This drabble is loosely based on the episode "The New Deal".

The Abandoned Witch House – Present Day

Stefan surprises Bonnie when he begins kissing her neck, grinning slightly when she melts into his embrace.

"We're supposed to be looking for a way to defeat Klaus." She says distractedly as Stefan's tongue licks at her pulse; causing her to drop the book she was previously looking through.

"I'm personally finding you a lot more interesting." As he says this, his hands slowly move from around her waist upward to softly squeeze her breasts.

When Bonnie gasps at the pleasure, Stefan feels his groin harden and he knows the feel of his bulge has to be poking against her. She confirms this by grinding her ass into him which causes him to hiss in satisfaction.

They continue grind against each other until it becomes too much for both of them. Stefan quickly turns her around and Bonnie pulls him into a frantic kiss. Her mouth opens slightly and he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside.

Stefan unexpectedly sweeps Bonnie into his arms causing her to squeak out in surprise and loop her arms around his neck. As he carries her to the room he fixed up for them, she smiles at him and it's like looking at the sun.

When they get to the room he sets her back down on the floor and they slowly start removing each other's clothes. Once they are both naked, Stefan lunges at her pulling her into a fiery kiss. His hands slide down her body teasing her curves until he finally lifts her in his arms.

Stefan presses Bonnie against the wall, quickly thrusting inside of her. His lips suck at her pulse feeling the blood rush there. Her legs circle around his waist and her hands clutch at his shoulders as he drives into her at an almost frantic pace. Her walls tighten around his cock and he continues thrusting until they both climax.

Still hard inside of Bonnie, Stefan barely gives her a chance to recover from her first orgasm before he has her in his arms, turning them around and carrying her across the room to the bed. Surprisingly the bed is actually in pretty good shape considering how old it is and he only had to spring for some sheets so it would be usable.

They fall onto the bed, twisted up in each other with Bonnie running her fingers through his hair and their mouths melding together. They roll over three times until Bonnie manages to come out on top. She pins him to the bed, her fingers lacing through his.

Stefan thrusts upwards his cock brushing against her inner thigh, obviously ready to get inside. He attempts to align their groins together, but his efforts are to no avail as Bonnie keeps shifting away from him.

"Bonnie please." He begs softly and Bonnie smiles at eagerness. Finally, Bonnie takes pity on him shifting her hips and lowering herself down on his cock. Very slowly she moves up and down on him, her head thrown back in pleasure.

Stefan hands move from her thighs, to her hips, to her flat stomach, reveling in the pleasure. The combination of Bonnie's deliberate grinding and the feel of Bonnie's skin against his, makes things that much better.

Ultimately the grinding turns into bouncing and their movements become sloppier. It becomes apparent that they are both getting closer to their peaks. Stefan thrusts up and Bonnie's walls tighten around him until she completes her second climax. Her release leaks onto his thighs and both the scent of it and her fluttering walls cause him to come for a second time as well.


Afterwards they lay cuddled together; Bonnie spread out on top of him, Stefan arms wrapped around her.

"We should really get back to work." It comes out slightly muffled since she says this against the hard wall of his chest where her head rests.

Stefan says nothing, instead choosing to pull her into a soft kiss that quickly grows passionate. They continue trading heat filled kisses causing the room to feel with lust-related tension. However, before it can lead to another round of sex, Bonnie breaks the kiss.

"Stefan." She begins placing a finger to his lips when it looks like Stefan will interrupt. "As much as I would love to continue this, I think we should actually start working on the plan." She moves her hand to his cheek cupping it.

"You're right; I just missed you this week and got carried away." He agrees, hinting at the fact that they spent the last week away from each other.

"It couldn't be helped, between Elena and Caroline, I haven't been able to get away to see you." She explains before continuing sadly. "I wish we didn't have to sneak around like this."

"As long as Klaus still thinks my humanity is shut off and that I'm still under his compulsion, the safer you and everyone else are." He caresses her cheek softly. "Your involvement in this makes you just as much of a target as I am. I need to get rid of him once and for all because I won't let him hurt you."

Stefan softly leans closer brushing his nose against hers. "Your love broke through my compulsion and I won't ever forget that." He kisses her softly before pulling away.

"Well the sooner we find something, the sooner this can be all behind us." She climbs off Stefan, standing up intending to find the book she was looking through before Stefan distracted her when takes a glimpse at her watch.

As a result she begins putting on her clothes hurriedly, Stefan watching her in confusion.


"Yeah?" She stands up fully dressed.

"You going somewhere?" He assumed she would get the book she dropped earlier and come back to bed, but it like that won't be the case.

"I'm afraid so, I'm supposed to be meeting Elena, but someone distracted me and now I'm going to be late."She spies her boots near the bed and sits down at the edge in order to slip them on.

Stefan starts to mess with the hem of her shirt, lifting it up before pressing a kiss to the small of her back. "Why does Elena want to me with you?"

"I'm not sure, if I were to bet, I'd say it most likely about Damon." She wriggles slightly at his continued ministrations. "It's just a feeling I have."

"Mmmh…" Stefan agrees, barely listening instead he trails his tongue down her back.

Bonnie moans when his arm wraps her waist. "Stefan. I really have to go" She tries to stand, but is pulled back into the bed by him.

They trade several short, but hot kisses before Bonnie pulls away completely and backs away from the bed. "I'll see you later." She smiles at him before hurriedly leaving the room.

Stefan lies back on the bed with a smile despite his unfilled arousal. As he lays there his thoughts eventually go to a few months ago when the change in his relationship with Bonnie first began.


The Abandoned Witch House – 4 Months Ago

Stefan needed a way to defeat to Klaus and he figured that getting Bonnie's help would be his best bet. He had been tracking her for few days, but she was rarely alone. He gotten lucky today when he saw that she was alone and decided that he would follow her.

When he realizes she is heading to the abandoned witch house where he has the coffins hidden, he realizes that this is fate and decides on seeing this plan through.

So he follows her making sure that she doesn't sense him until he absolutely wants her to.

Bonnie looks around the basement and attempts to figure out why she was drawn here, when she hears a familiar voice.

"Hello Bonnie." He greets her; slightly amused that she's startled.

"Stefan. You followed me here?" She asks, and is surprised that it is mostly weariness as opposed to an actual fear of Stefan for some reason.

When Bonnie turns around and their eyes meet Stefan's only thought is to wonder why he never realized how hot she is before. As a result he feels himself harden slightly and wonders just what that could mean. He however shakes off those thoughts and answer's her question. "Yeah it wasn't too hard. You should probably be more careful."

"What do you want with me?" She asks him this with a mixture of curiosity and cautiousness.

Stefan's mind goes into the gutter and he can't stop himself from imagining all the pleasurable things he wouldn't mind doing with her. Still he knows that she needs reassure so he attempts to give it. "Relax. I just need your help."

"Why would I help you?" She looks up at him unconvinced, "Elena said you saved Klaus's life."

He inwardly groans because of course Elena wouldn't understand the bigger picture and now that means he will have to work even harder to convince Bonnie to help.

"Let me fill you in on a little secret about Klaus. He kept his family with him at all times- daggered, stored in coffins. And now I have them, and I need you to help keep them hidden." He walks closer to her catching of whiff of her scent.

Are you out of your mind? You're just gonna make him angrier." She says alarmed both at the situation and his safety.

Pissing off Klaus isn't a good idea right now and doing this is the quickest way to do it. Despite what Bonnie implied earlier about helping him and Elena's assertion that the Stefan she cares about is no longer there, she does still worry about him.

"His family is his one weakness. As long as I have that, I can ruin him." He feel the concern coming from her and he's surprised that he is grateful for it.

"I don't have enough power to hide four originals!" She yells out in frustration.

"You're a witch. You hate Klaus. I know you can figure something out." He says knowing what he says is true. People tend to underestimate her, but if she really wanted to do some damage she could. He looks at her, hoping she'll agree to it.

"Okay. I'm in." She nods at him.


Later on in the day they meet up again to have another discussion about the coffins. That eventually led to him angrily confronting her about telling Elena and Damon by extension.

"If I wanted them to know, I would have involved them." He snarls at her.

"Elena was looking for you and wanted me to do a locator spell. I could have refused, but we both know that when it comes to do it she's not going to listen. You should also know that went it comes to Jeremy, she's won't put up with your crap." She says slightly angry herself.

"Like I told Elena, Jeremy is not my problem. Though considering he decided to cheat by hookup with his ex-girlfriend, I'm not quite sure why you care about his well being. Kind of pathetic if you ask me" He taunts her. "Are you going to slap me now as well?" He purposely baits her because he's enjoying the anger coming from her.

"If I wanted to hurt you, I wouldn't even have to touch you. Besides with your humanity turned off I can't expect you to care about anyone but yourself" She says matter-of-factly.

For some reason, Bonnie's words bother him in a way Elena's earlier distress failed to and he glares at her intensely in attempt to intimidate her.

For Bonnie's part she meets his intense stare head on and it becomes obvious she is not intimidated by him. Her normal green eyes are darkened with anger and her skin gives off a heated glow. As a result, the attraction he's been feeling since he first saw her flares up again and he yanks her into an unexpected kiss.

When their lips meet, Bonnie hesitates for all of one second before she responds fervently. The kiss takes on a life of its own, moans occasionally slipping from their mouths. His hands move from around her waist to cup her ass and he marvels at the way it feels in his hands.

One minute, he is happily kissing Bonnie and the next he's on the ground clutching his head in pain. It takes him a second, but he eventually realizes that Bonnie used her powers to give him an aneurysm.

"I'll help you, but next time I suggest you keep your hands and lips off me." Her body still reeling from his unexpected kiss wants to disagree with her statement, but she decides to contemplate why at a later time. Instead, she glares down at him, power exuding from her entire body.

With that, she walks up the stairs and out of the house. Leaving Stefan on the floor watching her with a mixture admiration, lust and another emotion he can't explain.


The Abandoned Witch House – Present

He knows now that the emotion had been the beginning of his humanity being switched back on and the longer he worked with her, the more he had seemed to feel. While he agreed to keep his hands and lips off Bonnie, it didn't stop him from shamelessly flirting with her.

At first he did it because he knew it kept her slightly off balance, but eventually after a couple of months evolved to them both enjoying it. Bonnie even began flirting back and after awhile their meetings were charged with sexual tension. That sexual tension eventually evolved into something more meaningful, though neither was consciously aware of the change.

At least until the day came when he finally realized he had fallen in love with her.


The Abandoned Witch House – 2 Months Ago

He frantically tries to open the casket with a shovel unusually edgy.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie watches him in confusion.

"We have to get this open. If it can help kill Klaus, we have to open it." He anxiously uses the shovel on the casket his aggravation growing with every second.

"That's what I'm trying to do!" She shouts with some annoyance of her own.

"Then try harder!" He shouts back in frustration.

"Why are you acting like this?" Bonnie hasn't seen him this emotional before and has to admit that it slightly worries her.

"Because I can't live like this anymore!." He drops the shovel and starts to breaks down. "I'm sorry." He looks at her, upset that he is taking his frustration out on her.

Bonnie watches him for a moment before pulling into a hug. His arms wrap tightly around her and the tension in his body ebbs. They stay in the embrace for a few more moments before both begin to pull back.

Their eyes meet and they slowly lean in for a kiss. The kiss is much slower than the one they shared two months ago, but no less passionate. As the kiss goes on Stefan comes to a sudden realization. He pulls away abruptly, startling Bonnie.

"What's wrong?"

"My humanity is switched back on." He says in astonishment.

"Are you sure?" She asks cautiously.

"Yeah, I've been different the last few weeks and now I know why." He grins happily.

"Do you think Klaus broke his compulsion on you?" A mixture of happiness for him and confusion over the situation run through her.

"No he wouldn't do that." He pulls her against him "It was you actually. I haven't felt anything for anyone for awhile until I started spending time with you. You brought out something in me, that I haven't really felt before."

"What about Elena? You do know she's not going to be happy about this?" She hates to ask, but she doesn't want to put her heart on the line without good reason.

"I can't say I really care. Those feelings I had for haven't returned and I don't think they ever will. My feelings started changing before all this with Klaus started and this situation only sped up the inevitable. Plus she clearly has feelings for Damon so she can't be too upset about this." He shrugs.

"How are we going to do this? And what do we do about Klaus?"

"This started out with me just wanting to destroy him, but now I need to do this because I want be with you and getting rid of him keeps you safe. As for us I think we should keep things between us until this stuff with Klaus is over."

Stefan stares at Bonnie seeing the expressions change from slight nervousness to cautious happiness. He presses a firm, but brief kiss to her lips before continuing.

"I'm just going to lay it out on the line. I'm falling in love with you." He stares deeply into her eyes imploring her to believe him. "I know you've felt the sparks between us, but I'll back off if you want me to. Just tell me you don't feel the same way I do."

Part of her wants to lie and say he doesn't feel that way, but the look in his eyes is what changes her mind. "I can't. I do have feelings for you. I don't know when or why it happened, but it did." She cups his face in her hands.

He smiles softly at her before pulling her into a kiss.


The Abandoned Witch House – Present

Stefan is brought out of his reminiscing when he hears his phone ringing. He looks around and sees his jacket on the floor leaping off the bed to pick it up, knowing that it's the last place he had it.

"What." He answers knowing that it's Damon which means his won't have to pretend to be the unemotional Stefan because he really is uninterested in whatever reason his older brother is calling.

"Come on little brother, is that anyway to answer the phone?" Damon bites back and Stefan can hear the smirk in his voice. Based on his tone, it's not a life or death situation which raises his annoyance a bit.

"I don't have time for this. What do you want?" Stefan decides to cut to the chase

"I'm sure your plotting with Bonnie can wait." Damon says referring his team up with Bonnie and Stefan smiles when he hears her name.

"Elena and I need to talk to you about something it's important." Damon finishes calmly which unlike him. Which leads him to think that Bonnie's feeling that there is something between Damon and Elena is probably true.

"Fine. I'll be there." He hangs up without giving Damon a chance to respond.

He doesn't really care about the news, but since he has a feeling Bonnie will be there, he decides it won't be so bad.