The bright early morning hues from the sun cause Stefan to stir out of sleep. He opens his eyes and his mind immediately goes back to the night before. He remembers how he and Bonnie spent the night making love before falling back on the bed, exhausted and sated. They fell asleep separately, but now upon waking Stefan notices that they managed to find each other at some point during the night. Bonnie's back is spooned against his chest and his arms wrapped around her waist

He takes a glance her face and realizes that she is still asleep and decides on waking her. His hands begin to softly stroke the skin on her flat stomach, rubbing consistently at the spot above her belly button as it is one of Bonnie's favorite spots. When she doesn't wake up, he slowly moves up her body stopping once he lands on her breasts, caressing them tenderly. He moves his head to the crook of her neck and begins kissing her there.

The sensation from Stefan's ministrations causes her to stir and she when she wakes up she arches her back and her ass automatically presses back into his groin. They both jolt slightly when they a feel simultaneous spark of pleasure with Bonnie's inadvertent movement.

All Stefan can think is that waking up with Bonnie is one of his favorite things to do. It's not even about sex, though that is amazing. He loves how happy he feels when he wakes up and realizes that Bonnie is in his arms. Sometimes when he wakes it is like was today, others he's spooned in her arms and her face is nuzzled in his back, but his favorite has to be when she's in the circle of his arms, when her head rests against his chest and his hands are splayed on her back. He loves it because he can always feel the warmth of her breath on his chest and smell the sweet scent of her hair.

He hates the days that is unable to sleep over because she's not in his arms when he wakes up and he never sleeps quite as well. He also loves that she seems to feel safe and protected with him, that she trusts him enough to let her guard down.

Stefan continues to kiss her neck softly for a few more moments before pulling away. Bonnie shifts and turns around in arms so they are facing each other, his arms wrapping around her waist. She looks up at him and smiles, her hand stroking his cheek.

He smiles back at her and stares into her green eyes. "Hi." He utters softly.

"Hi." She responds back in kind and if possible the smile on her face gets even wider. There is just something about him using that one word that always gets to her.

Stefan continues to stare intensely at her until Bonnie finally asks him why he's staring at her. He presses a hard and brief kiss to her lips before answering.

"I want you to move in with me." He blurts out. He wasn't intending to just blurt it out that way, but he is unable to take it back since he has been thinking about it for a while now.

Bonnie seems some shocked and he confirms this with her next words. "Where is this coming from Stefan?"

Stefan isn't surprised by reaction and knows that being completely honest will be the best way to convince her. "I love you and this last year has been so great, but I want more. I miss you whenever you're not here and nothing about this place feels right until you come back. Plus you're here most of time and half your stuff is already here. Why not make it official. So what do you say?" He finishes his plea and waits anxiously for her answer.

She stares at him a few seconds before quickly saying "Okay."

"Okay?" He asks with slight cautiousness. Part of him was expecting her to say she needed time to think, so he the quick answer is somewhat surprising to him.

Bonnie smiles, "Yes, I will move in with you. I hate when I have to leave you and I love you so much….

Before she can finish Stefan pulls her into adoring kiss which she returns eagerly. His tongue swirls around in her mouth and she moans softly. Their mouths continue to move in frenzied passion until Bonnie pulls away to breathe. Stefan smiles, kisses her cheek and rub his nose against hers

Bonnie's hands rub his hard chest and he can feel his groin tighten and grow heavier.

"So Miss Bennett I'm thinking we should celebrate." He says flirtatiously pulling her even closer against him.

She laughs somewhat at the slightly goofy look on his face. "I'm thinking you're right Mr. Salvatore." With that her hands move up to his face and she pulls him into another kiss.

Stefan kisses her back and his own hands move slowly down her body. They move from her waist, to her hips, down to her ass which he squeezes slightly, finally landing on her thighs. He pulls them apart and swiftly slides himself deep inside her. He rolls them over so he is on top and begins thrusting gently inside of her.

They make love happily throughout knowing this is only the beginning of things to come.