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Night had arrived, and Jyuushiro was sitting on Ichigo's bed, his eyebrows furrowed. He had come back to his senses, and he knew he had kissed Ichigo. ...But why had Kurosaki returned it...? Could it be that the orange-haired teenager had feelings for him? But even if that were the case, Jyuushiro loved Kaien! ...Right...? But... if he really loved his past lover, he wouldn't have kissed someone else...

Jyuushiro felt like crying. He felt so confused and conflicted, as if he had betrayed Kaien's love. But he also felt as if he were feeling something for Ichigo. Shunsui had told him countless times that he needed to move on and find a new partner, but he had never listened, wanting no one but Kaien.

"Ukitake-san...?" Ichigo poked his head in through the door, looking at the Captain with worry in his eyes. "Ukitake-san, you've been up here ever since we came back. How are you feeling?"

Jyuushiro shook his head, rubbing at his itching eyes. "...I... I-ichigo-kun... May I ask you something personal...?"

Ichigo nodded as he moved to sit on the bed beside the taller man. "What is it?"

"..." Jyuushiro looked back at his lap. He hoped he wasn't going to delve into anything too personal, but he desperately wanted to sort his feelings out. "...Have you ever felt like you're betraying someone you love...?"

Ichigo thought about the question, but he wasn't sure on how to answer it. "...What kind of betrayal, Ukitake-san?"

"...Like... You love someone so much, and... they were your partner, but... they passed away... A-and now you feel as if you're having those feelings for someone else..."

"Ukitake-san, I've never been in that situation, but I do know that if that's the situation, you should go for it. It's no use pushing everyone away for someone who died. Besides; I'm sure that person would want you to move on and be happy instead of staying in the one place, never truly living because you can't let go."

"...That's what Shun said..." Jyuushiro whispered. "...But... I-it's so hard... Ichigo-kun... I... How... do you... feel... about me...?"

"Well..." Ichigo frowned as he considered this. "...Before you came here, you were someone I respected greatly. But... ever since you confided in me that you've been bullied and stuff, I've found myself feeling more... I don't know – protective of you, or something like that. ...Would you hate me if I told you I find you attractive?"

Jyuushiro shook his head. "Of course not, Ichigo-kun. It's okay to think that way about other people."

Ichigo glanced sideways, trying to act indifferent. "Good. Because it's not like I'd act on it or anything..."

Jyuushiro smiled in a knowing manner. He had a feeling that the orange-haired male was shy when it came to relationships, and he also knew that Ichigo had never been in one before. He wondered if the younger male had ever kissed someone before apart from what had happened in the cinema, and he soon found himself wanting Ichigo to kiss him because the teenager wanted to.

"...I-ichigo-kun...?" Jyuushiro had to admit that he was a little shy himself, but that wasn't going to stop him this time. "...Ichigo-kun, will you... Do you want to kiss me...?"

Ichigo blushed as he looked away. He shrugged, his indifferent act slipping. "...If you want me to..."

"I do." Jyuushiro smiled. "...Please...?"

Ichigo nodded and lifted his face, pressing his lips against the pale ones. He felt Jyuushiro smile into their kiss, and he felt as if he were doing the right thing; it had been wrong of him to deny feeling these things for the Captain who was suffering from loneliness.

Jyuushiro, for the first time since Kaien's death, finally felt at peace. He opened his mouth, allowing Ichigo entrance, and their tongues soon fought against each other before Kurosaki slipped past the hot muscle and instead probed the wet cavern, tasting all of Jyuushiro.

As expected, Jyuushiro pulled away a few seconds later as he tried to draw in sharp breaths, his illness making the task of kissing harder for him than it was for anyone else with good lung conditions.


The two males panted together, Jyuushiro's eyes half-lidded as he wrapped his arms around the human who was now collapsed on his chest.

Ichigo instead rolled out of the embrace and onto Jyuushiro's side. "Roll over."

Jyuushiro did as asked, his back against Ichigo's chest. He smiled sleepily as he was held in a protective manner, such feelings he had not felt in many years.

"I think..." Jyuushiro mumbled as he felt himself falling asleep in Ichigo's arms, "...I think I might stay here longer..."

"Sounds good," Ichigo muttered, falling into oblivion.

Jyuushiro purred until he followed the younger into the darkness, his smile plastered on his face as he slept. He had to remember to give Rukia a promotion when he returned back to Soul Society.