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Chapter 1: Tears and Somber News

The Toad took in a big breath and let it out slowly, he had to tell him "Naruto ... Jiraiya-Boy has died in battle". The spiky haired blonde just looked dumbstruck 'he has not realized what i have just told him'. "Huh ... wh..what are you talking about" he quickly looked around the room and saw the solemn and grieved faces of his friends and mentors. "Naruto, i know this is all sudden, i don't blame you if you do not believe me" he took another deep breath, "For quite some time, there has been rumors that the Akatsuki leader was working out of the Hidden Rain village for quite some time" Naruto clenched both his teeth and his fists " So .. Jiraiya-Boy went to verify the truth of these rumors". Sakura's eyes widened "So the leader of the Akatsuki is in the Hidden Rain ?". "i remember hearing the hidden Rain is a hard place to sneak into" Sai recalled. "Yes, but Jiraiya-Sensei was highly skilled in spy and espionage tactics" Kakashi added. Fukasaku nodded "Yes, and it was there he found out more than he expected, their leader is known as Pain (or Pein) and furthermore under his alias he is known as Nagato ... Jiraiya's old student" the room filled with gasps and widening eyes. Naruto however stared down at the floor, his nails had dug into his hand and blood began to well at the holes.

Naruto was not ... or could not listen to what they were saying, his mind was in turmoil and he felt weak at the knees. 'what is going on, this cant be real ... this .. this is Jiraiya ... this is Pervy sage we are talking about here. No ... no this must be Genjutsu or a dream or something !' Naruto's mind was fixated on the fact he literally had no family left, Jiraiya was a uncle if not a father to Naruto 'now he is gone, just like Mom and dad and anyone i every truly loved' he looked up and fixed his eyes on Tsunade " You ... you let Pervy-sage go didn't you !" he shouted so loud his head flared. Tsunade only stared back at him in utter sorrow "Well !? ... How could you let him go like that, if you knew how dangerous it was !" the lines on his face widened and his eyes began taking on a red tinge. Kakashi turned towards him "Naruto ! that's enough, you should know how Tsunade-sama feels" Naruto whirred around and headed straight for the door, over his shoulder he called out "If Pervy-Sage was the Fifth he would not of let her go ..." he slammed the door and began running towards ... where ? not even he knew, he just needed to move and get out of this place. He leaped to the nearest rooftop and increased his speed with each step his sorrow increased "Baka ... Baka .. Baka .. BAKA !" he screamed at himself, if only he were stronger he could of been there to help Jiraiya. At that moment the tears fell, they flowed endlessly and ran down his cheek and off his chin, they landed quietly on the road beneath him. Had Hinata not been walking home from Kurenai-Sensei's house, Naruto would have delved deeper in the personal darkness ... of Depression.

Hinata was walking back from her morning visit with Kurenai-Sensei, her mind was obviously occupied with Naruto 'he has grown so strong the few years he was away, he has become more handsome too' that brought a fresh flush to her cheeks 'oh but what is the use ... he has not realized i love him, i might as well spend the rest of my life following in his shadow ... No, this was the depressing Hinata speaking and she cannot keep bringing me down like this. I will keep supporting Naruto-Kun and hopefully he would accept her' she smiled at the thought of being with Naruto. A stray droplet hit the concrete in front of her, 'is it gonig to rain? no that cant be ... today was the typical warm dry day in Konoha' she looked ahead and saw a figure running along the roofs, curiously she activated Byakugan and saw the figure was Naruto. She looked down at the droplet and saw the tiny microbes of Chakra flowing throughout the droplet, she looked back on her lessons with Father ... 'before mother died'


Hinata sat crossed legged on the mat in front of her Father "Hinata today i am going to teach you about your Byakugan and chakra" he smiled at his daughter, he knew she would grow to be a great Shinobi "chakra escapes your body through three ways. Death, Fighting and fluids" Hinata raised and eyebrow "Fluids father?". Hiashi blushed "well lets see ... Saliva, wastes, sweat and ... Tears, the last of these, tears, is the most easiest to identify because the chakra in tears is far more easier to notice due to the sheer amount of chakra in the tears themselves "


"Naruto-kun ... crying" the words brought tears to her own eyes. The thought of Naruto, Her idol, was running away crying made her buckle at the knees which caused her to fall against the wall. She regained her composure and began sprinting like she had never done before 'i must find Naruto-kun, i must help and comfort him in his time of need' she leaped into the forrest and headed for the training ground which she guessed, was where Naruto ran too. she felt Naruto's pain as her own seeing him as such made her want to die, no one should ever see their idol cry. she would not stop searching until she found Naruto, even if it took her a thousand years.

Naruto reached the training ground and sank to his knees "P..P..Pervy-sage" fresh streams of tears rode down his cheeks and made his eyes as red. He looked over at the training dummies with pure anger and hatred, as if they were the members of the Akatsuki "i need to get stronger so i can defeat the Akatsuki and avenge Pervy-Sage, if i cant do that ... ill kill myself" he began hitting away at the dummies with his already bloodied fists. He felt like someone was watching him, but his mind was to occupied to even take notice. "Fuck...Fuck...fuck! just when things were going great this just went and happened" he began hitting the tree with Rasengan after Rasengan into the wooden polls, with each blow he began to lose control of his emotions. "Rasen ..." he finally collapsed in a burst of pain and depression. his screams of sad agony pierced the skies.