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Chapter 1
Mike P.O.V
I didn't think that I would be the one to receive the phone call from the hospital about Kate, especially considering that I hadn't seen her for at least 5 years. She'd transferred off to get a promotion and for family reasons though I was never truly informed why she did transfer off and it was very disheartening to me considering we were so close that she'd promised if anything was up to tell me.
The phone call had been patched through just as we were pulling up alongside back in port, I didn't really want to have my shore leave postponed again as I was planning to see my friends up north for a few days. I received it from Commander White who told me that she was admitted to Hospital this morning and they recommended that when I was done with the ship I should head down to the hospital and ask for doctor Brown. Well on the flip side at least my shore leave wasn't cancelled but I would obviously be delayed though I hoped it wasn't for too long.

Nikki met me on the dock with saddened expression which meant that she knew about Kate and knew I had been given a call though only reason was why me? What was the reason I had to receive a call? We were hardly together anymore and as far as she's concerned I don't exist anymore which I would assume is fair considering our history and the amount of pain I caused her.
"Nikki? What are you doing here, ET didn't come out on this patrol as he had to attend a conference in Canberra" I asked as I approached her
"I've come to get you and ask that you do come to the Hospital like you've been called about because the outcome isn't good"
"Well how about you tell me what's going on first then I'll decide"
"I'll tell you in the car because we have to go" Nikki begged and I followed her back to the car, from the emotions within her voice I could tell it was definitely something seriously wrong with Kate and I wanted to find out how I could help- especially after all we'd been through together.

Kate P.O.V
I hadn't meant for it to go this way, I was simply driving home from going out to the shops to buy a present for my son because his birthday is next week. It was only meant to be a short trip as I knew the things which I would buy for him- a Lego star wars set and a DVD of Toy Story 3 as it was what he asked for. James Michael McGregor is my 5 year old son who was a spitting image of his father and yes you guessed it- Mike is his father but my father was there for me when I'd found out about my pregnancy so in respect I named him James for my dad and Michael for Mike even though James would probably never meet him.
There was a stupid P plater who ran a red light on the main road which is the reason I'm in a bed now. It was our turn to go and he was obviously under the influence of alcohol because as I set off across the intersection he ran straight into my side which flipped the car and that's when I blacked out, I don't know exactly where I am but judging by its black and I can't see anyone I know it's not good. All I want is James and I want to be there for him because I know he has a big week at school starting tomorrow and I need to show him how much I love him and support him no matter how things are going. It's his second term there and I promised that if he goes then we'll go have ice cream with Nikki and some of the others because he wants to do that but I just don't know how long I can hold on for because it just hurts everywhere and I can think off is how it'll affect him if I don't make it. I need to get through this now and see his smiling face- I just hope that things are going to be okay for me though it's all so tiring.

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