Title: Favors

Rating: T (for now)

Pairing: B/S

Summary: Begins after Dawn has found Buffy in "Bargaining". Except the five months that Buffy has been dead, went very differently and Buffy's resurrection has an unexpected consequence.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy. Joss Whedon and Jane Espenson are my heroes.

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Chapter One (Intro): Everyone Needed You

Buffy Summers was buttoning up the white cotton shirt with trembling fingers. Her bloodied and bruised knuckles made her eyes well up with tears. It was all bleeding together before. She had woken up in a box somewhere she didn't know. Adrenaline had been coursing throughout her system until moments ago. Survival instinct was all she had been running on and now her head was buzzing and everything felt foggy.



She swore she had seen herself torn limb from limb.

Bile rose in her throat and she closed her eyes. She felt more suffocated here then in the coffin. Everything was too loud, too bright-even in the darkness of her room. When Buffy opened her eyes she was looking at the pictures of her friends hanging on the mirror.

Then it all came into focus. The buzzing had stopped and her chest felt heavy with the devastating realization-

Her friends had bought her back.

She couldn't get back to Heaven.

The room exploded with light when Dawn had turned it on as she entered the room. Buffy flinched and Dawn apologized quickly. She saw her sister staring at the pictures.

"Do you remember who they are? They're your friends and I'm your sister," Dawn said gently.

Buffy knew she wasn't. The spell the Monks had cast had been reversed when she died. The only memories she had of Dawn were the real ones.

"Everything is still kind of-"

"Fuzzy," Dawn finished for her. She took a tentative step forward. Buffy remembered Dawn's face when she found her. Even as the young girl had brought her home, washed, and clothed her the same expression was on her face. Shock. She hadn't known.

"Dawnie," Buffy said warmly.

Dawn flung herself at Buffy sobbing. Buffy hugged her back, touched by the girl's emotional reaction. "I should have died instead of you," she whispered into Buffy's chest. "I'm so sorry. I missed you and everyone needed you. It should have been me."

Everyone needed you.

Buffy's stomach felt like it was in knots. Dawn and her both jumped with they heard the front door open. Buffy stiffened against Dawn who smiled at her. "It's OK," she said. "It's probably Spike."

Buffy saw Spike's eyes when he told her he loved her. "He stayed," Buffy said in realization. Like she had asked him to for Dawn.

"Ever since he got back, he's been helping out. He's probably so mad at me right now."


Dawn's eye lit up with excitement. "Buffy, Spike has a soul now."

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