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"A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't." –Rhonda Hansome


Our flight back home was devastatingly different from our flight to our honeymoon. I held Christian's hand tightly, it was the closest we had been since leaving our little bubble. I sigh deeply and wrap my arms around his and snuggled into his side, I already miss our privacy and the closeness I felt. We didn't have to say anything, we knew things are changing at home but we both knew that we were coming into it together.

"Welcome home baby bro and little sis, sorry about your honeymoon!" Elliot wraps me in a hug and man hugging Christian.

Once we were finally ushered by the security detail to our awaiting car, we remained quiet. We were headed to his parents' house to deal with the clusterfuck that imploded in New York. Six blacked out sedans were surrounding us as Christian drove us to our destination, while I checked out our little goodie bag full of our artillery. I smile at all of our toys and began loading them, I hear Christian chuckle to my left making my head whip out.

"What?" I ask.

"You're just so adorable with all of those guns," he explains.

"I just like new things."

Christian grabs my hand and kisses my knuckles. "You're so cute."

"Yeah, yeah. Keep your eyes on the road."

We had been driving pretty fast so when a car had cut off one of the sedans we weren't phased… not until we heard the car racing towards us.

"Tesoro?" I ask, looking at him worriedly.

"If he gets a scratch on my car I will blow each of their fucking heads off," he grumbles. Just as the car inches closer to us a call came through and I clicked the intercom so the voice filled the speakers. "Yes?"

"Bro take the next exit and we'll deal with this."

"Fuck you are, we're getting these little shits."

Elliot chuckles. "Fine, we'll be right in front you if this escalates you take the exit and we'll get 'em."

"You fucking think I need your help to get rid of this tail?"

"Just saying… you might be a little rusty."

"It's been a week," Christian deadpans. "Watch and learn brother," Christian chuckles and hangs up quickly.

"What's the plan?" I ask.

"I drive and you show me what you got baby, aim for their tires." We felt the car hit our bumper and Christian growled, "Take them out."

I bite my lip and I let the adrenaline flow through my veins. "You got it."

I picked out the .22 and Christian shakes his head, "The .38 will work better."

"Alright." I give him a peck and then rolled down my window. "What about the other cars?"

"The guys behind us will deal with it, don't worry baby."

I give him a slight nod and began to aim for the tires. Three rounds in quick succession when the first tire burst. The car skids momentarily, but the driver somehow keeps it under control. Almost immediately a man begins to shoot the back of our car, but since it was bullet proof it was moot. They were really just wasting bullets at this point. Though when I looked back out a shot flies about an inch away from my hand hitting the side mirror.

"Fucking assholes!" Christian grits out. Fucking asshole! I fired a few more rounds and finally got a good shot on the shooter, disabling him immediately.

"I need to get the other tire baby, turn us around." Christian nods and immediately jolts us backward we were head to head with the other driver, I aim for the other tire and finally it catches. Their car swerves erratically and crashes on the hard cement of the overpass, by then we were taking the next exit leading us the long way home.

"Holy fuck, that was fucking hot." Christian growls, grabbing my neck towards him and encompasses me in a passionate kiss. But we were quickly interrupted by a call, Elliot fucking Grey-Gambino.

"What is it?" I snapped.

"Jesus! Just wanted to say that was an amazing hit, brother didn't think you had it in you."

I cleared my throat, "Prick that was me, Christian was driving."

"Shit! Seriously? Wow… You are …." Elliot trails embarrassingly and clears his throat. "Good going sis."

"Yeah, yeah, see you at home." I hung up on him and get back to my sexy husband. "I'm really sorry about your side mirror."

"Baby, I'm just glad it wasn't your hand, who the fuck cares about something that would be easily replaceable."


"Oh my babies!" Grace coos, holding both Christian and I close to her. "I heard.. I heard… oh god, you're okay right? Right?!" she rambles almost incoherently and looks both of us over.

"Moooom," Christian whines. "We're okay! See?" he turns both of us around and shows his worried mother that we were indeed all right.

"Christian, don't be rude! I'm a mother I am justified to be worried about my children."

I laugh, "We've missed you." I hug her tightly as she leads me to the kitchen. She quickly reverts to her homemaker ways and offers me some food.

"Darling, you're simply glowing!"

"It's the sun, it was really good for us."

She gives me a strange look and a wink, "Sure, dear." I shake my head at her and grab a cookie from her pile of goodies on the counter.

"Carina, your uncle will be coming over soon, would you like to sit in on our meeting?" Christian asks, peeking his head through the doorway.

"I'd love to," I smile.

"I don't know how you do it," Grace muses.

"What do you mean?"

"Directly dealing with the stress of all of this and still keep your relationship untarnished. You truly made for each other."

"I think so too," I smile goofily. "I can't believe we found each other."

"Sometimes you're just blessed to find the person that compliments you perfectly. I found my Carrick early on and my life has been changed in the best ways because of it."

"I hope our marriage is as successful as yours."

"Oh sweetheart, it will be." Grace gives me a kiss on my cheek and hugs me tightly.

My uncle interrupted our little catch-up not soon after. "Bambolina!"

"Uncle Berto!" I squeal and bolt out of my chair.

"You look so beautiful!" He compliments, "It's just unfortunate that you had to cut your honeymoon short."

"Ahh it's okay, it sort of the perfect way to end it really."

He shakes his head and looks me up and down. "There's something different about you."

"Just happy," I shrug.

"Sorry baby, but we're about to get started," Christian interrupts. I smile at Grace as both my uncle and I exit, and follow Christian. We quickly catch-up to my husband, I happily intertwine my fingers with his as we step into the Carrick's vast office.

"Ahh hello Anastasia, you look absolutely glowing!" Carrick compliments and wraps me into a hug. What is up with everyone and this glowing business, do I have some spotlight shining over me or something?

"Why thank you sir, but the compliments need to stop or I will grow a larger head than necessary."

"Nonsense my sweet," he coos. "So let's get down to business."

"Finally!" Elliot exclaims in complete exasperation.

"Hey, it's not your honeymoon they ruined," Christian huffs.

"Boys!" I snap when I heard their bickering began to escalate. They both quieted and looked thoroughly chastised.

"Ana's right, we need to deal with this now," Carrick concurs. "We know it's the Triads and Danny, I can't stress enough how dangerous this partnership is."

"How did Danny get in contact with the Chinese? Last I heard he was running away with his tail between his legs." Christian asks, taking the empty seat next to me.

"Fear. The man who has nothing to lose and will go to the depths of hell to seek out his revenge," Carrick responds ominously.

"Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance. But if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared." Christian quips, quoting Machiavelli.

"Son, you will start an all out war."

"As far as I'm concerned they already have, I know what he wants and he will not get it." Christian shifts his gaze upon me, "You… we have suffered so much already because of his fucked ideas. I will kill each and every single one of them who decides to fuck with my wife and my family. He's good as dead."

"Christian think with your head, not your heart," Carrick pleads.

"I am thinking with my head," Christian growls and stands up. "I don't care how many lives I have to take but our family will be safe again. My club getting hit was a message and I got it loud and clear. They want a fucking war, then I will tear this entire city and country apart."

Carrick shakes his head and looks at his livid son, "I understand, but we need a calculated plan. Why must we put unnecessary lives on the line?"

"We don't need a pacifist leader at time like this, father, the time is changing and we must act rather than set up superfluous meetings with killers."

"Please be reasonable-"

"Absolutely not! Four fucking cars had tailed us from the moment we stepped off the plane. One even had the fucking balls to cut off our security detail and try to intimidate us, this is a war and we will end this now."

There were four cars, how did I not even notice that? Fuck! I definitely needed to be more observant.

I listen intently to the verbal sparring that quickly erupted between the men, and then it immediately dawns on me how far out of my league I really was. No matter how much I learn, I'm the newbie, yeah I'm able to fight but I won't be able to do what they do. Their minds work a different way and I became worried that I may never reach their level, fuck I know I will never get minutely close.

I was taken out of my musing by Christian rubbing my forearm. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sorry," I look at him sheepishly. "So what's the plan?"

"We're striking hard and fast, we're hitting all of the Triad establishments, then picking them off one by one. They're never going to disappear, but we're going to bring them down on their knees. You have nothing to be worried about."

"Christian, how are you going to do that?" I ask nervously, this was dangerous and we all knew it. "This is risky-"

"Ana, we are established all around the world, we have soldiers who fight our battles." Christian answers a bit too confident, "And we have kept many strong ties to other syndicates."

"Tesoro-" I plead.

"Baby, we'll be fine, the only thing we will personally be involved in is finding the people who are protecting Danny."

"I don't want you to take this risk," I plead.

"NO!" Christian growls unexpectedly, making this entire scene a bit too personal and public. He runs his fingers through his hair and softens his voice, "This is non-negotiable, you are my wife and they are trying to harm you. This is not something I would ever take lightly."

"Bambolina, Christian is right, it's a large risk but it must be done. Luciano's will fight with Gambino's, you won't stand alone." My uncle reaches for my hand and holds it tightly, "The Triad is a large organization, but with both of our families coming together we have reaches from New York to Hong Kong. We have men within their upper circle and we have done many dealings with them, once I have spoken to Fung-Li this will all be sorted, but I know that they understand that this will not go lightly. I promise our family will be safe."

"But what about everyone else who will lose their lives? Wives, children, and sisters will lose husbands, fathers, and brothers… How can you just ignore all the casualties?"

"What about our lives? It's killed or be killed and I for one am not dying for the scum of the earth," Elliot chimes in, in the most angriest tones I had ever heard him use.

I nod once and remain silent; I understand where they were coming from. I would do anything to protect my family, but I still had the gnawing feeling running through my veins about the war that had just started.

The rest of the conversation was about tactics and shrewd plans; I stayed quiet while the men had discussed business. The three cars that remained unharmed during our little skirmish this morning were tagged and followed, the cars would bring them to a meeting location of sorts and from there they will start their search for Danny. Christian and his crew will be playing a large role in locating him, but both families' soldiers will pursue all of the other plans. My uncle has already briefed his men in New York and the surrounding five states; they in turn have turned into into a nationwide coup. Riders and non-Italian crews were all banding together, apparently before Danny burned most of his bridges, the most loyal had remained in contact with my uncle. This was a fight that my family knew they could not win alone, they needed manpower and many men had offered to fight against one evil.

The Triads had tried squirming their way into places they had no business being in, and had pissed off more people than they should have. One of the most prominent groups that have heard about our qualms with the Chinese was the Yakuza. Unlike my family who have made cuts and deals with the notorious Japanese gang, the Triads had only burned that bridge.

As we speak thirteen of the most famous Triad business in New York are being turned upside down. This was a message that was being sent out, you fuck with the family and you will receive it back ten-fold.

And my role in all of this?

Yeah, that's being the dutiful housewife.

I about shit a brick when I heard Christian say that I was to either stay at home or have a slew of bodyguards with me when I step outside, and only if I were allowed outside. How fucking ridiculous is that? Once the words left his mouth everyone held their breath, they knew what was going about to unfold before them… but much to everyone's surprise I held my tongue, the screaming match will be on hold until we get back home.

My dear husband will see reason by the end of the night.

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