy, giving him an apathetic look. "Cute." she worded sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Plucky was trying to get the ball back from the Coyote, but failing as he tripped over Yosemite's boot, making him laugh heartedly. "Hey! Watch where you're going!"

"I should be tellin' YOU that!" Yosemite responded, grinning mischievously.

Suddenly, the Coyote was hit in the head by dozens of Acme fireworks, which were being shot by Calamity, who was saving them b

before as he took the ball away from Wile E. as he shot himself through the air on another rocket, the other players unable to reach him as he threw the ball into the hoop, scoring for the tiny toons before crashing into a wall, with the other tiny toons unable to look at Calamity's predicament.

"This is so exciting!" Stan Polodak pointed out. "Tell me again, Mike. Why arn't you playing?"

"Because, Stan. I'm retired." Michael reminded him.