Jac woke up early like she did every day, she was shocked to find herself in Jonny's arms. Jac never liked to be cuddled at night, it made her feel as if she needed that person, but this was different. She wanted to need Jonny, she felt so safe in his arms. She hadn't felt like this in a long time. She reached over to the bedside cabinet to check the time 6:45am to Jac this was late, she was up before 6am every day. She crawled back over into Jonny's arms and cuddled him tighter. An hour went by and Jonny was still fast asleep so Jac went and got in the shower. However as she was in there Jonny started to wake up. He turned over and felt the empty side of the bed to find Jac. Oh no she wasn't there, his mind went into overload, he thought she finally saw sense after last night and left him all alone. He sat up looking around the room for her, she walked out of the bath room in a small towel.

"Someone looks a bit frightened" Jac said as she raised an eye brow.

"I though you.. umm you" he couldn't get it out, he was so shocked but overwhelmed that Jac was still here.

"Spit it out then"

"I though you had left" Jonny said with a sad tone. Jac looked at him shocked, she thought all this would be the opposit way around. Why was he so self-conscious think she would leave him. She went and sat on the bed and held his hand.

"Now why would I do that Jonny?"

"I thought after last night, well you wouldn't want to" Jac cut him off.

"Well wasn't me declaring my love for you enough?" She said with a smile.

"Hmm I don't think it was" he said grabbing her waste pulling her ontop of him. She lent forward and kissed him hard and passionately.

"Does that prove it?" She said with a smile on her face, she was so happy, she never felt like this before. He shock his head so she lent down and kissed him even more, it quickly got steam but there was a knock at the door. They both looked at each other, who could it have been?