I have mostly finished the next chapter. I was wondering if you would rather me end this with them become official and a lemon, or it be longer. If you wanted it to be longer, throw some ideas at me as I don't really have many ideas left for this fic.

"Ichigo-kun?" Jyuushiro called two days later as he woke up from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the clock sitting on the desk behind him. It flashed seven-past-eight, making him wonder how he could have slept in so late; he was usually awake around six if his illness hadn't been messing up.

The Captain sat up and glanced around. Ichigo was nowhere in sight. He got to his feet and left the bedroom, wondering where Kurosaki could be. Barefooted, he walked down the stairs, pulling the blue sleeping yukata tighter around him.

"You're awake."

Jyuushiro turned to the living room once he had gotten down the stairs at Ichigo's voice. He smiled at the human, glad to know that Kurosaki was still here.

"I am. I am surprised I slept so long." Jyuushiro ran a hand through his hair as he talked. "I usually wake up early if I've had good rest."

Ichigo reached out and put his hand on the other's shoulder. "You were crying out last night. You must have been having a nightmare."

The ever present smile on Jyuushiro's face vanished at these words. "...I... I have been told I have nightmares... "

"About someone named Kaien. Who's Kaien?"

"Ah..." Jūshirō reached up and rubbed the back of his head. "...He was my Lieutenant... He died..."

"I'm sorry," Ichigo said sincerely. "You must miss him."

Ukitake nodded. "I do..."

"It's the weekend; we should go and see a movie or something." Ichigo knew he should have been doing his homework, but he also knew Jūshirō needed some time out.

"A... movie...?" Jūshirō tilted his head in curiosity. "What's a movie?"

"It's like a book, but with moving pictures." Ichigo grabbed the Captain's hand and pulled him back up the stairs. "I think you'll like them."

Heading back into his room, Ichigo grabbed money off his desk and shoved it into his pocket. He pointed to Ukitake's bag sitting by his bed, silently gesturing for the other to change. He left the room, giving Jūshirō privacy until the frail Shinigami joined him minutes later, wearing slacks and a black polo shirt.

"How do I look, Ichigo-kun?" Jūshirō smiled as he stood before the teenager. "Do I look good?"

Ichigo couldn't help but blush and nod. "You do. Let's go, alright?"

Jūshirō was gleeful as he followed the younger out of the house and into the town. As usual, he was easily startled by cars; having no previous experience with them made him hypersensitive to their high speeds.

When they arrived, however, Jūshirō was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people in the building. He kept his head down and stayed by Ichigo, not sure if he wanted to be noticed or not. He was so deep in thought by the time Ichigo was buying them something called 'tickets', he almost didn't notice the human talking to him.

"Sorry?" Ukitake said, looking down to make eye-contact with Ichigo.

"I asked if you wanted popcorn." Ichigo pointed to a very strange box-like thing Jūshirō had never seen before. There was white stuff inside it, and it was popping very loudly.

"Oh." Jūshirō smiled, not knowing what it was but deciding it smelled very appetising. "Okay."

Ichigo nodded, handing over money and receiving several boxes and what seemed to be papery cups in return. Jūshirō accepted the boxes that were handed to him, sniffing at them curiously as a delicious new aroma wafted from them.

"What's in this, Ichigo-kun?" Jūshirō asked, tilting his head towards the boxes.

"The popcorn is in there," Ichigo explained as they stopped before a man and handed him two slips of paper before they continued on. "I think you'll like it. It's in this room here, Ukitake-san."

Jūshirō followed behind happily as they walked behind two large swinging doors. He was almost startled by how dark it had suddenly become, his instincts telling him that this was a bad place to be if he couldn't make out who was around him properly, but he trusted Ichigo and continued to follow.

They walked down a few rows of chairs before Ichigo moved in between them, moving to the middle of the row. He sat down, gesturing for Ukitake to do the same. He handed the older male his drink and took his popcorn, settling down to watch the previews until the movie started.

Jūshirō was looking around curiously, never having thought that something like this could exist. "Ichigo-kun, this is really amazing. Will the – I-ichigo-kun!"

Ichigo quickly reached out and grabbed Jūshirō's shoulder, holding him still as the other male started to panic at the sudden noise of the previews starting. He supposed it would be frightening for such loud things to happen around someone who was always around danger.

"Ukitake-san, it's okay," Ichigo soothed, gently pulling the pale hands away from Jūshirō's ears. "It's just the previews, okay? It's alright; there's no danger here."

Jūshirō didn't smile back; instead, he eyed the screen as if it were going to explode. He nodded, his body tense and quivering. He tried to take Ichigo's word for it, knowing that the human would understand what was happening better than he could and, if he said it was safe, than it was safe.

It took a few more minutes for Kurosaki to calm the older Shinigami down, but it was worth it; Jūshirō snuggled in against Ichigo, looking up at the screen with curious eyes, not understanding how pictures were moving like this.

Ichigo knew that Jūshirō wanted to question this but, for whatever reason, the ill Captain remained quiet, staring transfixed as the movie started to play.

Half of the movie had passed by without incident. That was, until one of the characters died. Ichigo thought nothing of the way a secondary character had gone insane and tried to kill their friend and was instead was slain by someone else, but it triggered something in Jūshirō he worked hard every day to not think about.

Jūshirō whimpered and wrapped his arms around himself, his eyes wide and full of fear. Ichigo frowned and placed his arm on the elder's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Ichigo asked in a soft tone, trying not to disturb anyone else around them. His worry grew when Ukitake didn't even acknowledge his existence. "Ukitake-san?"

"K-kaien..." Jūshirō whimpered, a single tear slipping down his cheek.

"Shit." Ichigo stood up and pulled at Jūshirō's sleeve. He was glad when the other followed him, albeit unconsciously; the Shinigami was shivering as if he were standing in snow and more tears followed the first couple. He sat down on a bench when he was pushed onto it, but he didn't show any recognition of what was going on around him.

"Ukitake-san, what's wrong?" Ichigo asked, sitting next to the older Shinigami. "Are you okay?"

It took a few minutes of calling and shaking Jūshirō before he turned to the orange-haired human. He blinked, not sure what to think; was Kaien... still alive...?

"K-kaien..." Jūshirō whimpered, leaning over to fall onto the other's lap. He buried his face in Ichigo's chest, gripping the white shirt the boy wore tightly. He sobbed, unaware of who he was truly talking to, just relieved to have his lover back with him. "Kaien, I... Y-you came back to me..."

Ichigo looked confused before he remembered what the older male had confided in him. Did he really look so much like this Kaien person? Everyone else seemed to mistake him for Kaien on occasion, but why was... someone like Ukitake blinded of the reality that Kaien was dead...?

"Ukitake-san, I..." Ichigo didn't know what to do; should he upset and stress Jūshirō further by saying that he wasn't Kaien, or should he humour him and go along with it? Such hard decisions... "...Ukitake-san, I... I-I'm not –"

Before Ichigo could say anything more, his lips were covered by chapped, hot ones. His eyes widened at this, horrified at what Jūshirō was doing to him. ...But why did it feel so right...? Without thinking, he pushed back on the lips, unconsciously deepening it. Ukitake's lips parted, giving Ichigo entrance. The orange-haired male took this opportunity, despite never having done something like this before and knowing full-well he was taking advantage of the Captain.

When they broke apart, Jūshirō stared at Ichigo with eyes filled with such unfathomable pain. Ichigo couldn't help but reach out and pull the male closer to him, holding him against his chest.

"Let's go home," Ichigo whispered, feeling the Captain nod in response.

With that said, Ichigo helped Jūshirō back to his feet and lead the younger home, knowing that Ukitake still wasn't quite back in reality just yet. He couldn't imagine how much pain Jūshirō was suffering by himself.