Elaine Bennes stood outside on her hotel balcony and gazed out at the night sky of Paris.
The Eiffel Tower glowing brightly. It was so beautiful. The whole experience of being in Paris was more than she could have asked for. It wasn't just the beauty the country. It was being there with him. Jerry. Sure she saw him everyday and hung out at the coffee shop but it wasn't the same. She had her work and the gym and other things in between that time.

Being here in Paris she was spending the entire day with him. Yes George and Kramer were there too but she spent most of her time with Jerry. Checking out the museums, the art, the pastries, everything. She found herself looking to those moments where she could be alone with Jerry. No George. No Kramer. Just the two of them.

Unfortunately, it wasn't going to last. They were going to be heading back to New York in the morning.
Than Jerry and George were off to L.A. to begin their new TV series Jerry. The actors who were in the original pilot all agreed to return and Elaine knew it would be a huge success. Despite what that new president of NBC had thought, people enjoyed the show and were baffled when it wasn't picked up.

Now that it was, there was a buzz of excitement. Jerry and George couldn't wait to get to work. Elaine was truly happy for them both. But she was going to miss them. They were her friends. Especially Jerry. He was more than just a friend. He was her very best friend. The one person she could always turn to. Who was always there for her. Whenever she needed a date for some important charity function, he was there. When she wanted needed someone with her whenever her married friends invited her to dinner, she would bring Jerry. He was her rock. More than she ever realized. Now he was leaving. Sure she could go visit him in L.A. but it wouldn't be the same. Not the same as popping into his apartment whenever she wanted. Pouring out her problems and troubles to him.

Elaine turned and headed back into her room. She needed something. Some special memory to hold onto. She headed to the door of the room and peaked out. She didn't see George or Kramer anywhere. She carefully stepped out and crept down the hall until she came to the door. Taking a breath, she lifted her hand and knocked. The door opened a few seconds later. "Elaine." said a surprised Jerry.

"Hey." She replied. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." said Jerry holding the door open. Elaine stepped inside while Jerry shut the door.

"So what's up?" He asked. "What brings you here at this hour?"

Elaine smiled. "It's only 11." She said.

"I know. I thought you would still be in the bathroom, water picking your teeth." He joked.

"Ha Ha." said Elaine. "Funny."

"So what is it? What brings you here?"

Elaine hesitated for a second and then spoke. "I..I just...I've been having a wonderful time here in Paris. With you."

"I know." said Jerry. "This whole trip has been great. You and me and George and..."

"No No." interrupted Elaine. "I'm talking about YOU. I've been having a great time being with YOU."

"What are you saying?" asked Jerry.

Elaine slowly walked up to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders which were covered by a maroon colored button down shirt. "I want one night." She said looking into his eyes. "One last night. Just you and me."

Jerry swallowed as he realized what she was saying. "You serious?"

"Yes. Very." She said. "I need something. Something to hold onto. You are leaving for L.A. and I don't know when I'll see you again. I won't be able to pop into your apartment, have lunch with you at Monk's. I'm going to miss that. And I'm going to miss you. You are my best friend in the world. Yes I have my other friends, I have George and Kramer. But you..you've always been the best friend I've ever had. Please let me have this."

Jerry looked at Elaine not knowing what to say. His eyes went over her simple brown dress with thin straps.
Her hair pulled back from her face. He knew he was going to miss her too. She was always going to be his Lainey.
No one could ever take her place.

Without saying a word, he took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.
The pair walked inside and Jerry shut the door behind them. Elaine stared at the king sized bed covered in red comforter and red sheets. She felt Jerry walk up behind her and slowly kiss her bare shoulder. She closed her eyes feeling a surge of passion run through her body. Her hair was moved aside and his lips then began kissing her neck.
"Jerry..." She breathed softly.

He turned her around to face him and placed a passion filled kiss on her lips.
His hand cradling the back of her neck and then down to her back. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and the two fell back on the bed.

Jerry lifted her up and unzipped the back of her brown dress and pulled it off. His eyes took her in. She was more beautiful than he remembered. Gathering her up in his arms he laid her down on the bed. He kissed her lips and she groaned loving his kiss. His eyes admired her round plump breasts and his mouth practically watered. He took her hard nipple in his mouth and her head went back in ecstasy. "Oh yes Jerry." She groaned softly. "Oh God...Yes..."
She bit her lip as his hand went inside her underwear and began pleasuring her. "God yes!" Elaine cried out.

He was bringing her to the edge and she loved it. Her fingers dug into the cloth of his shirt and she clung to him tightly. He then expertly removed his hand and yanked off her underwear throwing it next to her dress.
Elaine watched as he unbuttoned his shirt. She stared at his muscular body and was getting very aroused. Her eyes drifted down as he unzipped his pants and pulled them off. Her breath caught in her throat. She almost forgot just how sexy she always thought he was. He moved on top of her and began kissing her hard. She groaned as his lips moved to her soft neck and then down to her breasts. She then felt her legs being moved apart and he slid his rock hard manhood inside her. "Jerry!" She exclaimed as he moved against her. "Oh Jerry..."

"Sweet beautiful Lainey.." He groaned as he kissed her neck. "I want you so much...Oh God.." He pumped hard into her wanting her more and more.

His tongue flicked the tip of her hot erect nipple and she shuddered. "Ohhh.."

The mattress squeaked beneath the two as the moved together in a rhymetic motion. Elaine's orgasm came on hard and Jerry followed. He refused to let go of her and took her again. Elaine never experienced this type of passion before and it was too much for her mind to comprehend the deepness. She didn't care. She knew she loved the way this man was making love to her and she never wanted it to end. His lips drifted downward. Elaine's eyes went wide with desire. One orgasm came, then another and another. How many Elaine had no idea. It made no difference to her. As long as Jerry kept up that wonderful thing he was doing to her..
"YES! GOD Jerry.!" Elaine cried out with pleasure and the two laid back on the bed hot and sweaty.
This continued on for the night. The two refused to let go of eachother. They made love everywhere. The shower, the couch, even on the grand piano that was in the room. Finally they made it back to the bedroom. Jerry drifted off to sleep and Elaine laid there in his arms feeling happy and content.

Two months later

Elaine sat at her desk at Peterman's staring at a blank piece of paper. She was supposed to be writing some story for this new suede jacket but came up empty. All she could think of was Jerry. The suede jacket reminded her of the time he had bought that jacket and it got ruined in the snow. Everything reminded her of him. She was missing him more than she could imagine. It was so hard. She would go by his building and look up to the window where his apartment was. Thinking of all the good times they had there. She couldn't go by Monk's without thinking of him. It drove her crazy.

She called him a few times but he was busy with the new show so he couldn't talk very long. She knew George was busting with joy being around all the showbiz people talking like a big shot.
The show was set to premiere in a few months so there was a lot of work going on. Scripts needed to be written, scheduling of taping, lines to be memorized.

Elaine's eyes drifted back to the suede jacket sitting on the chair in front of her desk. How much longer could she keep this up? It's only been two months and she couldn't stand it. It was killing her. She shook her head and went back to her computer trying to come up with a story.

As she typed she heard someone at her office door. She looked up and saw it was Mr. Peterman.
"Hello Elaine." He greeted.

"Mr. Peterman, hello." She said pleasantly.
"Elaine I have some news. I've decided to expand the J. Peterman catalog."

"Oh really? Wow. That's great."

"Yes it is." He said smiling. "I think it will be a real boost to our delightful book."

"I'm sure it will be." said Elaine.

"And on that note, I'm here to tell you that I'm opening up a new office."

"Oh. That's great. Somewhere overseas?"

"No No Elaine. Right here in the good ol' USA. The new office will be located in L.A."


"Yes. There is a big fashion market there. I think we should reach out to it. So I'm sending you out there to be the senior editor!"

Elaine was dumbfounded. "Senior editor? Me? I..I don't know what to say..."

"You've done a terrific job since you've been working for me and I have nothing but praise for your work. I know that you can do this. I'm counting on you."

"I won't let you down!" said Elaine excitedly. "I promise."

"I know." He said. "Now get your things in order. I expect you in L.A. within a week."

"Yes sir!" said Elaine as he left her office. Wow. Senior Editor! She was going to be senior editor!

Out of habit she reached for the phone to dial Jerry's number and then stopped. He wasn't there. He wasn't in his apartment. He was in L.A. She started to feel a pang of sadness and then realized..."Wait a minute...I'm GOING to L.A.! I can see Jerry again! I can see him everyday!"

Feeling happy she began to organize the things in her office. She was going to live in L.A. Have this great new job...and Jerry...she would have Jerry again.

Elaine picked up the phone and made a few call to a realtor friend of George's to inquire about places in Los Angeles. Luckily there was a place available and Elaine made arrangements to see it. Putting the phone down, Elaine looked around her little office. She was leaving. Heading to do bigger things. She was going to miss New York but the warm weather of L.A. was inviting. That and Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. Oh how she couldn't wait to see him!
Not a day went by that she didn't think of that wonderful night in Paris. Being in his arms again. She sighed at the memory. No one knew about it. She never told her friend Cynthia or her sister. No one. Not even George and Kramer knew. She and Jerry never said a word to them about it. They wanted to keep it between them. Elaine gathered up her belongings and headed out of her office. She took one last look. "L.A. here I come!" She said to herself.

L.A. set of Jerry

Jerry sat in his chair frowning at the script. He hated it. He was hating everything lately. He snapped at everyone on the set. No one knew what was eating him and were too afraid to ask. They just assumed that he was nervous about how the show would be received. They did their best to not set him off and tip toe around him. Jerry never let on what was bugging him. If asked he could have stated it was Elaine. He missed Elaine. Missed her smile. Her witt. Her charm. Their long talks. Everything. He was miserable without her. He met some women while he was there but they held no interest to him. They weren't her. They weren't Elaine. No one was Elaine. And to make matter worse, the actress who played Elaine on the show, Sandi Robbins, was starting to develop a thing for him. She wasn't subtle about it either. He didn't want fake Elaine. He wanted real Elaine. His Lainey.

He looked up and saw George giving instructions to Tom Pepper, who played Kramer, on how to say his lines. He shook his head. George was starting to get a big head and it was comical. Making a point of letting everyone know HE was in charge and they better listen to HIM. Yes George was in his glory. He, Jerry, on the other hand was not. Maybe if Elaine was there...but she wasn't. She was in New York. Living her life. Probably dating that stupid David Puddy. Puddy. He hated Puddy. That stupid grease monkey. Hated the idea of that jerk touching Elaine. It made his skin crawl. He wasn't good enough for Elaine. No one was. But what could he do. They had different lives now. Living in separate cities. He actually tried to talk NBC into filming the show in New York but to no avail. They insisted upon L.A. and George was no help. He wanted to get out to L.A. He talked Jerry into agreeing to L.A and there they were. There wasn't anything he could do. It was done and he had to try to move on with his life. Move on without Elaine. That would be the hardest thing he ever did.