Remus first glimpse of the far famed and ornate great hall of hogwarts school was at the back of the bustling group of first years that made their way to the front of the high ceilinged room. It was full of bustling activity as the students of the four house tables craned their necks and twisted in their seats to catch a glimpse of the first years that slowly made their way up the centre aisle. James revelled in the attention, he seemed at his best when all eyes were on him and he grinned at the students around him, striding purposefully with his chin up as if he owned the school already. Sirius was much less interested in the people around him, his eyes were fixed ahead of him and a concentrated frown lined his lips and knitted his brows together, making him seem like a far older boy. Remus however noticed none of this and was instead focused on the ceiling high above them. The storm clouds were just rolling in, slowly consuming and blocking out the beautiful stars high above. He'd never seen an enchantment like this before, just his fathers small spells around the house. One my one the stars of Orions belt vanished behind the immense clouds and thunder growled lowly in the distance.

So intense was Remus studying that he tripped over the poor boy that had shared a boat with them on their way to the school. He leapt back, straight into Sirius when the smaller boy let out a squeak. Sirius attention was broken and he smiled warmly, a barking laugh escaping him as he straightened Remus up with kind and gentle hands. "Easy there," he commented, patting Remus on the shoulder. "Don't want to tire yourself out jumping at mice…" Remus couldn't help but think that comment was very rude, even if the boy had a very small and fervent appearance, much like the creatures Sirius related him to. Thankfully he didn't seem to notice, having scurried forward to avoid being trampled on again.

"Yeah," James agreed, placing his hand on Remus' other shoulder. "Nothing to jump at, you haven't been sorted into slytherin yet." James found his own joke hilariously funny and his laughter had a strange infectiousness to it that soon had Remus chuckling to himself despite his nerves. In front of them, another student with flowing red hair spun 'round to hush them. Her piercing green eyes focused on each of the three boys in turn, lingering on james as if she knew he'd started the interruption, before she turned back to face the sorting. While her snappishness was understandable, given the importance of the sorting, Remus rather wished she hadn't stopped them from laughing. As the silence dragged on his nerves began to eat away at him. His father had never expressed much bias about the Hogwarts Houses in front of Remus. But… what if he was sorted into the wrong one? He looked over the four tables, each decorated in their different colours, thinking over which house he'd even like to be in. Not ravenclaw… The blue and bronze probably suited his attitude to learning best. He was very keen to learn everything he could. But he'd be dreadfully miserable there amongst the most clever students Hogwarts had to offer. It would feel like a waiting game, like he was surviving on borrowed time.

Not Ravenclaw, he could pretend to be less interested in learning… he could prevent being sorted into that house, couldn't he? But then… where? Green and Silver caught his attention next and he shook his head a little. James had said nothing good about slytherin house on the train, and while the young werewolf was keen to think for himself he didn't think he belonged in the house that so treasured blood purity. If he was discovered there it was likely that more than his education would be in danger. Aside from which he wasn't particularly ambitious. He just wanted to get his exams in a few years…

His thought process was broken by a very jubilant welcome that was bellowed across the hall. He blinked, standing on the tips of his toes to see over the other students, curious as to who was speaking. The sorting hat let off small amounts of dust whenever it spoke, sitting happily on its tired old stool. Remus had been told how the sorting took place. He had known to expect this but his house was run like a fairly ordinary muggle house, spells like this were not a common occurrence for him. The young boy watched the hat in awe as the first name was called out and a small girl with short blonde hair took her place on the stool. "I'm going to be in Gryffindor," James declared from beside him. "Theres no doubt about it, most of my family has been, its in my blood."

"I don't think it works like that…" Remus replied quietly, keeping his head low as the red haired girl looked over him again with warning in her eyes.

"Black, Sirius," the teacher called, her hand lifting the hat of the girls head as she hopped down from the stool and all but ran to her house table. As Sirius stepped forward, Remus was struck by how glum he looked. On the train he had been a ball of excitable energy, only restrained by the kindness he wanted to show to what he assumed was just an unwell student. Now however he dragged his feet and his eyes had lost that spark. What James had said about the house being in his blood still rang in Sirius Blacks ears as he took his seat and waited for his fate to descend. The silence that followed the hat's placement stretched on for several long minutes. Remus worried for a moment that something could perhaps be wrong. Had the enchantment on the hat only had enough magic left to sort one final student? What would happen to Sirius and the rest of them. "Gryffindor!" The shout wasn't met with the customary cheer from the Gryffindor table.

A hush fell across the hall which slowly was filled with the rustling of robes and the chattering whispers of students that had turned to one another in their seats. Remus caught a few of the words 'must be some kind of mistake?' 'that can't be right.' The reaction made Remus uncomfortable as both the slytherin and Gryffindor tables turned hateful eyes on the first year that was slowly standing and placing the hat back on the stool. Like a spell had suddenly been broken the echoing sound of a single person clapping made drew everyones attention to the staff table. Albus Dumbledore had risen from his chair, his kind blue eyes settled on Sirius as he clapped perhaps even more enthusiastically than he had for any of the other students. The new Gryffindor had turned to face his headmaster in surprise, watching him warily as if some kind of joke had been played on him. "I imagine," the headmaster spoke, not pausing in his applause, "that the bravery of going down a path untrodden is what saw you into this house. Well done." The words held such sincerity, and travelled around the room crisp and clear that every student pondered the meaning. Slowly a second set of clapping joined the first. A gryffinfor boy had risen from his seat and added his applause to that of the headmasters.

The effect was instantaneous, first one, then three more. More and more students rose to their feet, the applause building until the gryffindor table was cheering enthusiastically. James was instantly swept up in the cheers and whistled, practically bouncing on the spot. "Save us a space at the table, Black!" he called. Sirius grinned lopsidedly, stumbling down to his table amidst the enthusiasm and taking a seat. He seemed at ease, almost as if he'd know that was going to happen. However when the cheering finally died down enough for the next name to be called, Remus was certain he saw Sirius gratefully nod to the headmaster.

The rest of the sorting progressed without such interruption. Evans, Lily was also sorted into gryffindor to take their places alongside sirius. When the hush settled Remus contemplated how well suited to Gryffindor James surely was. He was almost disappointed by this… Gryffindor house represented above all else bravery, something Remus considered himself severely lacking. He had almost hoped, foolish as it was, that he could be placed in the same house as James and Sirius. The kind boys from the train had succeeded in making Remus feel normal for the first time in years and he wondered if every student would have been so kind. If Remus had to make a prediction, he would have said that Hufflepuff was the place for him simply by process of elimination.

That was if he was sorted at all. Did this enchantment that sorted a person into their house work on werewolves? The first year boy nervously chewed his lip as he waited for his name to be called trying not to let his mind delve further into this. Would the hat reveal him? Would it demand to know what mistake had been made for it to end up trying to sort something not even human? "Lupin Remus." His stomach fell. The walk to the stool seemed long, impossibly so. Each step almost seemed to return him to his starting point as the whole school fixed their attention him him. The hat was placed on his head and slowly slid over his eyes. He waited, terror filling every breath, his heart beating fast enough that he thought it might give out under the strain.

Interesting… very interesting…

Did… the hat just talk to him? Remus looked at the inside of the hat in surprise. He knew this had been enchanted strongly but it was almost as if the hate was alive. Clever, yes very clever and determined to push yourself,the hat continued. Remus bit his lip. The hat made no mention of what he was, almost as if it doesn't matter? Well it doesn't, in a way. Being a werewolf changes little about where I will place you. Oh… The young boy fidgeted. But at the same time he was flooded with relief. He was going to be placed. The hat wasn't going to turn him away after he'd come so far. But where was it going to… "Gryffindor!" The last word was bellowed out loud and met by the same cheers that had graced the other students. Remus didn't move immediately, too surprised at the choice to take his place. Gryffindor? It was the house he most admired but… why?Not just any boy can walk forwards carrying the fear you have…

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