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"This is boring!" Jack explained, throwing his cards down dramatically.

"What's the matter Frostbite? Gett'n sick a losing?" Aster asked smugly.

"Why does it matter? There isn't anything to lose!" Jack said in exasperation.

"Oh, it that it? How bout we make things a bit more interest'n then?"

"How so?" Jack asked, interested.

"Up for a little strip poker snowflake?" Aster said, a gleam in his bright green eyes.

Jack stared at him for a moment then laughed "You're joking, right?"

"What's the matter mate? Scared?" Aster mocked.

"NO!" Jack said quickly, he certainly wasn't going to let the giant rabbit question him "Deal it."

Aster grinned and grabbed the deck, shuffling it thoroughly and tossing 5 cards Jack's way. Jack grinned up at Aster and they began to play, this was going to be fun.

Several hands later Jack was forced to admit that perhaps he hadn't thought this out very well, the idea of was strip poker was far less threatening when your entire wardrobe consisted of a leather harness, two wrist guards and leather foot wraps. So there he sat, in his underwear trying vainly to preserve some of his dignity while Aster sat across from him comfortably sprawled out still with both is foot wraps in place. Jack had him this time though, he looked at his cards, a straight flush in diamonds and said "Well bunny, are you in or out?"

Aster mulled it over for a moment, checked his cards again and then said "In, let's see what ya got snowflake."

Jack didn't miss the double meaning of the words as he placed his cards on the table with a smug smile. "Beat that."

"Not bad Frostbite, not bad." Aster said as he dropped his hand onto the table in defeat. Jack grinned until he saw the unimaginably smug grin on the rabbit's face; he took a closer look at the cards, Ten of spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades, Ace of Spades. "Oh, forgot one." Aster said with a grin, dropping the Jack of spades onto the table. A Royal Flush…the rabbit had a freaking Royal Flush!

"You've gotta be kidding me…" Jack said in disbelief.

"Nope, come on now Snowflake, you know the rules. Let's see what you got." Aster said with a grin, leaning back in his chair as he looked expectantly at Jack, taking a sip of his orange tinted drink.

Jack slowly stood, his face as red as North's coat, something he would have killed for at that moment. His embarrassment was made worse by the fact that he felt himself getting aroused, that fact both surprising and disturbing to the winter spirit. He willed his arousal to go away which, naturally, had the opposite effect. With a sigh Jack gripped the elastic of his underwear and in one swift motion dropped them to the ground around his ankles. Aster choked slightly on his drink, Jack blushed harder, if that were possible, as Aster looked at him appraisingly his emerald eyes roaming over Jack's exposed body. "Enjoying ourselves hmm Frostbite?"

That remark irritated Jack and with a quick flick of his foot he tossed his underwear up caught them and shot them straight into Aster's face. That's when he noticed a patch of pink in the white fur of the rabbit's groin. Jack's shock was joined a moment later by anger, the stupid rabbit was giving him shit and there he was getting hard himself…and why the hell was he getting hard in the first place! Aster chuckled lightly as he grabbed the underwear, giving them an over exaggerated sniff and shot them across the room well out of Jack's reach. His gaze returned to Jack and the winter spirit's blush started creeping down his neck, the combination of the hungry look in his eye and his rapidly growing hard on was starting to make Jack uncomfortable…well, most of him. His own member seemed determined to show up the rabbit's rising to full mast in a matter of seconds, he suddenly wished he had his underwear back.

We made to move toward the place his underwear had landed when Aster said "Where you going off to Snowflake." He looked at Jack, he paw lazily playing with his growing hard on. Jack stared back, trying to ignore the flash of warmth that surged through his groin at the sight. Slowly Aster lifted his available hand and beckoned Jack over. Every fiber of Jack's being told him to walk away, gather his clothes and leave before this went any farther. Jack wasn't sure where exactly this was going, but he knew it wasn't anywhere he wanted to be, he should just get his clothes and leave, let Aster sober up and pretend this never happened. He took one halting step forward, followed by another and then another. Before he was really aware of what he was doing Jack was in front of Aster.

'What the hell am I doing standing here naked next to an obviously horny and drunk Aster' asked the more rational and rapidly fading part of his brain; more importantly, why is it turning me on? That rational part of his brain promptly switched off as Aster, moving faster and with more coordination then Jack would have expected from the drunk rabbit, stood and smashed his lips to Jack's. It took him a moment to realize what was going on, a moment more for his brain to start to protest, a moment past that for his body to tell his brain to shut the hell up, and then he melted into the kiss. It felt good, no not good, amazing. His lips pressed to Aster's, his body pressed against the warm fur, Aster's member hard against his stomach, his own erection against the soft fur, it all combined in feelings that Jack didn't quite understand nor did her care to. He moaned into the kiss as Aster's tongue forced its way into his mouth, the warm appendage pressing against his own as they fought for dominance. Aster chuckled at Jack's involuntary moan, which irked the younger spirit greatly 'two can play that game' he thought as an idea occurred to him.

Jack hesitated for a brief moment then reached down letting out a chuckle of his own at the hissing gasp that escaped Aster as Jack's cold hand wrapped around his erection, the hiss becoming a low growling moan as Jack ran his hand slowly down the Pooka's impressive member. Breaking the kiss Aster brought his mouth to Jack's ear and growled "Careful now Frostbite, don't wanna go startin somethin ya don't have to balls to finish."

"I've got plenty of balls!" Jack snapped back, letting out a little yip that turned into a throaty moan as a warm paw ran over his crotch confirming his story, coming to a rest on his shaft and beginning a steady stroking motion.

"That you do." Aster growled, a laugh in his voice as he nipped at Jack's neck, eliciting lovely little gasps and moans from the winter spirit. Continuing his own ministrations on the rabbit Jack began thrusting into the paw working on his own shaft, feeling himself getting closer. Suddenly the paw was gone, much to Jack's displeasure. Before he had a chance to complain he felt himself pushed back onto the table, catching himself by the edges he tried to steady himself but Aster continued pushing until he was lying on his back, the playing cards sticking to the bare skin of his back. Jack opened his mouth, intending to ask the rabbit what he was about, he got out "wha-" before his words were cut off by a gasp as something warm and wet ran the length of his shaft, stopping and swirling around the tip once before it was enveloped in warmth. Jack threw his head back and moaned as Aster took him all the way into his mouth, sliding up slowly and swirling his tongue around the tip before going back down again. Jack grabbed the edge of the table, his toes curling, as he shouted little wordless exclamations.

Just as Jack began thrusting up into the warm mouth enveloping him Aster pulled back, the rabbits tongue ran down his shaft and continued on, slipping over his balls as Jack felt his legs lifted up until his knees here pressed to his chest. Apprehension gripped Jack as he felt a pair of furry paws spreading his cheeks apart, giving easy access to his ass. He was debating whether to say something when he felt that same warm wet appendage run along the ring of his entrance. Jack let out a shaky breath, he had never felt anything like this before but moon did he enjoy it. He had no idea how long he lay there, Aster's tongue doing things he'd never thought possible the rabbit's whiskers tickling his sensitive cheeks, but eventually he felt Aster stand and pull him up until he was in a sitting position.

There, standing proudly at attention was the rabbit's imposing manhood. Seeing it face to face Jack was surprised by just how large it was, intimidatingly so; apparently there was something to that myth about big feet. Jack glanced up, his sheepish expression meeting Aster's expectant one. Steeling himself Jack slowly leaned forward and licked along the impressive length, it was warm and smooth against his tongue with a slightly salty taste that wasn't entirely unpleasant. Growing more confident Jack leaned forward and took a few inches of it in his mouth swirling his tongue in the same way Aster had as he moved up and down slowly. He was rewarded with a low growl from Aster who put one hand on his head, furry fingers weaving through white hair but not exerting any pressure, leaving Jack in control. After several minutes Jack's jaw was getting sore but he didn't want to stop, he was enjoying the little moans he could coax from Aster like this, plus the rabbit's musk was intoxicating.

Chuckling Aster pulled away with a joking "Down boy." Ignoring the glare Jack shot at him Aster sat back on the chair, grabbing Jack's waist so as that when he settled Jack was straddling him, knees in the chair cushion and chest against Aster's. Jack felt a thrill of fear run through him as he felt something hard pressing against his suddenly very exposed entrance. He stiffened and Aster seemed to notice "Easy Snowflake, just relax." He said as he placed a paw on either of Jack's hips; Jack took a deep breath and steeled himself for what he knew was coming. Slowly he felt Aster lowering him down, the rabbit's huge member pushing at his entrance until he let out a hiss as it slipped inside him. He breathed deep as his entrance flared with pain, Aster sliding farther in every second. Jack shuddered as he slipped farther down the giant shaft, the rabbit was huge! It felt like he was being split in half as Aster filled him to the limit and beyond, his ass was on fire, his face screwed up in pain. Then he felt fur brush his cheeks and he realized Aster was completely inside him. Slowly Aster lifted him, sliding him up until just the tip was still inside him and them back down again, he heard the throaty moan from the rabbit past the pounding of blood in his ears as he slip all the way down again. Slowly Aster picked up the pace sliding in and out faster and faster as the pain shifted to a dull throbbing; then Jack adjusted himself slightly and as he slid down Aster's member is brushed against…something. Jack let out a low moan as pleasure exploded inside him, his own length jumping in response.

"There we go." Aster said and he adjusted slightly, thrusting up into Jack and hitting that spot dead center; Jack screamed. All pain was forgotten as Aster thrust into that spot again and again, each impact like a little explosion in Jack's brain, it felt incredible, better than anything he'd ever imagined. He was moaning and whining like mad as he bounced up and down while Aster thrust into him. He could feel himself getting close, his moans growing louder and his bouncing more frantic. After what seemed like both hours and seconds Jack felt the build up in him break and he moaned long and loud as his body spasmed with his release, his muscles tensing and relaxing rapidly as he unloaded himself all over Aster's furry chest.

Apparently Jack's clenching was too much for Aster because after several more rapid thrusts Jack felt the rabbit shudder underneath with his own release. Jack could feel Aster filling him as he jerked a few more times before slowly pulling out of the winter spirit, panting heavily. "Damn Snowflake." Jack heard Aster say as he collapsed against the rabbit's chest exhausted and spent, feeling the sticky spots he'd left in Aster's fur, and promptly passed out.

Jack blinked awake blearily, blinking his eyes in the morning light filtering into the room; he'd had the wildest dream last night. He flinched as a sharp pain shot through his rear as he stretched "Alright, not a dream" he muttered to himself as he looked around the empty room. He was curled in the chair Aster had been sitting in last night during their poker game and…other activities, a warm blanket wrapped around him. The house was quiet, nobody else was moving around. Looking at the table Jack saw a mug with a playing card leaned against it. He grabbed the mug, sipping the warm coffee gratefully and examined the card, it was the Jack of spades. Scrawled along the side of the card in Aster's handwriting were four words.

Walk it off frostbite

Well, there ya go. I know, it was terrible! . Still can't believe I actually wrote this -_- I'm never gonna be clean again! (ya, like I was beforehand -_-) In case you're wondering no, this does not take place during any of my other fics it's just a little lemony one-shot that was rattling around in my head. Let me know what you think in the reviews! ^_^