Sorry about the wait on this one guys -_- the writing took longer then expected cause I had to wrap it all up, and then the editing went longer then usual so it was just kinda every that could take long took long kinda thing. That being said I'm really happy with the way it came out ^_^ Hope you enjoy the final chapter of this lemon that just grew out of control!

Jack gasped as he woke up sweating, a new experience for the winter spirit. He was warm, no he was hot, hotter then he'd ever been in the morning. As his brain roused itself further he noticed he was wrapped in a think fur blanket, probably the reason for this unusual heat. As more of his brain came back online he realized there was something strange about the situation…he did not own a fur blanket. Then it hit him. All at once he remembered where he was and realized that the fur blanket was not a blanket, but the sleeping form of Aster. Jack froze, why was he lying in Aster's bed being spooned by the Pooka? And more frighteningly, why was his heart practically singing in his chest? He needed to get out of here and think. Taking care not to wake Aster Jack slipped out of his arms and from the bedroom gathered his cloths from the hallway and left the burrow, taking flight as soon as he had closed the door behind him.

Jack's thoughts were nearly as turbulent as the winds in the upper parts of the sky as he made his way home. He as making a list in his head. 1. He had been having sex with Aster as a regular thing for nearly three months now. 2. In the last month Aster had not invited him over or made any contact and then told him he could stay the night. 3. The month before Easter he had seen a change in their relationship. They still had sex when they met up, that was the main reason for it after all, but Jack would often stick around afterwards either talking with Aster or just enjoying each other's company. Aster had even taken it upon himself to cook a quick dinner before sending Jack on his way on several occasions. 4. Jack had missed Aster during the month he had not seen the Pooka…missed him a lot. 5. Jack had been extremely relived to see Aster, almost a physical sense of relief. So what the hell did all that mean? Jack was trying to figure that out right when he was surprised by Tooth's shout of "Jack!" as he nearly collided with the fairy in the air above his pond.

"Tooth, what are you doing here?" Jack asked as he pulled up before hitting her, shocked at her sudden appearance.

She blushed slightly "Did you know that I've been working with Bunny to develop a new type of chocolate that tastes the same but has half the sugar?" She asked, talking fast, even for her.

Jack looked at her slightly bemused "Ummm, no? What does that have to do with me though?"

"I had a bit of a breakthrough last night and I sent Baby Tooth to Asters with the formula for him to look over…" she said, her blush deepening.

Jack starred at her, still not understanding what this had to do with him…then it clicked. "Oh gosh. She…saw?" he asked, when Tooth nodded he added "is she…ok?" feeling like an idiot as soon as the words left his mouth.

Tooth looked at him for a long moment and then said sarcastically "No, poor thing's completely traumatized, little chance of recovery. Yes she's fine, came flying back positively shrieking about what she'd seen, told me and then flew off to the other farriers…who also started shrieking."

Jack was blushing so hard he was surprised he didn't melt from the heat that must have been radiating from his cheeks. "So, uh, are you here to yell at me?"

Tooth looked rather sad at his comment; she flew forward and put a hand on his shoulder. "Jack with you…screwing…Aster I wanted to-" she began, the word 'screwing' clearly one she was not used to using.

Jack interrupted her there "Well…technically I'm not the one-"

"GAH! Dadadadadadadadadadada!" Tooth cut him off, clicking her tongue loudly and waving her hands. Pointing at him like a disobedient pet she said "NO!! I already have to deal with Baby Tooth; I don't need it from you too!" She said, her face red against her green feathers. "I wanted to warn you Jack…don't get attached to Aster. I've known him for a long time Jack, He's a loyal friend, and a wonderful guardian…but he doesn't get attached. He doesn't get close to people, not in that way, not since…not since he lost his people. I just don't want to see you get hurt Jack." Having spoken her bit Tooth seemed suddenly eager to be gone. She gave him quick hug and flew off, leaving Jack to mull over her words.

Jack flew the little way back to his cave, landing and walking into the small area he immediately fell onto the bed lost in thought. Attached…that worked he supposed, though he would probably have used a stronger word to describe his feelings for Aster. And now with Tooth's news… Jack buried his head in his pillow. He knew what this had been from the first moment, it was sex, friends with benefits, nothing more. Yet he allowed himself to hope, to trick himself into thinking it could possibly be anything more, that maybe the feelings he was developing for the Pooka might just be returned. He had been an idiot. Jack laid there on his bed for the rest of the day, through the night, and into the next day. That's when the egg arrived, painted like a Jack of Spades. At the sight of the egg something in Jack snapped; not again, not ever again. He couldn't control the feelings that caused him pain, but he could separate himself from the thing that caused the feelings. He got up from the bed and stepped on the egg, crushing its hollow shell to bits before going to the box where he kept all the other eggs Aster had sent him in that way, dumped them out on the floor and smashed them too.

An hour later Jack heard the soft padding of feet as they entered his cave, pausing for a moment at the entrance before continuing is a few more steps; Jack continued to stare at the well, giving no sign that he noticed his visitor. He heard Aster call out "Frostbite? Frostbite ya here?" Jack ignored him, resolutely staring at the wall. His whole body tense from the effort of not moving; maybe Aster would think he was asleep and just go away. "Frostbite you ok? Ya didn't show when I sent for ya…" please, just go…I'm sleep now go…GO! Jack thought desperately, he was holding his breath subconsciously. "Frostbite are you ok? Can ya-" 'crunch' Jack flinched ever so slightly and Aster stopped speaking at the sound of an eggshell crunching under the Pooka's foot. There was a brief pause in which Jack knew he was in trouble and then Aster exploded "What the hell Jack? Why'd you go and do this? What these googies ever do to you? Hey I know yer awake I can hear ya not breathing!" He shouted.

As soon as Aster started to shout Jack pulled his legs up to his chest, curling himself into a ball "Alright alright, I'm awake!" he shouted back, just wanting Aster to stop his own yelling. Quietly he added "What do you want cottontail?" ignoring Aster's questions.

There was a pause and then Aster took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. When he continued most of the anger was gone from his voice "I wanna know why yer smashin innocent googies, why ya ignored me when I called and why yer starin at the wall refusin ta look at me."

Jack let out a sigh of relief as he heard the anger drain from Aster's voice, he didn't want to fight with him it wasn't his fault really. " I don't want to see you...I mean I...I just didn't feel like going..."

"Bull-pucky. This" Jack couldn't see Aster pick up the handful of shells, but he could hear them being dropped back onto the ground. He heard every shell drop, every little cracking sound felt like a tiny stab to his gut "isn't just not feelin up to a screw." he hesitated for a long moment before saying haltingly "If its somthin I did just tell me instead of taking it out on the googies."

"You didn't do're not going to do anything..." the last part he said quietly, more to himself than aster. "I just didn't want to go and be your loading dock tonight ok?" Jack said pointedly.

"Didn't seem ta mind all the other times" Aster said with a sneer in his voice then continued "What do you mean 'not going to' and why the hell won't you look at me!" he said shouting the last bit.

"Because it hurts aster!" He yelled at the wall before rolling over and sitting up, fully looking at the rabbit now "because it hurts to look at you!" Turning to stare Aster in the eyes he finally let the Pooka see the frost trial down his cheeks, starting from the corners of his eyes. "And I don't have to come whenever you call. I'm not just some...some toy you can call up whenever you want to play. You have no right to come barging in here complaining about not getting some ass right when you want it!" Jack shouted, unable to keep the hurt from his voice.

Jack saw Aster's eyes go wide, an expression of shock on his face. After a moment he said "Frostbite...I came here because I was worried..." he trailed off at the end.

"No! Don't you dare lie to me!" Jack yelled, rising to his feet shakily, pointing an accusatory finger at Aster. "You weren't worried about me. You were just worried about getting a shag. You just came because I didn't come when you called and you wanted to see what the holdup was. You're not worried about're just worried about getting a piece of ass..." Jack spun on the ball of his foot and stopped to where his shoulder was now facing Aster. As he'd said before it hurt, it hurt seeing the rabbit and he couldn't do it anymore. The whirlpool of emotions crashing in his stomach was making him feel sick and the sudden bursts of anger made his head spin.

"I don't need you for quick shag Frostbite." Aster said, his voice surprised.

Jack snorted, crossing his arms over his chest and hugging himself tightly "No? Then why is that the only thing you ever call me over for? That's all I seem to be good least to you..."

"There are easier ways to get a shag then dealing with you Frostbite."

Jack's eyes went wide before narrowing into deadly slits; he turned to Aster as frost started creeping along the floor from where he stood "Oh? I'm not worth dealing with now? Not even good enough to screw anymore huh?" The frost had spread out under Aster's feet by now "Well if I'm not good enough then why are you even here? Just get OUT!" He shouted, a gust of wind rushed into the cave pushing against Aster whipping his fur every which way as he slid on the iced over floor toward the exit.

Aster braced himself against the frame of the entryway and said "That's not what I meant!' His shouting to be heard over the whistling of the wind in the small cave.

Snow was starting to mix with the wind now, collecting in Aster's fur as Jack shouted back "Ooooh I know what you meant! Tooth warned me about you and she was right! I want you out of my sight, out of my cave, and out of my life!" with that Jack summoned a particularly powerful blast off wind that sent Aster flying out of the room. Jack turned back to his bed, stopping at the edge he took a shaky breath, bringing hand to his face as he tried to stifle a sob.

He heard Aster's voice from the entrance of his cave and he closed his eyes in frustration, fresh tears running down his cheeks "What did the bloody fairy say?"

"What? Didn't the door hit you hard enough on the way out or were you just wanting to get tossed around some more?" he said harshly. He just wanted to be left alone so this pain could go away, this pain he didn't want and didn't feel he deserved.

"What. Did. Tooth. Say." Aster said, his voice determined.

Jack glared at the wall,the irritation anger and pain mixing in his stomach was making his skin rather tingly "She said to get out!" He said. He knew he sounded like a brat be he couldn't help it nor did he care; he just wanted the pain to go away and it wouldn't as long as Aster was there.

"I'm not leavin till ya tell me what she said ta make ya hate me." Aster said, the same determination in his voice, along with just a hint of sadness.

Jack sighed as another tear ran down his cheek, a puff of frost escaping his lips; it was obvious Aster wasn't going to let this go. ""She told me what I should have seen coming..." he said, the pain clear in his voice. His shoulders relaxed as he spoke the next words, a weight lifting from him. "I don't hate you..." he whispered "'ll just only ever want me for a quick screw and that's can't help it, but I can't continue going on like that…"

Jack heard Aster walk forward, but was surprised when he was grabbed by the shoulders and spun around to face the Pooka. Aster's face was unreadable; too many emotions crossing it at once for anyone to dominate long enough for Jack to identify it. He looked into Aster' bright green eyes, shining with an emotion he could not place. "Frostbi- Jack...It's not like...I don't're more than..." Aster was fumbling for words.

"Aster please I don't want to hear it I just want you to-" Jack started, but was cut off as Aster's warm lips pressed against his own. This kiss wasn't the usual hungry kiss before a shag, it was so much more. There was a passion that Jack had never felt before in the kiss, emotions he couldn't identify with his conscious mind but he immediately knew he loved it. His eyes fluttered closed and he slowly wrapped his arms around Aster's neck as the Pooka's arms wrapped around his waist. They stayed like that for what Jack guested to be about ten years; when they finally broke apart Jack was breathless but not for the usual reason. "…do that again." He said, finishing his sentence. His brain finally catching up with the rest of him Jack said "W-what was that for?"

Aster grinned at Jack brightly and said "You know what." Before pulling him into a slightly hungrier but just as passionate kiss. Jack pressed himself against Aster as the Pooka held him tightly. He could hardly believe what was happening, nor how incredibly happy it made him that it was. Taking his hands away from Aster's neck Jack went to undo the buckle on his pants but Aster grabbed his hand "We don't have to-" he said before Jack cut him off with a kiss.

Pulling away for a second Jack said "I want to." And then his lips were back on Aster's. With a growl Aster deftly removed his pants, giving a quick playful squeeze to his already hard member. The hoodie proved more difficult to remove since neither of them was willing to break the kiss to get it all the way off. Finally Jack broke their kiss for less than a second as he pulled off his hoodie and flung it away before wrapping his arms back around Aster neck and his legs around the Pooka's waist, grinning as he felt Aster's own arousal against his own. Jack felt more then heard the rumbling growl in Aster's chest as he rubbed himself against the Pooka, sighing lightly himself at the sensation. He laughed into the kiss as Aster went to lower them onto his bed, the Pooka hesitating as he tried to adjust to the unfamiliar location; still it wasn't more than a few second before Jack was lying on his back on his bed with Aster's furry body pressed against his.

Aster broke their kiss after several minutes, smiling at Jack before starting to kiss and nip his way down Jack's body. Jack inhaled sharply as Aster's warm tongue ran down his erection once, continuing on past his balls and to his entrance. Jack signed deeply as Aster's tongue went to work, dancing around his entrance and preparing him for what was coming masterfully. After what must have been a moment he singled to Aster that he was ready. The Pooka got back on his knees, bringing Jack's legs up so that his feet rested on his furry shoulders. Jack gasped as he felt Aster slide into him, the Pooka's huge member filling him completely as usual; as soon as Aster was completely buried in him Jack brought his legs down and locked them around the Pooka's waist. Aster looked down at Jack with a pleasurable smile on his face and leaned down, wrapping his arms around Jack back and pressed his lips to the winter spirits lips once more.

Slowly Aster started sliding in and out, each thrust bringing a little involuntary squeak from Jack. As Aster increased his speed Jack started to grind his hips in time with the Pooka's thrusts, pushing back against him and drawing grunts from Aster. Aster's arms were pressing Jack slightly against his chest, his tongue exploring every bit of Jack's mouth. Jack was in complete bliss, he'd slept with Aster dozens of times but this was different this time, something that wasn't there all the previous times; this wasn't just a shag, just two people trying to get off, it felt like more. As little flashes exploded on the inside of Jack's eyelids he realized what it was; this wasn't just having sex, it was making love. Jack gasped as Aster found that place inside him "Oh moon! Right there Aster, right there!" Aster redoubled his speed then, aiming for that spot with each thrust and hitting it dead on each time. "Oh moon! Ngh! Aster! Oh Fu-!" Jack gasped out, each impact stealing the words from his throat, turning them into a wordless moan. Aster's thrusts were growing more erratic and Jack could feel his own climax building quickly, each thrust bringing him closer to the edge. He threw his head back and moaned loudly, he was so close now, just a little more, almost there "Oh Aster!" Jack shouted as he reached his limit, spurting all over his stomach and Aster's, strand after strand coating them both as he gasped and shuddered in pleasure. Just as the shudders were subsiding from Jack's body he heard a low growl in his ear "Ah Jack!" and with one last thrust Aster came, filling him more with each thrust. His entire body shaking with the force of his orgasm.

Aster collapsed to the side of Jack, landing heavily against the wall and slid down into the bed, panting. Jack winced a little as Aster pulled out so suddenly, panting heavily himself. Turning around Jack curled close against Aster's side, draping one hand over the Pooka's chest as Aster wrapped an arm around Jack and pulled him closer. They laid like that for a long time, basking in the afterglow and enjoying the other company. Finally Jack broke the silence "That was amazing." Aster nodded in agreement. Another couple minutes passed before Jack said "So…"

Aster looked down at Jack and asked "So?" They laid there a while longer, Jack running his fingers through the fur on Aster's chest while Aster rubbed a paw up and down Jack's back. Finally Aster said "Ya know, Fro-Jack, as nice as this place is, its kinda small…I've got a spare room in the burrow if yer interested…" Aster said fidgeting slightly, his ears going back as he offered.

Jack looked up at him surprised. "Did you just invite me to move in with you?" He asked incredulously.

"Well, ya…ya don't have to obviously, I mean I was just offerin the spare room…Don't worry bout it, just forget-" Aster started backpedaling, his ears pressed flat against his head.

Climbing up onto Aster's cheat Jack cut him off with a kiss and said "I'm flattered Aster," and more than a little tempted if he was honest with himself "but I think we should take…whatever this is, slow."

Aster regarded him for a moment, his ears perking up a bit, and then smiled "You're probably right.

Grinning back at Aster Jack said, mimicking Aster's tone from two night ago "Ya know Aster…its late…you can stay…ya know, if you wanna."

Aster chuckled, shoving Jack lightly and said "love to." With that he settled down deeper into Jack's bed, wrapping his arms around Jack as he did so. Jack smiled, resting his cheek against the soft fur of Aster's chest and sighed contently, a smile playing on as his lips as he drifted into a peaceful sleep.

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