A/N - The drabble plays with canon somewhat as I've made the ghost cheating and Elena/Damon stuff happen around the same time.

The dance going on at Mystic Falls High is in full swing. The music is flowing, the decorations are fantastic, and most of the attendees are having a blast. Stefan on the other hand is bored out of his mind. He's never really been a fan of these things, but he figured he could get through it with the help of his date. Problem is his date is nowhere to be seen. He looks around for a few minutes before going out into hallway to search for her there.

When he walks out of the dance, the first thing Stefan sees is Bonnie standing in the hallway clearly lost thought. Relieved, he heads over that way, standing right next to her.

"Hey" He says quietly so he doesn't startle her.

"Hey" She responds snapping out of her thoughts. She felt his presence the moment he walked into the hallway, but only now is she truly focused on him.

"You know when we decided to go to the dance together, I figured I'd be more likely to skip out than you." He begins jokingly before sobering up. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just needed to get away for a few minutes." She explains sincerely before turning to face him.

When Bonnie finally looks at him, Stefan's mind goes blank and all he can think is how beautiful she looks in her dress. Every time he's looked at her tonight he's come to same conclusion. The dress is black and accentuates her curves in all the right places. He feels his groin tighten some and smirks as he gets an idea.

Bonnie can see the mischief in Stefan's eyes and she can't stop herself from shuddering in excitement. "What's with the look?" She asks just to see where this was going.

Stefan grins becomes even wider, but says nothing. Instead he hauls her in for a hot kiss. Bonnie's mouth opens in shock and he quickly slips his tongue into her mouth. Once their tongues touch, she wraps her arms around his shoulders and pulls Stefan in even closer.

The kiss becomes frantic and Bonnie is unsurprised when she finds herself pressed against a row of lockers with her legs wrapped around his waist. She pulls away from his soft lips to catch her breath and Stefan automatically moves to press scorching kisses on her neck. Bonnie moans in bliss and Stefan growls in response against her. Their hips undulate against each other for several moments before Bonnie grips his head, brining their mouths together once again.

The kiss quickly grows passionate and Bonnie slides her hands down his torso to undo his dress pants. In his lusty fog, Stefan unapologetically rips her underwear off, hikes up her dress and quickly thrusts inside of her. Her walls clench around his cock and both pull away from their fiery kiss to moan their pleasure.

Her legs tighten around his hips and Stefan's begins pounding into her. This continues for several more minutes before Bonnie suddenly and unexpectedly reaches climax. She floods his cock and Stefan continues happily thrusting into her until he reaches his own peak. When he is finally spent he slips out of her and carefully places her feet back on the floor. Bonnie straightens her dress out and Stefan swiftly does his pants back up. They stare at each other happily and Stefan feels light when Bonnie moves to fix his slightly askew tie.

It's hard to believe how this arrangement between them started out. It wasn't expected at all, he was angry that Elena chose Damon over him and she was angry that Jeremy cheated on her. They ran into each other one night and after they commiserated about their situations one thing had led to another. It had been great, and since neither of them were ready for a relationship they decided to go for casual friends with benefits type of arrangement.

The arrangement has been going on for a month now and has developed into something more, but neither of them has gotten the courage to admit it to the other.

Bonnie stops fiddling with his tie and pulls him into a kiss. They stand there for a while kissing only for it to be interrupted when they hear Elena and Jeremy's voices. They pull away quickly and stand side by side as the siblings walk toward them.

"We've been looking for you Bonnie. Where have you been?" Elena airily asks clearly more for Jeremy's benefit than her own.

"Just out here hanging out with Stefan." Bonnie answers offhandedly and watches as Elena looks at Stefan in surprise, not realizing he was at the dance.

Stefan looks at Bonnie and smiles at her softly, resulting in a small staring contest between them.

"Can we please talk Bonnie?" Jeremy rudely interrupts, annoyed that Bonnie had yet to pay him any attention.

"She doesn't want to talk to you." Stefan grumbles out with clenched teeth. Elena flinches and Jeremy stands taller in response to Stefan's words. Stefan is about to say more, but Bonnie touches his arm to let him know she would be the one to handle this.

"Why do we need to talk? You cheated on me with the ghost of your ex-girlfriend and now we're done. What more is there to say?" She looks at him impassively and Stefan can only hope the lack of emotion means that she's finally over him.

"Come on Bonnie." Jeremy moves closer to her, but backs away when he sees both Stefan and Bonnie's glares.

The four of them continue staring at each other until two of the four come to a realization. Elena and Jeremy look closer at Bonnie and Stefan noticing certain things about them that they hadn't noticed when they first came across them in the hallway. Both notice that Stefan's hair is mussed as if someone had been running their hands through it. They notice that Bonnie's lips are puffy and that her dress is slightly wrinkled, furthermore they notice that Stefan's zipper isn't all the way zipped.

Meanwhile Stefan and Bonnie turn to each other and they silently come to conclusion that it's time to leave. "Well as much as this hasn't been, we were actually getting ready to leave." Stefan nods at Elena and Jeremy before moving a hand to small of Bonnie's back. "Are you ready Bonnie?"

"I'm ready." She says goodbye to Elena and the two walk out of the school into the parking lot.

Elena looks confused while Jeremy looks on clearly angry at the development.

Later on Stefan drives Bonnie home and she invites him to sit on the couch with her. He sits down and looks at her for a few seconds before speaking. "I'm sorry."

"About what?" Bonnie looks at him unsure why he is apologizing.

"I didn't mean to speak for you back there with Jeremy. I know you're perfectly capable of speaking for yourself. The look on his face just pissed me off and I reacted." He says sincerely.

"It's okay, I'm glad that you have my back, but it's nice to know you believe I can handle myself" She smiles at him tenderly. "But this posses another problem for us. Elena and Jeremy clearly figured out the arrangement we have." She looks at him slightly worried.

"I'm glad they know. I don't want this to be a dirty little secret anymore. I'm over Elena and hanging out with you the last mouth has been great. I want more. And I'm glad Jeremy figured it out."

"You are?"She says referring to his last statement.

Stefan looks at her intensely before answering her causing a warm wave of heat to go through her.

"Yes. He clearly wants you back and he can't have you." He answers with possessiveness.

"He can't?" Bonnie doesn't know whether to be flattered or annoyed at the possessive statement.

Stefan looks sheepish when he realizes how his statement sounds and explains further. "Well obviously that depends on what you want." He exhales before continuing. "Whether or not you want to take that leap with me." He grabs her hand and places a kiss to it before pressing it against his chest. "So what do you say? Will you take that leap?" He looks into her eyes anxiously waiting for her response.

Bonnie stares at him before answering knowing that her response will change things either way. She glances down at their hands clasped together against his chest and smiles before looking back up. "Okay. I'm in. I'll take that leap with you."

Stefan's face breaks out into a huge smile and he pulls a her into a soft kiss.