My Prince (Serena's Wedding Vows.)

You bare the scars of all you've been through, now you have someone who believes in you. I will love you with all of my heart, for you my prince always light the dark.

Even though things work to pull us down, my love for you has always been around it's in every movement and every sound.

Today we join together; it's going to be always and forever. Our friends do stand beside us for better or worse, no spell or no curse could ever keep us from each other were all like sister's and brothers.

Yes I am your Queen and you my King; together our love will bring so many wonderful things. I love the way your always there for me, it's how I knew it was destiny. People may come and go, but my feelings I always know.

When nothing is making sense I turn to you, for a shield from the storm to feel safe and warm. Our love is like a fire burning that will never go out, for we know longer live in doubt.

There is a sparkle in your eyes, for it sends me soaring through the skies. I feel like I could glide over the highest mountain, or swim in the deepest sea is how I feel your love for me.

We may live and we may die, but I plan to always be by your side. You give my life meaning and feel it with faith I owe it all to fate. The future is in our hands an ending unplanned, with all our friends.

I am Sailor Moon you Tuxedo Mask, this is for sure till our final task. We will defend with all our might, and fill the world with love amazing sights.

Can't ask for anything less, so to you I give my very best. My heart is the only part of me that will go on, after I am gone. So I give it to you today, in the very best way.

I love you forever it's true, like the sky is bright blue and the stars hold the moon.

Yours Serena Love Sailor Moon