Elaine knocked on the door of the apartment and waited. It opened with a flourish and standing there was Kramer.
"Elaine." He greeted.

"Hey Kramer." She smiled. "Listen I just wanted to say good-bye."

"Good-bye?" said a confused Kramer. "Where are you going?"

"To L.A." She replied cheerfully.

"L.A.? What are you going to do there?"

"Mr. Peterman is opening an office there. He wants to have our catalog published inL.A. and he wants me to be senior editor!"

"Wow. That's fantastic!" said an enthused Kramer. "You know...I'm actually heading out there myself."

"You are?" Elaine said curious.

"You remember that movie treatment I had a few years ago?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"Well I got someone interested in it."

"Really! That's great!"

"And I may get Sarah Jessica Parker to star in it!" Kramer said with glee.

"Sarah Jessica Parker! Get out!" She said giving him a shove.

Kramer fell back a bit and then composed himself. "Yeah." He said. "The movie studio showed my idea to her and she liked it. Liked it a lot. Now we may tweak it a bit but I think we really have something."

"I'm so happy for you Kramer. That's great. I hope it turns out well for you." She said. "Listen I better get going. I have to catch a flight to L.A. Maybe I'll see you out there. Remember me when you are accepting your Oscar for Best Screenplay."

"Oh. I will." said Kramer.

"Good luck to you to!"

Elaine gave him a hug and Kramer shut the door. She turned and saw the apartment across from Kramer's with 5A on the door. She sighed looking at it. Thinking of all the times she ran to that apartment to pour out her problems on Jerry. Well pretty soon she would see him again! She squealed to herself and walked down the hallway.

Newman stood by watching. He walked up to her. "Elaine." He greeted. "So nice to see you."

"Newman." She greeted.

"So what brings you by here."

"I just wanted to say good-bye to Kramer. I'm heading out to L.A. Working on the J. Peterman catalog out there in the new office."

"Oh I see." said Newman. "Well that's great. I'm...happy for you."

"Thanks." said Elaine not believing him. She turned to walk away when Newman took hold of her arm.

"Hey!" She exclaimed.

"Don't go!" said Newman. "Please don't go! You mustn't go!"

"What are you talking about...let go of me!" said Elaine angerly.

"Please...I can't live without you." declared Newman. "For alas...I must confess...I love you!"

"Who cares!" said Elaine wringing her arm free. "I don't want to date you...Leave me alone!'

"Fine!" said Newman in his menacing tone. "Go. Be with that...Seinfeld. But mark my words..you'll get hurt."

"Oh shut up." snapped Elaine. She went to walk away again when Newman stopped her again.

"No Elaine! I can't let you do it! I can't let you flee to Seinfeld when I know he will break your heart again! I won't allow him to do that to you again!"

Elaine was getting annoyed. She reached in her purse and pulled out her cherry binaca and sprayed Newman with it.

"Aaaa!" He screamed in pain as she hurried away to the elevator.

She got in and the doors closed.
Elaine stood there shaking her head at what Newman said to her. "What an idiot." She said to herself.
Who was Newman to talk about Jerry that way? He was just jealous of him. That's what it was.

The elevator came to the ground floor and she stepped out.
Mr. Peterman hired a limo for her to take to the airport. She got into the limo and it drove off. She thought about the last time she was in a limo. With Jerry and George and Kramer and those crazy Nazis.
She laughed remembering how George wanted to be called O'Brien and Jerry was Murphy. And then all those people thought George was the leader of the Aryan race. It was very comical.

The limo arrived at the airport twenty minutes later and she stepped out. The driver took her bags and handed them over to the baggage handler. She then tipped the handler $20 recalling the $5 a bag that the one handler had told her and Jerry that time.

Then she remembered being stuck in coach while Jerry was in first class with that model slut. She did not like that model and was insanely jealous when Jerry was dating her as she pretty much was when he went out with anyone.
Putting that out of her head, she went to the airport and to the terminal.

Her plane began boarding and she handed her ticket to the attendant. No coach this time. She was flying first class. All her traveling expenses were being paid for by Peterman.

Elaine found her seat and put her carry on in the overhead compartment. She then sat down and ordered a glass of mineral water from the stewardess.

The plane began to move and then took off a few minutes later. Elaine sat back in her seat enjoying it all. It just a few hours, she would be in L.A.! After she got settled the first thing she was doing was going to see Jerry. No forget it, she would see him BEFORE she got settled..No she really should get settled into that new place.
The realtor showed her pictures of it and she loved it. She also got a virtual tour of the place and decided to take it. Peterman was also paying for her moving expenses and helped her secure a mortgage from the bank. They were paying for half of the house so Elaine only had to pay off the other half. It was a great deal and she grabbed hoped Jerry liked it as well when he saw it. She was going to be sure to have him over right away. And George too. And Kramer if he wasn't busy playing Mr. Bigshot Movie guy which he was sure to do.

Once again her thoughts turned to Jerry. Thinking of that night in Paris. After they had made love...the two laying in bed...

"Wow. We are good." She had said.

"We are very good." Jerry had replied.

"The best." Elaine responded pointing her finger as she looked at him.

"The very best." Jerry added. "We should make an instructional video."

"Absolutely!" agreed Elaine.

"People need to know how to do this!" He declared. "They could see this video and go..Oh that's what I'm doing wrong."

"We would be doing them a service."

"Exactly!" said Jerry. "It could change people's lives! People would know what they are doing in the bedroom and it would improve everyone's love life."

"And who wouldn't want that!" Elaine said matter of factly.

"I know!" Jerry exclaimed. He then put his arm around Elaine and kissed the top of her head. "Besides..who wouldn't want to see you naked."

Elaine had giggled as Jerry then began kissing her again and it started up again.

Drifting back to reality, Elaine stared out the window of the plane. She wondered how Jerry felt about her. And if maybe...maybe they could...they hadn't really talked about Paris since they got back to New York although on the plane ride back..Jerry did make a lot of passes at her when George and Kramer weren't looking and tried to talk her into sex in the bathroom. She didn't know if he was just goofing around or being serious. It made her wonder. How did she feel about him? Did she want to get back together with him? That night in Paris brought to surface all the feelings she had kept hidden inside her. Being apart from him was a nightmare. She hated it. She hated all those stupid women he dated. And wanted to scratch the eyes out of that one he had been engaged to briefly. There was no way she was going to allow him to marry that skank. She would have thought of something to break it up. No way was she going to lose Jerry to some other woman. He was her Jerry.

Suddenly she had a moment of clarity. "I love him." She said to herself. "I love Jerry Seinfeld. I'm in love with Jerry. I can't let anyone else take him from me." That's it. As soon as she got to L.A. she was telling Jerry. Okay as soon as she settled in her new place then she would tell Jerry. No she would dump her things in her place and then set out for Jerry's place and worry about putting her thing away later. Yup. That was the plan. She just hoped that Jerry would feel the same way about her.

Jerry's place L.A. hours later

There was a knock on the door as Jerry looked over the script that George had written along with one of the writers they hired. He got up from the table and walked over to it.
He opened it to find Sandi standing there. "Hello." He greeted.

"Hi Jerry." She said smiling at him. "May I come in?"

"I guess." said Jerry as she walked in. He shut the door behind her.

"What brings you here?"

"Jerry...I think we should run over these lines." Sandi said holding a script in her hands.

"Oh come on...we've been over these lines a dozen times..what do we need to rehearse them again for?" He grumbled.

"Please." She said to him. "I want to make sure we get this scene just right."

"Okay fine." sighed Jerry as they sat down on the sofa.

"Now...let's pick it up here...where you get jealous that I'm getting serious about the butler."

"You mean Elaine." He corrected.

"Oh yeah right...Elaine." said Sandi. She cleared her throat and started. "I don't see what the big deal is!"

"You don't see what the big deal is!" Jerry said as he read the line. "I'll tell you what the big deal is. Charles is my butler. I don't like the idea of me being the one who brought this guy into your life. It's weird."

"Weird? How is it weird." read Sandi.

"You know how." read Jerry. "It's just weird."

Sandi put down her script. "Is it because you still love me?"

Jerry turned to her. "What?" He said confused. "That's not in the..."

"You love me!" exclaimed Sandi. "Why can't you just admit it! We are meant to be together! You and me, Jerry! You and me! We are destined..."

"Alright alright." said Jerry holding up his hands. "I think we are done here."

"Don't fight it!" cried Sandi. "Admit your true feelings!"

"You want to know my true feelings. I think you are a loon. That's my true feelings."

"You are just saying that to try to push me away!" Sandi said dramatically. "I won't be pushed away! You can't push me away."

"I think I can." Jerry said. "I'm pushing."

"NO!" cried Sandi again as she lunged for Jerry. She planted a kiss on his lips as he struggled. She clung to him tightly as her lips devoured him.

"Get your hands off my man!" a voice yelled out.

Jerry looked up and saw Elaine standing there. "Elaine!" He exclaimed. He shoved Sandi off and hurried over to her. "Elaine! Good to see you!"

"You too." She said to him. She then put her shoulder bag down and brushed past him towards Sandi.
"Let me tell you something missy." She said standing in front of Sandi. She lifted her hand and pointed her finger at her. "You stay away from Jerry or I will rip off your face and sew it to your ass!"

Sandi eeked and scrambled out the the condo the door closing behind her.

"What a loon." Elaine said.

"Tell me about it." said Jerry.

"Who the hell is to make a move on you like that."

"I know!" said Jerry his eyes wide and his arms crossed. "Some people just have no manners."

"You got that right." said Elaine nodding.

"So what are you doing here?" asked Jerry.

"Oh I'm actually now going to be living here in L.A."

"Really?" said Jerry.

"Yup. Mr. Peterman is going to publish a catalog here in L.A. I'm Senior Editor!"

"Great! I'm happy for you."

"Thank you." said Elaine. "Listen Jerry...there is another reason I'm here."

"Don't tell me...you're engaged to David Puddy." joked Jerry.

"David Puddy?" scuffed Elaine with a laugh. "Why would I agree to marry Puddy when hello...George Clooney wants me!"

"My mistake." said Jerry. "So when are you and Mr. Clooney walking down the aisle."

"Well you see..." said Elaine. "I told him that I couldn't marry him. Because well...I sort of well..I love someone else."
"You do?"

"Yes. I said George darling...you are a wonderful man...a talented gifted man but..my heart belongs to another.." She then grew serious. "You Jerry." She said. "I love you."

Jerry stood frozen in place. "Me?"

"Jerry...these past two months without you..it's been a nightmare. I've missed you like crazy. Missed seeing you...and...I can't stop thinking about Paris."

Jerry sighed. "Elaine...we agreed that Paris was a one time thing."

"I know we did but who are we kidding!" She exclaimed. "It's not a one time thing. It's never been a one time thing. Jerry we are constantly hooking up. First it was the naked people on TV...then the whole thing with faking orgasms...Jerry let's face it...Kramer was right when he said we can't see that we are in love with eachother. We can't see that happiness is right in front of us. We just been in denial or just plain stupid. I cannot stand the thought of you being with another woman. I hated every woman you ever dated after me. That slutty model...the woman with the fake breasts..."

"I thought you said they were real!"

"I lied...they are fake okay?" She said. "The point is Jerry...I love you. I don't want to see you marry someone else or date anyone else. It drives me crazy. You think for one second I was going to allow you to marry that stupid skank Jeanie! Not a chance! No one is going to take you from me. I won't let that happen. I love you."

"Lainey..." said Jerry. "I...don't know what to say...I mean we tried this before and it didn't work out. You want to go down that road again? Because I don't think I can take it...wait a minute...why am I being dramatic like a woman? I don't want sound dramatic like a woman..Lainey...listen to me..I love you but..."

"No." said Elaine. "Don't. Don't say it. There are no "buts". Jerry the reason it didn't work when we tried it again is because of those stupid rules we came up with. No kiss good-night. No calls the date after. Sleeping over optional. How lame was that! Why do you think I got mad when you went to leave that time you were at my apartment. I didn't want you to leave. I wanted you to stay. Jerry I'm tired of being stupid. I'm tired of us being stupid. I'm tired of the games. I love you. It's that simple."


"Jerry." She said walking up to him. "Do you love me?"

"Yes. I do love you."

"Then that's all that matters." She wrapped her arms around him pressing her mouth against
his. He responded to her kiss and they fell back on the sofa.

Jerry paused for a minute. "Why do I smell cherry binaca?" He asked.

"Oh...I used it on Newman." explained Elaine.

"Newman? That makes sense." said Jerry as he then went back to kissing Elaine.

He picked her up and carried her to his bedroom shutting the door behind him with his foot.
Clothes were then strewn on the floor as the two clung to eachother tightly while making passionate love.
"Oh God Jerry." Elaine moaned. "Jerry..." Her fingers dug into his back as they moved together on the bed.
They both then cried out and laid back on the bed.

"Wow." said Elaine.

"Wow is right." said Jerry. "Man we are really amazing."

"I know." said Elaine. "We really need to get to work on that video."

Jerry pretended to think and then spoke up."Nahh. I don't think we should give away trade secrets."

Elaine laughed. "Yeah I suppose. Jerry I have a confession to make."

"What's that?"

"I never faked it."


"I never faked it with you." She smiled. "I just said that to try and get you to get me back into bed."

Jerry looked at her. "You..." He said pulling her towards him again. Elaine's laughter filled the room as he tickled her ribs. The two then locked in an embrace and started their lovemaking again.

Next day at Elaine's new house

"So you two are back together again!" exclaimed George.

"Yes. We are." smiled Elaine.

"This is great...this so great!" George said excitedly. "I'm so happy..now maybe Jerry can be in a better mood." He said giving Jerry a look.

"Better mood?" grinned Elaine looking at Jerry.

"It's nothing." said Jerry.

"Nothing. Please...Elaine...he snapped at everyone. No one could talk to him."

"Awww." Elaine said turning around to face Jerry. "Did you miss me." She said in a cute voice.

"I admit to nothing!" said Jerry raising his hand and pointing his finger upwards.

"You missed me...My little Jerry...missed his Lainey." She began kissing him before he could deny it.

"Alright alright!" George said. "Break it up...break it up. Just because I'm happy you are back together doesn't mean I need to see you two slobber all over eachother."

"Oh shut up." said Elaine as she let go. "What about you George? You seeing anyone?"

George brightened up. "Well I think that new lighting director really likes me."

Jerry rolled his eyes. "Why? Cause she asked you to hand her a light bulb?"

"There was love in those eyes!" George exclaimed. "She wanted more than just a light bulb."

"So why don't you ask her out." said Elaine.

"I can't...I get too nervous around her..."

Elaine shook her head. Typical George.

"Hey have you heard from Kramer?" asked Jerry changing the subject.

"When I left New York he told me that someone was interested in this movie treatment of his."

"Wow." said Jerry. "So he's coming out here to L.A.?"

"That's what he said. He even told me Sarah Jessica Parker may star in it."

"Wow!" George said. "Sarah Jessica Parker! Now that's a woman I could date."

"George." said Jerry. "You do realize she's married."

"And way out of your league." added Elaine.

"What? You don't think I could get a Sarah Jessica Parker? I could get a Sarah Jessica Parker! I could've had Marisa Tomei!"

"If you weren't already engaged to Susan." Elaine pointed out.

"You can't even ask a lighting director out. How could you ask a Sarah Jessica Parker out?" inquired Jerry.

"I'm laying the ground work with Gayle okay?"

"Okay. Whatever you say." said Jerry.

"I better get going." said George. "I have to meet with Thomas about that story we are working on. See you later." He grabbed his coat and took off.

"Finally." said Elaine. "We are alone."

"Yes we are." Jerry said putting his arms around her. "What shall we do?"
Elaine nuzzled up to him. "Well...we could go see a doctor."

"Not what I had in mind but okay." said Jerry.

"Well..I thought we could find out for sure if I'm pregnant." explained Elaine.

Jerry was going to say something than stopped. He looked at Elaine who was smiling at him.
"Pregnant?" He gulped.

"Yes." She said kissing him. "You may be a father Jerry Seinfeld. I suspected something on the flight so I stopped a a drug store and bought a test. It came out positive."

"Well than I think we are going to have to do something."

"Do something? What something?" asked Elaine.
Jerry pulled a small box out of his pocket. He got down on his knee and took Elaine's hand in his.
"Elaine will you marry me?"

Elaine froze in place. She couldn't believe it. Jerry was...Tears filled her eyes and then a smile spread across her face. "Yes." She answered. "I'll marry you!"

Jerry slipped the diamond on her finger and stood up.

"It's beautiful." Elaine said wiping her tears. "When did you get this?"

"Last night. I called a jeweler friend of mine and he had it shipped overnight."

"I love it!" Elaine placed a kiss on his lips. "I love you Jerry Seinfeld."

"I love you too...future Elaine Seinfeld."

Jerry swooped her up and found her bedroom. Elaine laughed. "We've been doing this alot." She said.

"It's the mango." quipped Jerry. "I've been eating a lot of mango."

Elaine laughed. "And here I thought it was me."

"Well you could have something to do with it." He replied.
Jerry set her down on the bed and the two held eachother close.

The End.