Chapter One

Pain. That was the first thought that ran through Hinata's mind after the kunai pierced her abdomen. She gasped and her hands automatically went to the kunai to prevent her attacker from plunging it further into her torso. Her body shook as she began to cough. She was vaguely aware of the coppery taste of blood in her mouth.

"Hinata!" her teammate, Kiba, glanced at her worriedly. "Are you alright?"

Acting quickly, she removed one hand from the kunai in her abdomen and brought chakra-laden fingers to the shoulder of her opponent. He was pushed back several yards and she took the opportunity to jump away from him.

"I'm fine," the words took a lot of effort to speak. The situation was not good. She and Kiba were injured and low on chakra. This fight was not going in their favor at all.

Her white-haired opponent grinned savagely, showing off pointed teeth. "I like it when girls play hard to get," A large sword was resting across his back. As he moved to attack, he lifted the heavy sword with both arms, holding it in the air. His grin changed into something more predatory "but I'm done playing now." He lunged at her and Hinata's eyes widened.

He was coming at her faster. Much faster than he had before. Hinata braced herself; she wouldn't be able to dodge his attack at this speed.

"Damn," Kiba cursed as Suigetsu lunged at Hinata. Moving as fast as he could, he threw himself in front of her. Arms splayed, he took the entirety of Suigetsu's blow.

"Kiba!" Hinata dropped to her knees in front of her fallen comrade. His entire torso was slashed from shoulder to hip. Blood. There was so much blood.

"Akamaru," Kiba wheezed, "Take her and run," His faithful companion immediately came over to where he lay, bleeding. Whining, Akamaru nudged Kiba's hand with his wet snout, "Now, Akamaru, go as fast as you can back to Konoha."

"No, Kiba! I won't leave you here," Hinata had tears in her eyes as she desperately tried to control the bleeding on his upper body. Green healing chakra went into his body while red blood wept out of it.

"Now, now," Suigetsu walked to where Hinata was trying to heal Kiba, "Who said you could leave?"

"Akamaru, go!" Kiba's tone was desperate, "Leave me, Hinata!"

Akamaru's mouth latched onto Hinata's sleeve and tried to pull her away from Kiba to no avail, "I'm not leaving you here," she repeated, "We are going back together or not at all."

Suigetsu chuckled, "My, my, what a stubborn little kunoichi you are," He had reached where they were sitting now. He delivered a kick to Akamaru's side, sending him sprawling.

"Akamaru!" Hinata's gaze was drawn to the fallen canine.

"Ne, Suigetsu, Sasuke's probably already on his way here," Kiba's opponent, Jugo, called over to his friend.

"Let him come then," Hinata suppressed a shudder as Suigetsu put his blade to her throat and spoke in her ear, "Shall I kill you?"

Kiba had lost consciousness due to blood loss and Akamaru was struggling to get to his paws. Hinata said, "Please, let them go. Kill me, but let them go."

Suigetsu looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, "You know what? I don't think I will," He moved to slice the blade across her throat when a cold voice spoke.

"Suigetsu," It was as if time stood still for a second. No one moved and no one spoke.

"Ya, Sasuke?" the blade was removed from her throat as Suigetsu stood up.

Hinata stared at Uchiha Sasuke, frozen. It had been three years since the nukenin had left Konoha to train with Orochimaru. His hair was longer and he'd grown much taller. If they were standing side by side, the top of Hinata's head would probably only reach his chin. The only thing about him that hadn't changed was his aura. Sasuke radiated power and something else Hinata couldn't quite put her finger on. When his eyes met hers, she could only think one thing: this man was dangerous.

Why was he out here instead of in Sound? Where was Orochimaru? A second, terrifying thought followed that one. Was he nearby?

"I send you two out for supplies and I find you one second away from killing a woman. Would you care to explain why that is?" as he spoke, his eyes never left hers. It was unnerving, the way he stared at her. She wondered if he remembered her from his genin days.

"Well, ah, we happened to run into them and felt the need to defend ourselves?" the excuse was weak, even to Hinata.

An impatient sigh was heard and Hinata's eyes looked away from Sasuke to look the red-haired female that had appeared with Sasuke Uchiha, "Stop fooling around, Suigetsu, and let's get going. We have things to do," the redhead began to tap her foot.

Suigetsu sighed, and spoke over his shoulder to Hinata as he began to depart, "See ya!"

Hinata's body finally decided to unfreeze itself. She probably would've cried with joy if she weren't busy trying to get her team out of there. Calling Akamaru over to her, she laid Kiba over the dog's back and secured him before standing. She prepared to jump into the trees with Akamaru when a smooth baritone voice interrupted her.

"Hinata Hyuga," she slowly turned around to face Sasuke, but did not speak. It would seem he did, in fact, remember their short time as genins together. Dark eyes were still looking at her when she met his gaze, "I'll be seeing you," the words unnerved her and she suppressed a shiver. Turning around, she and Akamaru, along with his package, took their leave. His eyes followed her until she disappeared into the tree line.