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Chapter 13: Vampire Babies

Buffy and Faith came home to find Spike and Dawn watching cartoons. Buffy immediately gave them a disapproving glare. "Dawn, you should be sleeping."

"Can't sleep," she replied without tearing her eyes away from the TV.

Spike met Buffy's eyes apologetically. "Lil Bit couldn't sleep and watching cartoons usually gets her right to bed."

She could tell Spike was worried about Dawn and went to approach her sister. "Dawnie, are you OK?"

Dawn turned to her with red and tired eyes. Buffy suddenly had an armful of little sister clasping her tightly. She closed her guiltily. A lot of things had happened tonight and she had almost forgotten about Tara. Of course Dawn wasn't OK.

"I miss her," Dawn whispered into her chest. Buffy kissed her forehead when Dawn pulled away. "At least you'll always be here now."

Buffy have Dawn one last squeeze to comfort her but Dawn yelped in surprised pain. "Sorry," she mumbled, embarrassed. Faith laughed behind her and patted Buffy on the back.

"Us normal people don't have super strength, B. Let's not squeeze us all to death OK?" she teased. "C'mon, Dawn, let's get some sleep. As in, I'm crashing in your room tonight because of the basement kind of smells."

Dawn sighed. "Fine but this isn't jail. Touch me and I'll hurt you."

Faith barked in laughter. "Jail rape joke? Dark. I approve. Besides Buffy needs to talk to Spike about something."

They both went upstairs and Buffy swore they shared a knowing look about leaving the two alone. She rolled her eyes and couldn't help the nerves that crept up when she felt Spike's eyes on her. "Is it just me or are people actually starting to like Faith?"

"We're all just following your lead, love. You two seem to be chummy and I think Dawn likes having someone else around. Especially one who doesn't talk to her like a child."

"She is a child," Buffy retorted defensively.

Spike scowled. "She's dealt with the death of her mother, her sister, and Tara in less than a year. Sometimes she's even taken care of me. Not something I'm proud of. She's tougher than you think."

Buffy flopped on the couch next to him and on instinct leaned on his shoulder. He crinkled his nose. "You smell different."

"Gee, you sure know how to charm a girl."

She sat up and gave him a solemn look. "Spike, I need you. For what's coming."

He looked confused. "I'm here. I've been here."

Buffy played with her hands, feeling beyond guilty for bringing this up. "You're different. And brunette."

His eyes narrowed. "What's your point?"

"I need dangerous Spike."

"You don't know what you're asking for."

"You're holding back-"

"My demon," he completed defensively.

"Mine is bigger."

Spike averted his eyes. "Angel sent me to a coven. He was in Sri Lanka all broody and he warned me it wouldn't be easy to just get a soul. Or having one. At first it was physical trials...torture...fighting some ugly bumpy things. Then I saw everyone I killed- every woman and child and man. And each of them killed me the way I killed them. I died thousands of deaths, Buffy. So, no, I'm not relishing the fight the way I used to."

Buffy held his hand and cradled his haunted face with her other hand. "I miss you. I know I've had my head up my ass since I got back but I've seen how quiet you are. You haven't been sexually inappropriate once," she tried to joke. Spike smirked and leaned into her touch. "You stayed and took care of Dawn. You took care of me."

"Would you have loved me if I didn't have a soul?" he asked softly.

"I told you why I was such a bitch to you before I died already-"

"I mean now?"

"If you didn't have a soul, would you have stayed to watch over Dawn? Done anything differently? Would you have been making me sleep alone at night? Spike, would you still love me?"

His eyes blazed with intensity. "Yes."

"So then what difference does your soul mean to me?"

He cocked his head to the side, his blue eyes gleaming as he absorbed what she was saying. "You see me."

"I feel responsible for your pain," she confessed tearfully. "You've been punishing yourself because of me and what you think I want from you. And since I've been back, I've been treating you like a dirty secret, which was so wrong of me. I just keep mistreating this thing we have and it makes me feel like I'm not good for you."

Spike looked almost angry. "You listen to me very carefully, Slayer. I hate what I've done. I've tried to kill you and your mates on numerous occasions. You'd be daft to trust me unconditionally at first. No surprise you weren't falling at my feet when I told you that I had feelings for you. Did a lot for you, love, and I'll do a hell of alot more if you let me. A soul was important to you and without it, you may have loved me but you wouldn't have felt right about it. I been in a bit of a fog lately and walking on eggshells around ya. Thought it was what you wanted."

"No, I just want you."

Spike smirked. "But you hate the hair."

Buffy twisted her lips and laughed. "I don't dislike it."

"My natural color, love."

"Well I figured that. Thanks for clearing up that unanswered question. Don't you want to know what happened when I passed out? You haven't asked."

"Still trying to wrap my head around the 'you want me' part," he whispered.

"I do," she said and the corners of her mouth curved into a predatory smile. She moved closer to him. "My demon doesn't mind you either apparently."

"A right horny demon you have, Slayer," he teased. "Who wanted my chiseled body."

He wiggled his eyebrows and Buffy rolled her eyes but didn't deny it. A dangerous spark was in his now darkened eyes as they dropped to her lips. "Lose the boring hair and maybe we'll talk."

"You already said you want me. Can't take it back now. You want our fat vampire babies. Heard you say it, love."

"You know blonde Spike would have kissed me by now."

"If I kiss you, this is it. You aren't getting rid of me," he warned.

Buffy stood up and Spike almost panicked thinking she was going away. Instead she leaned forward, placing her hands on the couch behind him as she barely brushed her lips over his. "Spike," she whispered. "Stop holding back."

Spike growled deep in his chest, his hands gripped her hips and roughly made her straddle him. Buffy was faster than him though and flipped them over so that she was laying on top of him on the couch. Spike couldn't help but rub himself against her, causing Buffy to gasp and sit up to straddle him from this position. He run his tongue over his lips and gave her a signature cocky Spike expression.

"I like my girl on top."

Buffy's eyes softened and she kissed Spike slowly. She didn't have the words yet, that she knew. But she was overwhelmed with a desire to show him that one day she would. Spike sensed her change of mood and pulled back her hair that was covering their faces almost reverently. He almost cried out when she stopped kissing him. He barely contained a contented purr as her fingers intertwined with his. He kissed her lips one more time before she leaned his forehead against his.

This was partly because she was still having some problems keeping her emotions under control. She had thought it was just anger but having her more basic emotions magnified was definitely a side effect of taking the Sultana demon. Spike tried to hide his knowing smile.

Buffy pulled away from him as she tried to focus. "This is," she began but instead took deep breaths. "My urges are very strong,"

She seemed to have calmed down a bit when they weren't touching and when she looked at him she was trying to hide her embarrassment. While Spike was amused by her obviously overwhelming need to take him on the couch. "It's OK," he said. "Let's just head upstairs. You had a long day."

"I don't think I sleep anymore. I'm not tired at all," Buffy whispered.

"You might just be nocturnal like me," he concluded. "Most demons are."

His response made Buffy think of all the things they could do besides sleep at night and her blush grew deeper. "I think I need to kill something," she groaned."Preferably something stronger than a newborn."

Spike's eyes lit up. "As much as I would prefer you having your way with with me, we could spar in the basement if you'd like. It's almost dawn so I can't go patrolling with you. Maybe you can tell me what the hell happened while you were passed out earlier."

"I'm in."

Spike seemed happy that Buffy seemed excited. "Why you are smiling like that?"

"I'm going to kick your ass, that's why."