A/N - This one is a little different than most of the other drabbles. It's set in the future, about seven years after the end of Season 4. In this story, Stefan being locked in the safe & Bonnie dying happened, but they were resolved within a few weeks instead of the several months like on the show. This will be a two parter, I'm hoping to have the second part up soon. I'm also working on updates to some my other stories.

Seven years after leaving Mystic Falls with Elena, Damon returns to repair his relationship with his brother and to give him back the woman he loves. It took longer than it should have, but Damon and Elena both finally realized that while they cared about each other, what they had was nothing compared to what she and Stefan had had. So they parted as friends and decided to come back to town to reestablish their relationships with him.

"What if he's moved on?" Elena says with a hint of nervousness from the passenger seat of Damon's Porsche. "I mean it has been seven years and I ran off with his brother, he might not be very receptive to us getting back together.

"Stefan could never move on from you. You two are meant to be and it's about time we all realized it." Damon says remembering the conversation he had years ago with Qetsiyah. When Elena still looks unsure he continues. "It may take some time, but I'm sure you two will eventually work things out and then you'll be going at it like rabbits."

"But what if he's fallen head over heels for someone else?"

"I can't imagine him ever loving anyone else more than you." Damon gives her a soft smile.


Stefan growls and fists his hand in Bonnie's hair as she continues to bop up and down on his cock. When she manages to take him in deep enough that her lips touch the base of his cock, he moans her name and his face changes from his human visage to its natural state. His hands tighten in her hair and he begins thrusting his hips in time with Bonnie's movements. When she moves a hand to softly squeeze his balls, his eyes roll in the back of his head.

"Bonnie." He growls out her name when his orgasm hits a few seconds later. He makes attempt to lift her head, but she refuses to budge taking all of his release into her mouth. The moment he's spent, he stands up; hauling her into his arms before dragging her from the arm chair they were previously in to the large bed across the room.

He throws her on the bed and the moment she lands she sits up on her knees, waiting anxiously for Stefan to make his next move. He pushes her onto her back and hovers over her, grinning when he sees the arousal in her eyes.

Bonnie moans when he presses a passionate kiss to her lips before pulling away to move down her torso. When he gets to her thighs, he lingers for a while to heighten her arousal. She feels her hips jolt upward, when he lightly bites her thigh before he takes a lick at her center.

He pulls away and looks longingly at her clitoris for a few moments before taking the bud between his lips and sucking lightly. Bonnie bucks against his mouth and threads her hands through his hair to bring him closer. He purrs against her mound as he penetrates her over and over with his tongue causing Bonnie throw her head back in bliss as her orgasm hits her.

Before she even has a chance to come down from her high, Stefan is thrusting inside of her. They both groan in relief at being connected so intimately and they begin to move against each other.

Stefan growls as he thrusts become deeper and faster, causing his name and dirty words to spill from her lips. Fueled by both her body and the sound of her voice, he responds with even raunchier words, knowing they would turn her on. She proves him right when her body starts to shake and her moans become much louder. Not to be left out, Stefan can feel his cock grow larger and his balls grow heavier.

Their eyes meet and Stefan is further turned on by the heat he sees in her eyes. He levels another thrust at her, causing her to grip his biceps and lock her legs tighter around his waist. Bonnie flies into her orgasm, but surprisingly makes no noise; instead her scream is silent as she feels the effects of her release. Stefan growls as she claws his shoulders and back before he flies into his own orgasm. He doesn't know what it is, but without fail whenever he makes love to Bonnie, his body feels hot, almost as if he were alive again.

The moment he is finally spent, he pulls out and flops onto his back, pulling Bonnie into his arms. "I love you." He says before pressing a kiss to her forehead and wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you too." She says against his chest.

The two lay contently in each other's arms, despite knowing they need to get ready for their day to start.


"So what about you?" Elena says as the two make their shared hotel suite. They figured showing up at the boardinghouse with luggage would be a bad idea.

"What about me?" Damon takes off his clothes, intending on taking a shower.

"How do you plan on getting Bonnie?" Elena asks, his nudity not fazing her.

"What makes you think I want Bonnie?" Damon raises an eyebrow at her.

"I saw the look in your eyes when I mentioned Bonnie was still living in town."

"Okay, you caught me." Damon sits on his bed. "I wouldn't be opposed to starting something with her." He's thought about her a lot over the years and he's realized that he's missed arguing with her. He would have never admitted it at the time, but sometimes he would purposely say something awful to her because he knew it would piss her off and seeing Bonnie angry kind of turned him on. "Do you have a problem with that? I know you two used to be close."

"No, I don't have a problem with it, but I do have to wonder how you plan to get her. You two weren't exactly in a good place the last time you saw her." Bonnie and Damon weren't exactly at each other's throats, but they also weren't best friends either.

"I know there's no love lost between us, but I think with some time I can get her to want me." He rubs his chest. "Jeremy's engaged and I know there is no way in hell any other good prospects have come along. It will be easy." Damon grins cockily as he thinks about the things he plans on doing to the witch when he gets the chance.

"Are you saying no one would want Bonnie?" She looks at him in disbelief. Bonnie may not have had that many boyfriends, but it had mostly been because of the lack of decent guys around.

"No, I'm saying I doubt she found anyone worthy of her time. So my chances of getting her will be higher. I wore you down despite you having been with Stefan." He leers at her. "I think I can wear her down especially since there won't any competition to slow me down."

"For your sake, I hope you're right." She smiles at him.

"Don't worry I'm always right." He grins before standing up and walking into the bathroom.


Bonnie sighs as she places the cover on her travel mug. Normally she would drink her coffee here at home before she headed to work, but she's running late because of her morning interlude with Stefan. She smiles to herself when she thinks of how amazing it had been and how hard it had been to get out of bed this morning. Her smile widens when a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist and she's pulled against a hard wall of muscle.

"You smell incredible" He inhales Bonnie's scent taking in the mixture of soap, perfume, and her natural fragrance.

"Did you have a nice shower?" She asks with a smile as Stefan starts to pepper kisses to her throat.

"No, you weren't there." He turns her in his arms and playfully glowers at her. He'd been more than disappointed when Bonnie decided to take her shower in one of the other bathrooms instead sharing the one connected to their master bedroom.

"Sorry." She caresses his cheek. "But I'm running late and we both know we would have done more than share a shower if I'd stayed." She reluctantly pries his hands from around her waist. "Speaking of running late, you have to pick up Sam and I need to get to work." She picks up her phone and is moving to pick up her mug when Stefan grabs her he

"Not so fast, aren't you forgetting something?" He peers down at her, an intense look in his eyes.

"Hmm." Bonnie pretends to think it over. "Not that I know of."

She laughs when Stefan growls in annoyance before deciding to take pity on him. "Oh now I remember." She steps closer to him. "How could I forget to kiss my husband goodbye?" She grins up at him before draping her arms loosely around his neck and pulling him into a kiss. Their lips move passionately against each other for several seconds before Bonnie pulls away. "I'll see you guys later, right?"

"Yeah." He kisses her one more time before she picks up her coffee and walks out of the door.


The bell rings signaling a customer, causing Nora Watson looks up from her laptop. She smiles when she sees Stefan walk in with Sam. Nora came to Mystic Falls about a year and a half ago to take over her grandmother's antique shop and had been surprised by how good looking Stefan was when he came into her shop one day to purchase some jewelry for a special occasion. After that every time she ran into him, she flirted with him shamelessly, hoping to get his attention. However the flirting stopped the moment she saw him with Bonnie, having come to the realization that it would be a lost cost. Not to mention, these days she considers Bonnie a good friend and would never cross that line out of respect for her. Still since she has eyes, it never stops her from ogling him whenever she gets the chance.

"Hi, Stefan" She smiles at Stefan who returns it with one of his own.

"Nora." He nods out a greeting.

"Hi Sam." She looks down at the little boy holding Stefan's hand.

"Hi." Sam smiles charmingly at her and she knows he will be a heart breaker ten years from now.

"So what brings you here today?" She makes sure to direct the question to Sam, knowing he likes to be included in conversations that involve him.

"Me and Daddy are getting a present for Mommy." He grins at her before looking up at Stefan. "Can I pick out my own present to give her?"

"You don't want to share credit with me?" Stefan pretends to be hurt.

"Nope, I want Mommy to know I picked it out all by myself." He smiles reminding Stefan of Bonnie. "Besides you usually get her jewelry and I want to get her something cool."

"Okay." Stefan laughs at his son's logic. "Go pick out your gift."

"So what's the occasion?"Nora asks as Sam makes his way over to an aisle with old magic books and trinkets.

"Nothing special, It's a just because gift."

"Really?" She gives him a skeptical look.

"I like giving my wife presents, there's nothing wrong with that." He shrugs unapologetically.

"Can I clone you?" Nora says jokingly, slightly envious of how in love Stefan is with Bonnie and vice versa. Before she came to Mystic Falls she figured that kind of love was a myth, but now she's seen it firsthand.

"Been there done that" Stefan frowns, remembering Silas. "Not an experience that I want to repeat."

"I don't even want to know." Nora shakes her head, realizing that Stefan is referencing something supernatural related. She'd been surprised to find out that not only there was such a thing as supernatural beings, but Bonnie and Stefan were two high profile members. It had been weird at first to get used to the idea of hanging out with a witch and a vampire, but she eventually stopped thinking about it.

"Have you gotten any new items since I was last here?" Stefan chances the subject as he looks out at the glass protected jewelry case.

"Yes actually." She grins and shows him a necklace with azure stones peppered through the silver.

Stefan smile widens the moment he sees the necklace, knowing that Bonnie would love it. The bell rings again, causing Nora to look up. She drools a little when a gorgeous guy with dark hair and blue eyes walks in. She can tell by his walk that he's extremely confident and she continues to watch him until he turns down another aisle.

Damon looks around, impressed by the little shop. He came in because he was hoping to get something for Elena's birthday next week. He's so focused on his thoughts that he doesn't see the tiny blur until it crashes into him. He grunts as pain shoots through his shins.

"Sorry, Mister, but you should really watch where you're going." Damon looks down and sees a little boy, about five years old staring up at him from the ground. The boy has brown skin and dark curly hair that is cut close to his scalp, but it's his eyes that draw him in. His eyes are a bright green and despite his young age there is wisdom in them that he knows will only grow as he gets older.

"Where are you parents?" He holds his hand out and helps the boy to his feet, wanting to get away from as soon as possible.

"My daddy is over there." He points across the room.

"Where are you, buddy?" A voice that he can only assume is the boy's father calls out.

"Stefan?" Damon's eyes widen when he looks up and realizes the voice in question belongs to his younger brother.

"Damon?" Stefan is just as shocked. "What are you doing back in town?" He hasn't seen him since he and Elena decided it would be best to nurture their relationship away from Mystic Falls.

"I thought it was time for me to come home." Damon shrugs before his attention is drawn to the boy once again. When Stefan first appeared he assumed that his brother was watching him for a friend or something, but after taking a longer look at the boy he quickly realizes that is not the case. Aside from his curly hair, bright green eyes, and brown skin, he's the spitting image of Stefan. It also explains why it actually hurt when the boy ran into him. He must have inherited some of Stefan's vampire strength. And suddenly it hits him that it's been seven years since he's been in contact with his brother and despite what he told Elena earlier it's obvious that things have changed.

"Daddy, who's that man and why is he looking at me like that?" Damon looks from Stefan to the tiny boy who currently has arms wrapped around one of Stefan's legs.

"Yeah, Daddy why don't you introduce us?" He directs the question to Stefan, still surprised by the revelation that he's apparently an uncle.

"I'm Samson Salvatore." He answers immediately, annoyed that the man didn't ask him directly. He may only be five, but he's old enough to tell people his name. "Who are you?" He asks as he pulls away from Stefan, giving the dark-haired man a scowl. Damon is struck by how familiar the scowl seems.

"Remember when I told you about my brother, Damon?" Stefan kneels down to his son's level and quickly ties his shoe.

"Yeah" He nods at Stefan before turning back to Damon and looking deep into his eyes. "Your eyes are kind of like my daddy's so you must be his brother. Do you drink blood like him too?" He asks surprising Damon.

"Yeah, I do." He and Stefan share a look."You're a good looking kid." He glances back down at Sam. "Not as good looking as me, but good looking nonetheless."

"My mommy says I'm even more handsome than my daddy." Sam says this in a way that makes the statement seem modest. "And she said there's no one's more handsome than him. So you can't look better than me or him." He looks up with him with eyes that once again seem very familiar.

"Sam, why don't you finish picking out your gift and take it to Nora."

"Okay, Daddy." Stefan stands up as his son starts to walk away. "Bye Mister" Sam directs at Damon before going to another part of the store.

"So… you have a kid?"

"Yeah I do."

"And have gotten married from the look of the ring on your hand." He glances at the gold band on Stefan's left hand. "What about Elena?"

"What about Elena?" Stefan narrows his eyes. "The last I checked she left town with you."

"We broke up awhile ago."

"What does that have to does that have to do with me?"

Damon looks at him in surprise.

"You haven't been around for years. Did you really expect for everything to be the same as it was when you left?" Stefan asks when it becomes obvious Damon is having trouble digesting the news.

"I did actually." Damon replies honestly. He assumed that Stefan would still be pining for Elena, considering their relationships with Katherine.

"Well I hate to disappoint you," Stefan beings sarcastically, "but things have changed. I have a family now and I'm happy. Now if you'll excuse me." He turns to walk away.

"Wait!" Damon's voice is desperate. "Elena was only a small part of the reason I'm here." He decides to do something he never thought he would do which is humble himself. "I would like it if we could talk, try to repair our relationship."

"If you're serious then you should come to the boardinghouse to talk tomorrow." Stefan decides to make the offer, shocked by Damon's humility

"Daddy, are we still going to stop and get some ice cream like you said?" Sam walks over with Nora, who is holding a bag containing the items they picked out earlier.

"Yeah, buddy." He smiles at his son. "Let's go." He takes the bag from Nora and grabs onto Sam's hand.

Damon watches as the two walk out of the shop. The moment the door shuts, he frowns wondering how he's going to break the news to Elena that Stefan has not only moved on, but also had a kid. And speaking of the kid he still hasn't figured out who the kid reminds him of.