Darien's Wedding Vows

My Princess

You are my dream my universe, no spell or no curse.

Could ever stop me from getting to you, I am Tuxedo Mask

You are Sailor Moon.

Our life's have been very blessed, I couldn't ask for anything

Less. No matter where we go, or what we do I know my future

Is with forever with you.

We have fought many battles to this day, but still

The power of love remains. You have opened my heart,

To so many things there's an amazing light you bring.

Our friends stood beside us, through bad and good.

When the world seems crazy, there spirits seem to set us free.

Just to live, learn and be.

Each of them has a planet to call there home, when they are not on the roam.

They are Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars; they shine just like shooting stars.

I could not live without you, For I would be nothing inside as sure a fire burning out I would live in doubt.

You've given me a future that I can't wait to see; I know it won't be just you and me just remember I love you for eternity.

Each and everyday my love for you grows, I hope it really shows.

I am your king and you are my queen, together will always be.

These words I speak are from my heart, our journey has been a special one since the very start.

I wouldn't change meeting you, for it must have been fate because I know I could never hate.

Love is a powerful thing, for who knows what it will bring.

Today as we join together for all eternity, I never want us to part you'll be forever in my heart. I thank everyone who is with us as we travel on; you've helped us to find where we belong. Serena you are my princess, I could never think anything less thank you for be who you are a bright and shining star.

I love you forever true.