Bonnie runs the down the hallway her heart echoing loudly with every step she makes. The lights are dimmed, making the place seem almost eerie. She has no idea how long she has been running, (it could be hours or even minutes) but she knows she has to be cautious or she will get caught. Her long robe trips her up somewhat, but she doesn't part with it as it's the only thing covering her nudity.

She looks around, afraid that he's near, but doesn't see him at all. In the long run, this means nothing because he can be extremely stealthy when he wants to be. Still she manages to get down the hall into the living room without him catching her.

When she looks back she doesn't see him anywhere in sight and she is getting ready to move to another room, when she hears his voice call out her name.

Stefan suddenly appears out of nowhere, completely nude, leaping over the ottoman managing to startle Bonnie. She yelps before he wraps his arms around her waist, pressing her body close to his; so close that Bonnie can feel his hardness poking into her back.

"I've got you," he whispers into her ear before pressing a soft kiss there. He moves his mouth to the crook of her neck and begins licking and sucking at her pulse. She melts against him and delights in the warmth that goes through her body.

"I guess you do." She gasps softly before continuing, "Now what are you going to do with me?" She moans as the kisses he's placing on her neck become more passionate before he moves his mouth completely.

"A lot." He chuckles sexily before he removes his large hands from around her waist to untie her robe.

The robe gapes open and he turns her around so they are standing face to face. He slowly slips the robe off of her; letting it drop to the floor and leaving her as naked as he is. He looks up and down at her intensely, completely dazzled by the beauty of her body.

Stefan breaks out of his stupor and hauls her into his arms kissing her hotly. Their tongues tangle with each other and Stefan is unable to stop the rumble that builds in his chest at the contact. Bonnie's hands immediately wrap around his neck and his hands move from her waist to cup Bonnie ass.

He squeezes it firmly before lifting her up; their mouths still fused together. Her legs lock around him and he smiles into her mouth. His groin presses against her and he can feel her heat searing his cold flesh. They stand there for several moments trading kisses that evolve from being hot to being fiery. When Bonnie breaks away from his lips to kiss his neck, he loses what's left of his control.

The next thing Bonnie knows she is spread out on the sofa; Stefan looming over her. He slips inside of her and begins to thrust; her walls automatically tighten around him. Their lips meet again; tongues moving in sync with their lower bodies.

The two continue grinding and thrusting against each other. Bonnie's becomes even wetter while Stefan's shaft grows harder. She grips his shoulders and moans when Stefan places kisses on her neck and collarbone. The passionate eventually builds to a climax and she moans through her release with Stefan right behind her. He comes until he's sure he's completely spent and then collapses on top of Bonnie. He slowly slips out of her and softly kisses her lips.

Both sated, he rolls them over, his hands briefly resting on her ass before he moves them up to the small of her back. Bonnie rests her head on his shoulder, an arm wrapped around his waist and her hand rest on his chest.

Stefan sighs happily, and looks at Bonnie. "I told you I'd catch you."

He looks smug and Bonnie just has to burst his bubble a bit. "You do realize, you only caught me because I wanted you to catch me."

She sticks out her tongue at him and he laughs at her antics.

Her mouth moves into a slight smile and he can't resist the urge to kiss her. Their mouths move against each other for several seconds before they pull away, their lips making a soft pop. Stefan stares into her eyes green mixing with grayish-green. He continues to stare deeply at her causing Bonnie to look at him in question.

"You know I love you right?" He asks using one hand to lovingly caress her cheek.

"I love you too." Bonnie smiles softly at him and he smiles back at her.

They lay together for several minutes before Bonnie sighs regretfully. "We have to get up, the others will be coming over soon and we need to be ready."

Stefan groans not wanting to see any of them right now, but nods his head in agreement. Stefan leans in to kiss her and the kiss grows passionate enough that Bonnie can feel his groin hard against her.

"Do we really have time for this?" She hisses in delight when he moves his hands to her ass and swiftly impales her on his shaft.

"We'll make time." He grumbles out and begins moving her up and down on him.

After that the only thoughts that run through her mind are related to Stefan.