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Chapter 3
Kate P.O.V

I was brought out of my doze by James's voice talking to me. I wasn't sure exactly what he was saying but I was glad to hear him. It had almost been a week since my accident and I still couldn't open my eyes or do anything which is most frustrating especially with all the different visitors I've been having lately. I list to another voice enter the room- one which I've determined is the doctor because she always talks so formal whenever she comes in and I'm not a big fan of hers I must say.
"Sweetie, I'm going to need you to leave the room for a little while as we're going to give your mother some medicine to try wake her up" The doctor said though I could tell James really didn't want to go and I didn't want him too- if only I could give him some message or signal that I was here and fine because this would be terrifying for him. The medicine doesn't make me anymore awake but instead it sends me back to sleep again, I was confused by the doctors as I thought they were meant to be helping me not making things worse for everyone involved.

James P.O.V
I didn't want to leave Mummy's side, everyone keeps telling me that it's going to be okay and that mummy will wake up soon but I'm not sure anymore and they tell me to talk to her though I don't know if she can hear me or not which is annoying. School isn't going well at the moment and I don't want to be there because everyone picks on me about my mummy and how she's almost dead and the guards which accompany me to school and everywhere which upsets me. I just wish that Grandad were here and not back in England because he'd know what to do about it all and I could have someone to confide in because I can't with all the aunts and uncles of mine. The reason I have guards is because 'grandad is very rich in England and very well-known which means people want to hurt me to affect him which means the guards are security for me and mummy and are around all the time' or at least that's the way Mummy explained it to me. I suppose I have a lot to thank mummy for, one of which is finding grandad again after losing contact for a while because now we live in a really big house with a pool, 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 playrooms for all my toys and 10 acres of land for me to play on which is a lot according to people- all I could dream of basically. I'm grateful also that Mum is a lady and that she gets special privileges whenever we go out even though her lady status doesn't really mean much here. She even owns a tour company to take people out to the Great Barrier Reef but doesn't work on the tours much because of all the people she hires and how wealthy it really is. I love her so much and hope she pulls through as I don't want to be orphaned with no mother and I don't know who my father is but mummy says it isn't important, I don't want to have to say goodbye to a mum I love so much.

Kate P.O.V
When I woke a few hours later I could tell I was alone in the room because I couldn't hear any talking and not even the sound of someone breathing which I'd become accustomed to. One chance I've noticed in my condition is that I could slightly move my hand now which was a shock to me but was exciting at the same time because now I could have some interaction with people who came to see me, I just wished I could show someone now though there was no-one here. Just as I move my fingers feeling the blanket and experimenting what I could and couldn't do I hear a gasp which tells me there is someone here now but I just wish they would say something so I could tell who it was and know how their reaction would be like considering I couldn't see them.
"James, Come see this" The voice shouted which lead me to believe that the person who'd entered my room was Nikki come to check on me when she'd come for the afternoon time with James and I.
"What?" I heard my son say
"Watch Mummy's hands" Nikki said as she took my left hand and squeezed it to which I squeezed back. I felt James hug me round the torso and was relieved that I could feel that too. I knew he was just as excited for this improvement as I was although I couldn't see him I knew that hopefully it wouldn't be long before I was able to witness his bright personality again.

Mike P.O.V
I'd not been to see Kate for a week with all the work I'd done on Hammersley and at Navcom with all the paperwork I'd fallen behind on. I can see as I walk through the doors of the hospital the area which Kate was kept there has been some improvement in her condition as the crew were lively and Kate's son had the largest grin on his face. I rush over hoping to join in the excitement to see Nikki in the room with a still asleep Kate and was instantly confused by all the excitement.
"Chris, what's all the excitement?" I ask
"She's awake" He replies grinning with the news.
"Kate, she's awake"
"No she's not, I saw her still lying down sleeping"
"But she's been signalling us with her hands… if we ask her a question she responds by squeezing her hands… 2 squeezes for yes and 1 for no"
"Has she said anything though?"
"No, but give it time…now come see" Chris took my hand and led me into the room.

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