This drabble is based on a line said in 4x19

Intense hues from the sun fill up the silent bedroom. Stefan lay on his side, quietly watching Bonnie sleep. They had spent a long night together and Stefan isn't surprised that she is still asleep. When Bonnie soon begins to murmur and thrash around, Stefan realizes that she is having some kind of nightmare. Wordlessly, he wraps his arms around her body, pulling her in closely which calms her instantly. Bonnie begins to stir when he presses a kiss to her cheek.

Bonnie's eyes flutter open and she smiles at the warm look on Stefan's face as he greets her. "Good morning."

"Good morning." She softly answers back. There is something almost innocent about the way Stefan looks first thing in morning. He doesn't seem to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and he seems more relaxed. She loves seeing him this away and because of this she snuggles closer to him. She is unsurprised by the warmth coming from him despite his vampire status; as he tends to soak up some of her body heat during the night.

Instead she revels in how good he feels against her only to freeze when she feels something poking insistently against her behind.

Stefan shifts away from her slightly, ignoring the hardening of his cock and instead focuses on her nightmare. "Are you okay? I noticed you were thrashing in your sleep." He looks at her in concern.

"I'm okay; it was just a normal nightmare, nothing supernatural about it." She reassures by leaning up to press a firm kiss against his lips.

Stefan's body visibly relaxes at her reassurance. Ever since the situation with the witches, Bonnie has been having reoccurring nightmares about what happened.

It took a while, but Bonnie eventually began to remember everything and while it's good that she is in the loop, Stefan can only hope the lack of dreams the last few nights means the dreams have stopped permanently.

Mentally shaking himself out of those thoughts, Stefan deepens their kiss only stopping when Bonnie pulls away to catch her breath.

They lay content together for a few moments and Stefan's thoughts go to the night of the prom, specifically what Caroline said during the dance they shared. He had been upset about Elena and she assured him that he would fall for someone else. He had been hopeful, but he hadn't really believed it would happen.

Unsurprisingly Caroline ended up being right; he ended up comforting Bonnie after she was attacked by Elena and that night renewed their friendship. That friendship eventually grew in something more and now here they were together.

He focuses on the object of his thoughts, bliss running through him when she presses a kiss under his chin.

Their tranquility is eventually disturbed when Bonnie glances at the clock and realizes the time. "I really should get up." She says with some reluctance despite crawling up the bed and further away from him.

Stefan frowns in confusion, "Where are you going?" He sits up slightly making the sheet slide down his body, stopping low on his hips.

"My dad should be home soon and I need get there before he shows up. I might legally be an adult, but I don't want my dad seeing me do the walk of shame. I'll see you later on tonight though." She explains logically; inwardly she is amused by the pout forms on his lips as well as the way the sheet clings to his body.

He seems to read her thoughts and the next thing she knows he has her ankle, draping her along his body.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie asks confused, but also happy to feel his skin against hers.

"I think you know." His hands grip her hips. "If you're going to be away from me all day, I think we both should have some fun before you go." He takes her mouth in a kiss and thrusts inside of her.

As he lifts Bonnie up and down on his shaft he decides that he's going to have to find away to thank Caroline for her advice. He doesn't have the slightest idea of how to go about it, but know he figure something out.

When Bonnie's walls squeeze his cock, he thinks maybe he'll ask her to help.